Gayle King Husband Cheated On Her; Is She Remarried? Her Relationship in Detail

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Gayle King Husband Cheated On Her; Is She Remarried? Her Relationship in Detail
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Gayle King’s husband and his cheating scandal on King is one of the most talked about aspects of the CBS’ This Morning host’s life among other things. Gayle, herself, has often talked about the infamous incident when the TV personality caught her ex-husband in bed with another woman who was allegedly her friend.

King experienced unfaithfulness from her former partner William Bumpus with whom she had been in a relationship for eight years with two children.

However, not much about her marital life is in the records post her split from her cheating husband. King has also hardly addressed the issue. The mystery exists despite Gayle being a reputed anchor and one of the most prolific black people in the broadcasting world. Read that in addition to full-blown details of what really happened between King and her ex-husband.

Gayle King’s Husband Cheated On Her; King Caught Him In Action

King and William Bumpus married in 1982 but ended their courtship on a bitter note in 1993. The former remained silent for some time post the separation and didn’t explain why she divorced her then-partner, Bumpus.

Gayle first talked about cheating with Will Smith in a Sirius FM interview back in 2006.

“I was married to a cheater. I went to marital counseling. I have been divorced since 1993, so I’m all healed and everything. I have worked it out. I’m not bitter. I’m OK. I’m really OK.”

King told the MIB actor Will Smith.

CBS Mornings host Gayle King
Chevy Chase Maryland-born broadcast journalist Gayle King. GETTY

The CBS journalist further said that after the incident she went through counseling and got rid of any ill feeling

Ten years later, in 2016, Gayle would again talk about the infidelity. It was during her interview with Vanity Fair. During the q and a, King mentioned how she wasn’t a huge fan of the woman she caught naked with her ex-husband.

King at the time revealed that she caught her ex-husband Bumpus and his mistress having sex. Explaining a bit of detail, the Maryland-born journalist said,

“‘Despise’ is a strong word. I’m not a huge fan of the woman I caught naked with my now ex-husband on June 24, 1990, at 9:16 P.M.—but I don’t remember the details.”

The other woman allegedly was one of Gayle’s close friends.

An editor at large for O, Gayle King in April 2018
CBS news journalist Gayle King in the summer of 2018. Getty

In July 2019, during a public conversation with the talk show host, philanthropist, and her friends, Oprah Winfrey, King also revealed what the woman with whom her husband was sleeping told her at the time.

The Psychology graduate told Oprah that her alleged friend never showed remorse for the betrayal and that she never liked the CBS anchor.

King also told Oprah that she finds it hard to make new friends. Winfrey in response pointed out that it might have been so because of her past experiences with the alleged friend that was the other woman.

King’s Former Partner Apologized To Her After More Than Two Decades

King’s ex-husband and the one who cheated on the author issued a public apology more than two decades after being unfaithful to his ex-wife. Bumpus, a Connecticut-based lawyer forwarded to the media telling them how sorry he was for what he did.

“I have been haunted with this life-altering choice. Though I have dealt with this privately, I publicly apologize for the major transgression that dramatically changed all of our lives.”

said Gayle’s former partner.

Bumpus also added that he had nothing but respect for Gayle on how she handled herself and their children in those situations.

Gayle King in the middle with her son, William Bumpus Jr and Kirby
CBS News broadcast journalist and author Gayle King with her son and daughter. Instagram

As for the present, things seem to be fine between Gayle and Bumpus as the former says children come first despite the differences between parents.

Gayle is a parent to two grown-ups whom she had with her former husband Bumpus. Her children are Kirby Bumpus and William Bumpus Jr. Both of her children are doing great in their own rights. While Kirby is the Head of Social Impact and Inclusion at Sweetgreen, her son William is a Chief of Staff at Headspace.

Oprah Winfrey Didn’t Believe In Gayle King’s Ex-Husband From The Beginning

During one of her interviews with King, Oprah speaking with respect to her failed marriage said that she did not feel King’s union to Bumpus wasn’t going to last long. When talking to The O Magazine, Oprah told King that she didn’t feel joyful at the latter’s wedding with Bumpus. The billionaire show host said that she didn’t feel something special going on between Bumpus and King during their nuptials.

The media mogul Winfrey said she, however, chose not to say her feelings out loud as she felt it was not her place to point them out.

Winfrey, 69, and King, age 68, have been each other’s friends since they were in their early 20s

Did Gayle King Remarry After Divorcing Her Husband

As mentioned not a great deal about King’s current dating life is in the open.

68 years old host of CBS Mornings Gayle King
Author and broadcast journalist Gayle King. Getty

Very little information is available regarding King’s romantic relationships. King, however, once in an interview revealed that she has used online dating websites in the past. She, though, expressed her preference for a more discreet approach to online dating during a conversation with Drew Barrymore. King said she likes meeting new people through mutual friends or at social gatherings, as opposed to connecting with someone she doesn’t know.

As for now, Gayle seemingly is without a husband or even a partner for that matter. It also seems less likely that she might have a husband behind the scenes as she is quite always on the media and if there was a wedding, it wouldn’t have been a secret for that long.

Is Her Ex-Husband William Married?

Similar to Gayle’s personal life, the whatevs of William’s marital aspects, too, are under the radar. In fact, Bumpus has been more off the grid than his ex-wife King.

But according to his Facebook, Bumpus currently is in a relationship with his girlfriend named Jane Neu. While not a lot about their relationship is known, the couple apparently started dating in Oct 2020.



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