Who Is Jeremy Bloom Wife? Or Is He Dating A Girlfriend? His Love Life In Detail

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Jeremy Bloom is a renowned name in the world of skiing. Around the globe, he is known for his extraordinary ability to race across deadly hills fully covered with snow. Thus, he is a former skier who has won the hearts of millions, along with winning world championships and becoming a part of the great games of the Olympics twice!

This ex-skier, whose name has been inducted into the National Ski Hall of Fame is a player of one other sport i.e., football. So, what about the ladies who have come and gone from his life? Is he a player in that area too? Well, no. Jeremy is quite a gentleman who is also known for his “one-woman-man” kind of nature.

So, what’s the story of his love life? How many women has the player dated so far? And, is he a married man today? We will be answering these questions further in the article. So, let’s dig in!

The Olympian Jeremy Bloom Had 2 Serious Relationships Until 2013

As per the resources, the ex-skier had 2 serious relationships up until 2013. Bloom, who likes to keep his romantic life off the radar, introduced the world to his previous girlfriends. So, who are they?

Cameran Eubanks and actress, Jessica Lowndes were the two women who once stole the heart of this former athlete. With both of them, Bloom had an amazing long-term union. However, life had other plans regarding his love life.

Details on Bloom’s First Known Relationship; Who Is Cameran Eubanks?

Cameran Eubanks is the first known girlfriend of the former skier, Jeremy Bloom. Although uncertain, many believe that they had a long relationship that lasted for almost 6 years from 2004 to 2010. So, who is Eubanks?

Eubanks previously appeared in an MTV reality show
Cameran Eubanks – the girl player, Bloom dated for almost 6 years!

Bloom’s ex-love interest is popular for previously appearing on the MTV reality show, Real World: San Diego. This show was extremely popular around 2004; it ended after only 26 episodes aired on TV. As far as we know, Cameran was the star of this series!

Now, many of you might ask why Bloom broke up with her. Unfortunately, we do not have an answer to that question. Yes, the ex-couple seemed pretty happy together, and yes, they had a very long relationship, but no one exactly knows why they called it quits in 2010.

How Did Ex-Ski Player Jeremy Meet, Jessica Lowndes?

Jessica Lowndes is a popular Canadian actress who has been in the industry since 2005. For the past 18 years, she has done a remarkable job of winning over millions of people – including, Bloom.

Jeremy Bloom and his former love interest, Jessica Lowndes
Jeremy and his former love interest, Jessica Lowndes pictured together

That’s right, Lowndes and Jeremy were once together. This actress from the teen drama series, 9021o, and the former ski player is believed to have dated for a year. Many believe that their journey together began in 2012. Sadly, it ended after they completed a year as boyfriend and girlfriend in 2013.

So, the question here is, how did they meet? There isn’t a certain answer to this question. People believed their dating rumors to be true when they spotted Lowndes and her “mystery man” cuddling together. Later on, Life & Style magazine identified the man to be Bloom.

The Reason For The End Of Bloom-Lowndes Union; What Had Happened?

As mentioned earlier, Bloom and Lowndes had a very lovely yet short relationship together – they were with each other only for a year. Thus, what led to their breakup?

People first came across the Bloom-Lowndes breakup through The New York Post. Later on, Us Magazine also covered the news over the Internet. In an article published by them on 25th March 2013, the outlet wrote that the former couple did not see a future together after almost a year of being together. Thus, they separated.

We believe that they called it quits before things got toxic. Therefore, although saddening, it was the best decision that both Bloom and Lowndes took for one another and themselves.

Did This Olympian Immediately Start To Date After Breaking Up With Lowndes?

After 2013, we believe that this one-time world champion did not date. However, the truth could be something else. Maybe Bloom wanted to keep a low profile in his dating life, or maybe he was just focusing on other parts of his career – the truth could be anything!

Thus, as of now, we have not come across any further love interest this athlete had between 2013 and 2017.

Who Is Jeremy Bloom’s Wife? When Did He Marry the Love of His Life

Jeremy is currently married to his wife Mariah Buzolin, a Brazilian actress. The two have been together for the last 6 years! She even is the woman Bloom is currently married to.

Bloom is currently married to his Brazilian girlfriend
Jeremy Bloom and his wife Mariah Buzolin

Dating rumors between Bloom and his present wife began in January 2017. Sources have confirmed that the pair immediately had a very deep connection. Even more so, only after 4 months of knowing each other, in May 2017, Mariah moved in with her future husband. Although we do not have the exact details of how it all began, we sure know that Bloom went on one knee to propose to Buzolin on 30th May 2018 – this happy moment for the couple was also posted on the athlete’s Instagram account.

Following their engagement, on 11th November, he tied the knot with the love of his life at a beautiful facility in Keystone.

Mariah frequently appears on Bloom’s social media feeds. Looking at their pictures together, she seems to have fully made her own place in Jeremy’s heart and with his family as well. They really are made for each other!

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