Is Lauren Daigle Secretly Married Or Dating A Boyfriend? Gay Rumors

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The contemporary Christian singer/songwriter, Lauren Daigle has the most angelic voice you’ll ever hear. Above all, she has mesmerizing good looks that could hook you into a chokehold. This often makes one wonder if she is single or taken, right? Well, yes! For such a gorgeous, talented, and smart woman like Lauren, being single should be a crime.

So, what is, in fact, her relationship status? Many of her fans are adamant about a rumor that she’s married; if it’s a yes, who is her husband? Besides, what does her dating history look like? Read the entire article below to know all the juicy details.

Lauren Daigle Isn’t Married At The Moment

Sorry to burst your bubble, but the You Say singer isn’t married in the current day and age. As a matter of fact, she has never even been engaged as well. Having said that, the artist is far from becoming someone’s wife anytime soon – her dating life is also as dry as it can be.

Lauren Daigle is not married and is enjoying her single life
Lauren having the time of her life on stage

However, that’s another way to look at it. Perhaps, the singer is too focused on her job at present. In less than a decade, she was recognized by everyone around America for her great talent. Now, that takes a lot of courage and hard work. Therefore, this could be one of the reasons why she isn’t married today.

Nevertheless, there could be some hope for the future.

Did Lauren Ever Walk Down The Aisle With Jeremy Philyaw?

When we go on looking for Lauren Daigle’s husband, we come across a wedding website with her name beside a man’s. His name is Jeremy Philyaw. Rest assured, they do not have any sort of relationship; the woman on the website is someone else with the exact same name as the singer. Even more so, the photo on the site proves all your hypotheses to be wrong.

Was She Ever Married To The Christian Singer/Songwriter, Chris Tomlin?

Contrary to popular belief, Lauren has never been married to How Great Is Our God singer, Chris Tomlin.

Moreover, people have thought so because Tomlin’s actual wife’s name matches Daigle’s name. He and his partner, Lauren Bricken have been tied in the knot since 9th November 2010. The couple also share three daughters – Ashlyn, Madison, and Elle.

Additionally, many have also believed that the two singers were in a relationship. Since both of them are in the same field of work, we understand the reason for your concerns. However, they have never been linked romantically.

Lauren Daigle Is Not In The Dating Game

At present, Lauren is presumably enjoying her single life. Although she never shares any details, we believe that she likes her own company these days.

On the other hand, the secrecy could also mean that she might be hiding her partner from the world. You see, with great stature, comes the risk of letting your life be an open book for others. Regardless of what we think, many celebrities aren’t fond of that reality. Thus, they try their very best to keep details about their personal life away from the public eye. With that in mind, we think that’s the case with the [calculate_age birthdate=”1991-09-9″] year-old musician as well.

Nonetheless, as mentioned earlier, she could be focusing on her career too. Furthermore, it might not leave her with enough time to find a partner to commit to, let alone go on dates.

Lauren Is Comparatively Quiet About Her Ex-Relationships

By now, you can guess that she is very quiet when it comes to her dating history. To this very day, Daigle hasn’t revealed any information on a potential past lover. She hardly mentions her love life during interviews or on social media. In turn, it makes our job difficult to dig deeper into her former flames.

Also, while we’re on the topic, she has once fooled her fans. Back on April Fool’s Day of 2019, she posted a cheeky photo of her “supposed stud”. In turn, many of her fans were bewildered and went crazy in the comment section. Funnily enough, she later cleared the confusion by confessing that the “stud” is actually Mr. Potato Head from the Toy Story franchise.

Apart from the mischievous act, however, nothing else is known.

Is She Gay? Debunking The Long-Existing Hoax

No, Lauren, the daughter of Mark Daigle isn’t gay. After her appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, people have been wanting to know more about her sexuality. Back then, the singer/songwriter was highly criticized for appearing on TV with a woman who was openly gay. To all the bashing, Lauren replied that she isn’t “God” and “couldn’t talk about homosexuality”.

Daigle's With Ellen DeGeneres On Her Show
Her with Ellen DeGeneres after performing for the audience

As a result, her silence on the topic left people wondering if she was queer too. On top of this, since she’s a Christian and her religion frowns upon the overall idea of homosexuality, many thought it was the reason why she hasn’t come out yet. But, regardless of what many of you think, she is not gay.

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