Beth Lynn, Vince Neil Ex-Wife; Where is she now?

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Beth Lynn, Vince Neil Ex-Wife; Where is she now?
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Beth Lynn is the first wife of the heavy metal rock band Mötley Crüe lead singer, Vince Neil. The former couple married sometime in the early 80s and separated just about two or three years later. Despite the short-lived courtship, Vince and Beth produced one child, a daughter who is all grown up now and has her own husband.

Vince too is seemingly doing fine with his new girlfriend and to a certain degree still appearing in the media dramatics. However, the lead singer’s former spouse, Beth Lynn has almost zero stories to tell about herself in the years since she divorced Neil. Almost nobody has broken the silence about Beth in the subsequent years of her separation from the Hollywood-born singer.

Having said that it does beg the question of what is she doing now and who is she married to in addition to how her life has been so far. Read all in the headers below including a complete recounting of how Beth Lynn met and came to divorce her former husband, Vince Neil.

Beth Lynn Had A Rich Upbringing In Her Native San Diego, California

As mentioned Beth is one of the unconsidered celebrity spouses in the media. Therefore not as much has been pronounced regarding her life be it her early life or her parental details. While Lynn is believed to have been born in the late 50s, sources have reported a few or two different timestamps as her birthday. They go from as early as June 1958 to Feb 10, 1962. However, Lynn’s original DOB is greatly open to question.

Vince Neil's ex-wife, Beth.
Vince Neil’s former partner and first wife Beth Lynn

Nevertheless, Lynn’s ex-husband, Neil in his book, Tattoos And Tequila: To Hell And Back With One Of The Rock’s Most Notorious Frontman, writes, Beth was a rich girl from San Diego. According to the now 61 years old rockstar, Lynn had had an expensive upbringing and she carried herself in that manner throughout her youth. Neil has often stated that Beth had very wealthy parents and grandparents. When she met Neil, Beth had a 280Z, a very luxurious car of that time.

Vince says Lynn at times would let loose herself on the streets and occasionally was like the rest of the Mötley Crüe members (their past selves).

Beth Lynn Relationship with Vince Neil; She Met Him Through One Of His Bandmates

Beth and Neil met each other through Nikki Sixx (Frank Carlton Serafino Feranna Jr), the latter’s fellow bandmate and bassist. The Shout At The Devil singer in the book, Tattoos, And Tequila, writes when he first met Lynn, she was a groupie type but “was also super hot.”

I guess what I’m saying is that Beth was like a groupie who was cut above all the other groupies… the kind who becomes a rock n roll wife.

said the Exposed singer.

As mentioned, it was Nikki who was first friends with Lynn. The co-founder of Mötley Crüe encountered the San Diego native at the Troubadour one night. Lynn at the time was hanging out with the guys in Rhatt. Worth mentioning is at one point, Nikki, Vince, and Beth almost had a threesome but the former passed out and the two did it anyway. From that night on, Neil says Beth was his girlfriend.

Motley Crue frontman Vince Neil with his first wife Beth Lynn
Exposed singer Vince Neil with his ex-wife Beth Lynn in May 1984

Beth according to Vince perfectly had the traits that he looked for in girls, blonde and wholesome looking Californian girls, Cali blonde. And Beth Lynn perfectly fitted those descriptions. It, according to Neil himself, is the reason why all of his partners have been blonde.

Also when Neil met Beth, the former was already in a relationship with a girl named Stephanie. The two apparently were serious and were even about to get married. Neil however after meeting Beth, ended things with Stephanie.

Lynn and Neil first lived together for about a month or two in the former’s apartment in Hollywood. After that, they moved to Redondo, California. During their stay in Redondo, the couple also did a lot of drugs and involved themselves in nonstop parties.

Beth And Vince Neil’s Wedding Was Big

Soon came the year 1983 and the former couple married each other. Neil and Beth’s wedding ceremony on January 3, 1983, was a big deal at the Crystal Cathedral in Orange County California. The glam metal artist however says he doesn’t even remember what time of the year it was. He nevertheless agrees that the marriage ceremony was a whole fairytale event. All the boys from Mötley Crüe were there.

It was the same year when Vince Neil was discovered while he was performing with his band Rock Candy. That year, Neil joined Motley Crue and the band also released its first album Too Fast For Love. Neil, of his marriage with Beth, says he doesn’t exactly know why they decided to wed. Vince, while he says he loved Lynn, decided to marry her only to save their relationship from falling apart as he suspects he might have cheated on her, back then and that Beth had caught him. Neil believes he only married Beth as a means to apologize.

Beth Lynn And Vince Neil’s Daughter, Elizabeth

When together the former couple welcomed a daughter named Elizabeth Ashley Wharton on April 13, 1985. It was the New Tattoo singer who first thought of naming his and Beth’s daughter after her mother.

Motley Crue singer Vince Neil with his ex spouse Beth Lynn and their daughter Elizabeth
Beth with her former husband Vince and their daughter Elizabeth. Tumblr

Elizabeth, now, 37 years old, is a bassist for an independent Californian pop-rock band, Loomis and Lust. Furthermore, Beth’s daughter Elizabeth is the wife of the band founder and frontman, Will Loomis.

The Reason Behind Beth And Vince Neil’s Separation

While people and sources claim it was Vince’s habit of drugs and sleeping with other women that led to the breakage of his and Beth’s marriage, the Tattoos And Tequila singer argues that it primarily had to do with Lynn’s obsession with cleanliness.

Beth Lynn with her former partner Vince Neil
Shout At The Devil singer Vince Neil with his ex-wife Beth Lynn

As per Vince, sometime after the birth of his and Beth’s daughter, the baby mama developed a germ phobia. She apparently had also developed an obsessive hand-washing attitude. In fact, Vince says at certain points she became so neurotic that Lynn didn’t even allow his band members or his friends to enter their house.

It was f***ing crazy. Stuff like that. I couldn’t take it. I’d rather be getting germs at the studio.

writes the Live At The Whiskey singer in his book.

Things ended for Vince and Beth some months after the Hallwood-born singer had come out of his 18 days jail sentence in 1985. At the time their daughter Elizabeth was about to be three years old.

Following his separation from Beth, Neil respectively went on to have marital relationships with Sharise Ruddell, Heidi Mark, and Lia Gerardini. He even had a daughter with one of his ex-wives and a son with one of his ex-girlfriends. However, his little girl died at age four from cancer.

Where Is Beth Lynn Now; Is She Married; Who Is Her Husband?

Ever since her divorce from the Crawl singer Vince, the blonde Californian, Beth has somewhat made herself a complete nonentity especially when it comes to a media appearance. Lynn wherefore, in the last few decades is anything but a person who is still around. Some public logbooks nonetheless imply that Lynn could be residing in her home state but rather in San Rafael than her native San Diego.

A likewise ambiguity also persists when it comes to her marital lowdown. While after divorcing Beth, Vince would have relationships (marital and others) with a handful of women, whether or not Lynn involved herself in such romps, post-divorce, is still a mystery.

What’s more, it seems as though Lynn isn’t really in touch with her daughter, Elizabeth these days, either. As such, her daughter, whom she had with Neil, despite remaining active on social media, has hardly ever mentioned her Californian mother. On the other hand, she frequently appears alongside her rockstar father on such forums.

In the meantime, it is also a tough one to conclude who Beth’s current partner or husband really is or where is she at for that matter.


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