Who Is Shivon Zilis Husband?

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Who Is Shivon Zilis Husband?
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Shivon Zilis is a Canadian venture capitalist who serves as the Director of Operations and Special Projects at Neuralink, the American neurotechnology company. Since her affair with Elon Musk went public, people want to know about her husband.

Though Shivon is one of the well-accomplished individuals in the field of artificial intelligence, she all of sudden became the subject of headlines after her name was linked with business magnate and investor Elon Musk. Lately, in 2022, the report emerged that Shivon together with Elon Musk gave birth to twins. Following the news, millions of people are curious to know whether or not Shivon is married.

Well, Who is Shivon Zilis married to? Also, is Elon Musk her husband or there is someone else? Get to know everything about Shivon Zilis’s married life in the below piece of writing.

Who Is Shivon Zilis Husband?

Well, despite having a name and fame, Shivon prefers to keep her personal life out of the media. Almost a year back, when her name was linked with one of the world’s billionaires Elon Musk, many questions were raised regarding her married life and husband. Then, who is Shivon Zilis married to?

Shivon Zilis doesn't have a husband
Shivon Zilis

Well, allow us to tell you the Canadian native Zilis isn’t married at present and doesn’t have a husband. As far as our research, she is currently single.

Was Elon Musk Her spouse?

As of now, no such report on Shivon Zilis’ marriage has emerged in the media. It won’t be wrong if we say, she has never been married to anyone and had a boyfriend or hubby, not even Elon Musk.

Shivon Zilis and Elon Musk are not married couple
Shivon Zilis and Elon Musk

In July 2022, news of Shivon and Elon’s twins’ birth swirled in the media. Soon after, assumptions were made that they have been in a secret relationship and secretly married. But in August 2022, Zilis revealed to her colleagues that she and Musk were never in a romantic relationship. As per the reports, their babies were born through In-Vitro fertilization.

Does Shivon Zilis Have Someone Likely To Be Her Future Husband?

As said earlier, Shivon is a secretive person when it comes to her inside life. In fact, she is incredibly private about her dating life that she even didn’t want to declare publically her baby’s father. Initially, when her baby’s (reportedly fathered by Elon Musk) name broke in the media, she didn’t even take a minute to delete her Instagram account, Page Six reported.

So, seeing all this, you can expect that Shivon is not the kind of person who likes to publicize her relationship. Thus, she hasn’t discussed with the media about her plan for marriage as well as her possible future husband. She has been completely silent about it.

Meanwhile, her baby’s father Elon is a father of ten children, including Shivon’s kids with him. He first became father to Nevada Alexander Musk, with his ex-wife Justine Wilson. Their firstborn was born in January 2000, but tragically he died after only 10 weeks due to sudden infant death syndrome. The couple then after opted to IVF and welcomed twins, Griffin Musk and Vivian Musk in April 2004. His daughter Vivian has come out as a transgender and even legally adopted her mom’s surname.

Then after, the former husband-wife became father and mother to three kids, Kai, Saxon, and Damian, in January 2006, all born via IVF.

With Elon’s on-and-off affair with singer Grimes, he became a dad to two kids, X AE A-XII, born in May 2020, and Exa Dark Sideræl, born in December 2021.

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