Married for Over Seven Years, Andrew Santino Still Keeps His Wife Out of Media

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Married for Over Seven Years, Andrew Santino Still Keeps His Wife Out of Media
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While Andrew Santino has never said out loud why he keeps the details of his marriage secret, there are a few or two words of mouth that say he might already have a wife and that he even is a father.

The catch though is that it has never come to light officially who Santino’s wife is. The standup comedian additionally has hardly talked about this side of his life in the interviews.

Regardless here lie some bits and pieces narrating the story behind. See if Andrew Santino really has a wife or if he is all single. Also, know all about his relationship details and more.

Either Of These Two People Could Be Andrew Santino’s Wife

Although it has never been out officially, rumors say Santino’s wife could either be Danielle Brooks or Sarah Bolger. However, Santino has never officially and publicly disclosed who really his spouse is.

Santino may not have confirmed the truth about his wife. But sources say that he is the husband of either Danielle Brooks or Sarah Bolger.

Standup comedian, actor, and podcaster, Andrew James Santino and Irish actress from the Emelie, Sarah Bolger
Sarah Bolger and comedian Andrew Santino.

No clear answer exists yet on who really is the spouse of Santino. These two names have appeared purely on the basis of some people noticing Andrew with either of the women attending several events together.

As such, Bolger and Santino attended the premiere of FX Dave on Feb 27, 2020. At the event, they wore matching outfits and even had their arms around each other’s waists.

Some sources on the other hand say Sarah was only at the event to support Santino who had an upcoming TV series. Bolger is an Irish actress who has been in films including Breathing Happy, A Good Woman is Hard To Find, Counterpart, and  Halal Daddy.

Andrew May Have A Spouse And A Good Relationship With Her

Regardless of the comedian’s secrecy, there has been one instance where Andrew talked subtly about his marital half. Back in Nov 2019, Santino posted a video on Twitter where he hinted that he was married. However, the Mixology star didn’t mention or reveal the full story.

Although there are many stories about who Andrew’s spouse is, the comedian has always been good at hiding this facet of his life from snooping eyes.

Mixology star Andrew Santino.
Standup comedian and podcaster Andrew Santino

Meanwhile, during a 2019 podcast, Andrew revealed that he at the time had been married for nearly four years. It implied that he tied the knot with his wifey sometime in 2015. During the same interview, Santino also spoke about his wife and claimed that they were enjoying each other’s company like they were all a new couple.

This is all Santino said during his time on the Good For You Podcast to host Whitney Cummings in April 2019. Andrew also gushed in the podcast that he and his better half actually never had the intention to marry when they were just dating.

Andrew And His Wife Were Friends At The Beginning

Santino and his partner were only friends at the beginning but gradually fell in love after some time. Apparently, when they were dating Andrew realized that she was the one for him and it admittingly was the reason that Santino proposed to his now wife.

To our knowledge Andrew and his partner have been leading a happily married life for some years now and he and his wife not allowing any uncomfortable silences between them has been the factor for the smooth journey. The mystery couple also makes conscious efforts and tries to enjoy each other’s company despite the busy events of their lives.

What’s more, Santino and his wife went to see a therapist to help them address the concerns they each had about marriage. However, Andrew and Santino soon disagreed with their therapist’s vibe and they cut off the counseling. The result ironically went on to strengthen the couple’s bond.

Does Santino And His Wife Have Kids?

Not only is Santino married to a wife, but the Slugger Santino is also believed to have two daughters with her. But then again the statement lacks full credibility. In like manner, other groups of sources say Santino rather has a son named Miles with Danielle Brooks. However, this, claim, too, lacks verification.

Me Time star and standup comedian Andrew Santino
House Party star and podcaster Andrew Santino. Instagram

Back on November 15, 2021, in an interview with Tiger Belly, Santino said that he didn’t know if he ever wanted to have kids. He at the time admitted having a kid is a m assive change and joked that while he was going to try if it didn’t work, he would just leave.


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