Who Is Nyle Dimarco’s Wife? His Love Life In Detail

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Who Is Nyle Dimarco’s Wife? His Love Life In Detail
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Nyle Dimarco is considered one of the most good-looking and charming models. Although deaf by birth, Dimarco has made his huge way into Hollywood which has also made people interested to know about his love life, especially if the model is married or not. If yes, who is Nyle Dimarco’s wife?

Here in this article, we will know about the love life of this artist in detail.

Who Is Nyle Dimarco’s Wife?

Nyle is not married and does not have a wife as of 2024. He is currently in his mid-30s and has not yet decided to start a new life with anyone.

Nyle Dimarco is unmarried.
Dimarco is not married and has no plans for it too. Source: Instagram

The truth behind Dimarco not being married till today is not clear. He might be focused on his professional life and still be in search of his soulmate.

Dimarco Is A Pansexual Man: His Sexuality

To several of his fans’ surprise, Nyle announced himself to be sexually fluid. According to Nyle, he does not prefer himself to be called bisexual but aligns as a pansexual. He revealed that he is equally attracted to an individual no matter their gender. In Larry King’s interview in 2018, he said,

Yep, I’m fluid, and whoever I’m interested in, whoever I fall in love with is fine.

Despite being pretty open about his love interests, the model has notoriously hidden his relationships.

Nyle Dimarco Was Dating Britanny Rose Williams A Decade Ago

The only known romantic involvement of Nyle was with Britanny Rose Williams. They got together in 2009 and had a very smooth relationship. Both of them were in their early 20s when they fell in love with each other.

Nyle Dimarco with ex-girlfriend, Britanny Rose Williams
Dimarco dated Brittany Rose for several years.

Nyle’s affair with his ex-girlfriend Britanny started when he was not as famous as he is today.

Dimarco and Rose Separated After Nearly 7 Years

Nyle and his former girlfriend Willaims were seen together until the model got into the 22nd season of Dancing With The Stars in 2016. Soon after that, they stopped appearing together and also did not share pictures of themselves on their socials.

It all indicated the two were no more together and broke up after 7 years of togetherness.

Is Nyle Dating Anyone Today?

Most of you might have guessed that the handsome hunk might have a great indulgence in romance, but it is not so. Nyle does not have a girlfriend or boyfriend at present.

After his ex-girlfriend Britanny, Dimarco has not been seen with any other partners. Although being single, the model often shares his thoughts about relationships and family.

Nyle Dimarco Has Plans To Have A Family Someday

In an interview with People in 2022, Nyle shared he would love to have children and a family. He also shared that he wants to have healthy children but would not regret having deaf kids and would celebrate it instead.

He further added,

The funny thing is, I wanted kids by 27. That was always my goal, but now I’m 29, and I realize I’m not ready, but yes, someday. Someday I want kids.

Although even after a year of the interview, the model is still single and doesn’t seem to get married or start a family any time soon.

Dimarco Has A Few Criteria Set For His Ideal Partner

It is pretty obvious for such a dashing model to have a few criteria for his love partner. The model has shared four major qualities he would love to have in his future boyfriend or girlfriend.

Nyle Dimarco is pansexual and can be attracted to anyone.
Nyle wishes to have an ideal partner with few qualities. Source: Instagram

Dimarco said that his partner needs to be independent and believe in themselves. The other one is that they have to give priority to communication as it is the most important key to a healthy relationship. Third, Nyle wants his other half to be outgoing and love to travel.

The last standard he has for his partner, especially a man is that he needs to be as athletic and physically fit as he is. We wish for the model to meet the perfect partner for him soon.