Chrisean Rock’s Parents & Family Details: All About Charla Malone & Eugene Malone

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Chrisean Rock’s Parents & Family Details: All About Charla Malone & Eugene Malone
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Chrisean Rock is a rising musician and a well-established Youtuber at present. She got into popularity after her relationship with Blueface.

Rock is very popular in the media currently. This has made people curious about her early life and family. For your information, Chrisean comes from a huge family.

Here, in this article, we will get to know all about Rock’s parents and also about her whole family.

Chrisean Rock Parents Struggled Financially As She Grew Up

Chrisean was born on March 14, 2000, in Baltimore, Maryland, as the daughter of her father, Eugene Malone, and mother Charla Malone. Chrisean’s actual last name is Malone, which she changed later to Rock as it sounded cooler for her rock music career.

She does not belong to a settled family. Growing up, Rock faced several inconveniences and financial issues. The family had a very hard time growing up. In a YouTube video on her channel, Rock opened up about how her family lived in a one-bedroom apartment and later became homeless.

Influencer Chrisean Rock's father poses for the camera
Chrisean’s father, Eugene Malone. Her parents lived a poor life. Source: Instagram

Read further to know about Rock’s parents’ life!

Both Her Dad And Mom Eugene Malone and Charla Malone Were Arrested In 1997

If you are wondering the reason for the Malone couple being absent during their daughter’s childhood, you will find it right here. Both of Chrisean’s parents were involved in troublesome acts during their former days.

In the year 1997, the couple was arrested on theft charges along with a 16-year-old teenage girl. Three of them were accused of stealing checks and mail from mailboxes in Cape Saint Claire. Alongside with robbery, the couple especially, Charla was into substance abuse as well.

Chrisean mother kissing her on the cheek
A recent picture of Chrisean with her mother, Charla. Source: Instagram

Eugene and Charla were not present while Rock was growing up. Her father met her properly for the very first time when she was already 7 years old. On the other hand, her mother was also not capable of taking care of her due to her dependence on drugs.

Rock’s Parents Have 12 Children; Her 11 Siblings

Chrisean belongs to a huge family. She is the younger sister to 10 siblings and the elder sister to 1 sibling in her family. The 23-year-old is the 11th child if the family.

Three of her eldest siblings, TerenceUnique, and Sierra were born before Rock’s mother met her father. Later, Christian’s parents gave birth to other 8 children including her. She shared an old photo of her parents with her first eight siblings captioning it;

Out on all platforms, I’m not born out yet I’m the 11/12 siblings my momma had all of us.

8 of Rock's siblings with their parents
Rock’s parents had 12 children. Here is the picture of her parents along with their first 8 babies. Source: Instagram

Chrisean has an immense age difference between her and most of her elder siblings. All her other siblings are not as active and known as she is today.

List of Rock’s Siblings from oldest to youngest

  • Terence Dorsey
  • Unique Dorsey
  • Sierra Dorsey
  • Terine Malone
  • Eugene Malone
  • Tessa Manning Malone
  • Obadiah Malone
  • Latifa Malone
  • Chastity Malone
  • Pedey Malone

We are still unknown about the name of one of her siblings.

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Where Are Chrisean Rock’s Parents Today? Are They Together?

Coming through so many ups and downs in life, the Malone couple could not last together. Eugene and Charla separated in the year 2022. Today, despite their criminal history, both Rock’s father and mother have been living quite a decent life recently.

Eugene is living a normal family life which he claims through his Instagram bio. He is also supposedly having a romantic involvement with Emory Diamond but has kept it private so far. The last time, Eugene appeared in the media was when he got into a fight with his daughter’s then-partner Blueface.

Rock’s Mother Lives With Her In Los Angeles

On the other hand, Chrisean’s mother, Charla recently joined her daughter and is probably living with her in Los Angeles. Rock shares several pictures and videos in her stories with her mother, strolling around in the city.

Rock is quite responsible towards both her parents today, especially her mother.

Pregnant Chrisean sitting by the swimming pool
Influencer Rock is pregnant at the present time. Source: Instagram

Besides, she is also currently pregnant with her ex-boyfriend’s baby. Rock will surely be a responsible and loving parent in the coming days of her life.