Who Is Claudia Sampedro’s Child, Keana Skye? Full Bio

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Keana Skye is the daughter of Kim Kardashian’s look-alike, Claudia Sampedro. In addition to her mother’s popularity, Skye is well known as Julius Peppers‘ adopted kid. Moreover, having celebrity parents means your life is never out of sight. She’s been subjected to fame ever since Julius and Claudia got together in 2014.

So, what’s her life like? More importantly, who is her actual father? In this article, you’ll learn all the detail there’s to know about Keana.

Keana Skye’s Life As The Daughter Of A Socialite

Skye was born on 14th March 2008 as the daughter of Claudia Sampedro. Unlike her mother, she holds American nationality; Sampedro is Cuban. To add further, she’s got great looks just like her mom, with a blend of Moroccan and Spanish lineage on the maternal side.

Celebrity kid, Keana Skye celebrates her birthday
Skye celebrating her 2nd birthday with a pink princess cake

In the earlier days, Keana was raised by her mother alone. To this very day, the teen doesn’t know who her biological father is. A few tabloids across the Internet believe he abandoned them when she was only a baby. Regardless, Claudia did not let that affect the upbringing of her beloved daughter.

At present, the mother-daughter duo share a treasured bond like no other. They are each others’ best friends and are often seen going on lavish vacations together. In other words, Skye is inseparable from her darling mother.

She Was Adopted By Her Mother’s Boyfriend, Julius Peppers, After 2014

Although she doesn’t know her actual father, she has Julius Peppers, her adoptive dad, to provide her with all the fatherly love she deserves.

After dating her mother for some time, the former linebacker adopted her two kids, including Keana. Just like with her mom, the girl has a special bond with Peppers as well. On a similar note, he loves her like his own and never forgets important dates i.e., her birthday or the date of her adoption. So far, she’s also become the highlight of his social media pages and his life.

Is Keana All Set To Debut As A Model Just Like Her Mother?

We don’t think she’ll make her debut as a model at 15 years old. Although the little girl has aspiringly great looks, she is focused at school for now. Based on our assumptions, she just recently began her journey as a high schooler as well. Perhaps, Keana will complete her diploma and pursue a higher education before she decides what she wants in life.

Additionally, not only is she influenced by her gorgeous mother, but she also looks up to her adoptive dad as well. Hence, there’s a slight chance that she could become a sportswoman in the far future; or maybe a model who is a sportswoman. We cannot decide for her right now. As she grows older, we’ll know what she is passionate about.

On the other hand, her mother was only 16 and in the 11th grade when she began her journey as a model. Sampedro began her career by shooting for magazines like Face 2 Face and Mixed. Side-by-side, she rose to fame on various social media platforms, especially on Instagram.

The 15-Year-Old Is The Eldest Among Her Half-Siblings

Keana Skye is the first child Sampedro had. Following her, in March 2014, the reality TV star welcomed her second kid, Elijah Fayson. In his case as well, the details of the baby daddy have been kept under wraps. Moreover, the Panthers’ former defense end adopted both the kids soon after committing to their mother.

Similarly, Skye has another younger brother, Amaresito Peppers. He was born on 21st September 2015 as the only biological kid of Claudia and Julius together.

Retired footballer, Julius Peppers is Skye's adoptive father
The eldest one with her two little bros

Keeping all the other differences aside, the three half-siblings are close-knit to one another. Looking at their pictures together, you don’t even realize that they do not come from the same father. All together, the three of them seem to enjoy each others’ company and love both their parents to the fullest.

On the contrary, Skye also has an unknown third brother born around the same time as Elijah. The little guy is the kid of Peppers and his former lover, Lia Ames. The NFL champion allegedly left his girlfriend when she was pregnant with his kid. Thus, due to privacy concerns, the identity of his first biological child has been kept away.

Are Her Parents Getting Married In The Coming Years?

Maybe, in the far future, there’s some hope that Claudia Sampedro and Julius Peppers will tie the knot. Unfortunately, in recent years, it is pointless to even think that they’ll get engaged anytime soon. The couple, as they are, are happy with the way things have been going in between them.

NFL linebacker, Julius Peppers is in a long-term relationship with Keana Skye's mother, Claudia Sampedro
Skye’s lovely parents – they aren’t married yet

It is to be noted further that they met in 2014 and immediately fell head over heels. They met each other at a party and through a mutual friend. Eventually, they began their lovey-dovey journey. In addition, it was not until 2016 that Skye’s dad introduced her mom as his girlfriend on reality TV; they appeared together on the show, WAGS Miami.

For the last 9 years, the pair has built a happy life and a happy family together.

Both Keana’s Mother And Father Are Millionaires

Since both of her parents are renowned personalities, it is a given that they both are millionaires as well. Starting with her mother, the model, socialite, and actress has a net worth of over $1 million. Likewise, her father, who retired from the NFL in 2019, has a fortune worth $30 million.

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