Alan Arkin’s First Wife Jeremy Yaffe: All You Should Know About Him

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Alan Arkin’s First Wife Jeremy Yaffe: All You Should Know About Him
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Jeremy Yaffe is a Californian based retired nurse who is better known as the ex-wife of Alan Arkin, known for films like The Russians Are Coming, the Russians Are Coming (1966), Wait Until Dark (1967), The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter (1968), Catch-22 (1970), The In-Laws (1979), Glengarry Glen Ross (1992), & Grosse Point Blank (1997).

Yaffe was the first wife of the Academy-winning actor Alan Arkin; the two were together for seven years during which they became parents to two sons, Adam and Matthew. The two are also actors; Adam played villain Ethan Zobelle, a white separatist gang leader, in Sons of Anarchy and Principal Ed Gibb in 8 Simple Rules (2003–2005).

Jeremy’s other son, Matthew has also been in a variety of films and television shows, including All My Children (2007), Law & Order (1991-2009), and 100 Centre Street (2001). Know more about the actors’ mother in the ensuing headings; her early life, her relationship with Alan, the divorce, and more.

Jeremey Yaffe Is Presumably From Vermont

The first wife of Alan Arkin, Jeremy Yaffe was born in 1937.

Nothing much has been put into words by extra editions about Yaffe except as the ex-wife of the Kominsky Method actor. Resultantly scarcely anything is in the public knowledge about her to date.

In like manner, the story about her life prior to being the wife of Arkin is also a heavy brainteaser. The incomprehension is to such an extent that now even a distinct picture of hers remains on the web.

She nonetheless is believed to a native of Vermont.

Jeremy Yaffe Relationship With Ex-Husband Alan Arkin  

Yaffe and Arkin were married from m. 1955 to 1961. Together the couple had two sons, Adam Arkin born Aug 1956, and Matthew Arkin born in March 1960.

Yaffe Was A Junior At Same College Where Arkin Was A Student

Jeremy was allegedly a freshman at the same college where her future husband, Arkin was already a junior or a senior. Arkin had decided to join Bennington College after talking with one of old his friends, John Bennes who himself had gotten a scholarship in the same college.

Bennes invited Arkin to get admission at Bennington College even though The In-Laws actor was broke at the time. After arriving at Bennington, he joined the drama class.

In the beginning, everything worked out well for Arkin with him having to pay nothing for the food, tuition, and other expenses. After about two years, however, his scholarship ran out and in his biography, Arkin writes, the matter got worse when in the spur of the moment, he married the then 18-year-old Jeremy Yaffe. She at the time was a music and dance student at Bennington.

Her husband Arkin then was 21. The school didn’t find their relationship pleasing. Arkin and Yaffe eventually left college and headed to New York without a plan.

Jeremy Yaffe And Alan Arkin After Moving To New York 

Within a couple of weeks of moving to New York, the couple found out, that Jeremy was pregnant.

In his book An Improvised Life, a memoir, remembering those times, the now 88-year-old actor says,

Floundering in New York with a pregnant wife to care for, I tried looking for acting work to no avail. I wanted desperately to be responsible.

Arkin adds that he even tried to get real jobs but couldn’t get them.

Vermont native Jeremy Yaffe and her ex-spouse Alan Arkin'sons and actors Adam Arkin and Matthew Arkin
Retired nurse Jeremy Yaffe and her ex-husband Alan Arkin’s sons, Adam left and Matthew.

After a while, he happened to meet a group of young folk singers who had Erik Darling and Bob Carey on guitar. The group was called The Tarriers.

Soon after joining the Tarriers, the group started getting jobs and even landed a recording contract. Gradually Adam and Yaffe’s financial conditions improved. The couple with their infant son Adam would often travel together on a tour and once also cruised across Europe.

After a while, Arkin started missing acting and he left the group. Following that, the Little Miss Sunshine actor and his ex-wife with their son returned to New York.

Many months later, Jeremy’s ex-husband got a job in an off-Broadway play. He did it for over a year and some months later, Arkin got a job to play for the summer at the Crystal Palace in St Louis, Missouri. The family of three then moved there and in the summer, Jeremy got pregnant with her and Arkin’s second child.

Why Yaffe And Alan Ended Their Marriage? 

Things started getting sore for Arkin and Yaffe once the then-soon-to-be family of four returned back to New York. They had moved back to NY without any financial prospects.

Alan in his book, writes, that the financial insecurities of their life became too much for Jeremy, and within months of the birth of their second son, Matthew, she took the children and left.

Finally, the insecurity of our life became too much for Jeremy, within months of the birth of our second son, Matthew, she took the children and left,

writes the Golden Globe winner.

Arkin admits to missing Jeremy and their sons deeply after that. Following the divorce, the couple’s sons Adam and Matthew lived with their mother until the former was seven years old.

To improve his financial conditions and be able to support his estranged wife, Alan took a performing job in Chicago. The name of the place where he would perform was Second City also what would be one of his career-defining steps.

Alan states that the serious start of his professional life began with Second City. It took the Catch 22 star six months to pay off his debts.

Alan Arkin And Jeremy Yaffe After The Divorce; Did Yaffe Remarry?  

After separating from Yaffe, the New York-born actor went on to marry actress screenwriter Barbara Dana in 1964. This union, however, lasted until 1994; the couple also appeared together in segments of the TV show Sesame Street in the 1970s. When together, Arkin and Dana became parents to a son, Anthony Tony Dana Arkin.

After divorcing Barbara, the Jewish-raised star, in 1996, married psychotherapist, Suzanne Newlander. The couple has been together ever since and live in Carlsbad California.

Cath 22 actor with his current wife and a psychotherapist Suzanne Newlander Arkin
The Kominsky Method actor Alan Arkin with his current wife Suzanne Newlander Arkin. Shutterstock

As for Yaffe, however, no such ins and outs with respect to her life post the split from Arkin are in any sort of the media record.

The mother of two while remarried and became a nurse, whether she and her second husband have children of their own is nothing but a matter of jumping to a conclusion only.

Yaffe additionally is also a retired nurse; she has a license from the Board of Registered Nursing, California Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA).

After the divorce, Jeremy had become a nurse and worked for years in California. When last reported Yaffe who is now Mrs. Wakefield was living at 429 Hudson St, Oakland, CA 94618.

Is Jeremy Yaffe’s Ex-Husband In Good Health?  

Yaffe’s ex-husband, Arkin has been doing good ever since winning an Academy Award, a British Academy Film Award, and a Golden Globe Award.

Jeremy Yaffe's first husband Alan Arkin.
Kominsky Method actor and Jeremy Yaffe’s first husband Alan Arkin. Getty

Even up until recently he was receiving critical acclaim with his work in Netflix’s Kominsky Method starring alongside Michael Douglas. The TV/movie star though quit the show after the second season citing his health as one of the reasons.

The less work I get, the better my health. The stress in the marketplace is enormous and my system has a fast reaction. I can’t deal with the stress anymore,

said Arkin in Feb 2021 to News Week.

How Rich Is Yaffe Ex-Spouse, Alan Arkin; What Is His Net Worth? 

For all the acting jobs Arkin has been doing since the mid-50s, his net worth reportedly sits somewhere in the domain of $10 to $15million. For some, that number might be an understatement – given the Argo star has been in over 90 movies and two dozens plus TV shows.

In any case, it’s been ages since Yaffe’s first husband gained the status of a millionaire and he sure comes among the rich actors in terms of money.


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