Parker Schnabel Parents; Roger Schnabel & Nancy Schnabel, Family Details

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Parker Schnabel Parents; Roger Schnabel & Nancy Schnabel, Family Details
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Parker Schnabel has gained wide fame through his appearance on a television show, Gold Rush. With a total of 13 seasons till the date of 2023, Gold Rush follows the placer gold mining efforts of various mining families.

Among all the other families, there also comes the family of Schnabel. Yes, not only Parker but his parents are also miners. Hence, mining has come along the bloodline of the family, from Parker’s grandfather to his parents, Roger Schnabel and Nancy Schnabel.

Here, in this article, we will know about Schnabel’s father, mother, and grandfather including their mining history and much more personal information about the family. Let’s dig in.

Parker Schnabel’s Father Roger Schnabel & Mother Nancy Schnabel

Parker was born to his miner parents Roger and Nancy on July 22, 1994. He is the second and the youngest child of the couple. The Schnabel family occupationally comes from a gold-mining family.

Roger Schnabel’s Bio, Early Days

Parker’s father Roger was born to John Schnabel and Emma Schnabel in Oregon. Roger grew up along with his two sisters, Mary and Margaret.

Parker Schnabel's Parents, Mom Nancy Schnabel (Left) and Dad  Roger Schnabel (Right)
Parker Schnabel’s Parents; Roger Schnabel and Nancy Schnabel. Source: Facebook

He later got married to Nancy and gave birth to two sons, Parker and Payson. Although we have no clue how the couple met or got married, they are still living a happily married life today.

Nancy Schnabel Birth Detail

Parker’s mom, Nancy was born in the 60s in a very ordinary but educated family. Though she had a very normal upbringing growing up, her life changed drastically after she met her miner husband.

Read further about the history made by the family in gold mining.

History of The Schnabel Family in Gold Mining: Gold Rush

The family of Schnabel has been in the gold mining industry for the past three generations. It all started with Parker’s grandfather, John. In the year, 1984, he bought a claim at Porcupine Creek to take his children in the summer. As time went by John got a keen interest in gold mining and started a company, Big Nugget Mine.

The venture made much profit and income to the Schnabel family due to which the company is still running very well. Parker along with his elder brother were very close to their grandfather which made them start mining at a very young age. Later, the company was handed over to Parker’s father, John. With the huge income from the gold mining, the television series Gold Rush started which brought a big light to the Big Nugget Mine and Parker’s whole family.

Young Parker with his brother, dad and granddad
An old picture of Parker (extreme left), with his elder brother, Payson, Father Roger and grand-father John (extreme right).

Gradually, Gold Rush started to make its place in the industry, from the second season. The hype of this television series grew with each following season and episode. In the fourth season, the audience gets to see almost everyone from the Schnabel family including, John, Roger, Parker, and Payson.

Unfortunately, at the end of the sixth season, the backbone of the Big Nugget Mine died at the age of 96. Parker’s grandfather, John took his last breath on 18 March 2016. Parker is now the new leader of the Goldmine company.

Parker and Family Are Millionaires Today

After the death of their grandfather, John, Parker along with his brother Payson has been working hard for the Big Nugget Mine. Along with it, Gold Rush has also been running with the completion of the 330th episode of the show. The youngest of the Schnabel family has a net worth of more than 8 million as of 2023.

The recent season, Parker’s Trail “Peru” of the series started on April 7, 2023, and running recently. The Schnabel family is making millions through it. Although with the very active professional involvement of the family, we do not have much information about how their family life is going.

Gold Rush Star Parker Schnabel In Red Jacket
A recent picture of Schabel. Source: Instagram

Parker is an active user of Instagram and often shares pictures and videos of himself along with his friends on the account. He has not started a family yet and is reportedly single. At present, Schnabel is living an adventurous and prosperous life.