Diandra Luker-Where is Michael Douglas’ wife Today? Her Full-Bio

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Diandra Luker-Where is Michael Douglas’ wife Today? Her Full-Bio
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Diandra Luker, previously known as Diandra Douglas, is the ex-wife of the Ant-Man actor, Michael¬†Douglas. The two were together for almost 22 years before separating in 2000. The spotlight also hit Luker at the same time following a controversy with her latest breakup. Can you guess what happened? We’ll give a hint – Diandra was accused of being greedy.

The divorce from Douglas brought a lot of negativity in the life of his former spouse. However, Diandra fought through it and is living a very good life, away from the hassle of media today. Is it true that Luker is a film producer? Yes, and we will talk more about this later. Also, where is Michael Douglas’ ex-wife actually today? Did Luker marry again after the divorce? We will know the answers soon.

Therefore, in this article, we will look closely at the life of Diandra Luker from her nasty divorce from her ex-husband Michael to her current whereabouts.

Diandra Luker Is The Daughter Of A Diplomat – Her Early Life

67-year-old Diandra Luker was born on 3oth November 1955 on the island of Majorca, Spain. The names of her parents aren’t known but many sources confirm that her father was a Swiss-American diplomat and her mother was an archeologist of French-Anglo descent. Therefore, Luker has the qualities of multiple ethnicities.

Michael Douglas's ex-partner, Diandra
The daughter of a diplomat – Diandra.

Because of her father’s job, Diandra’s family had to frequently move from one place to another. The moving could’ve been very hard for the little girl to handle so her parents sent her off to Switzerland for school. Later, for her higher education, ex-Mrs. Douglas came to the United States.

Where Did Luker Go To School? Her Interests

In the US, Diandra went to the Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service, a private university in Georgetown, Washington DC. In addition to this, although uncertain, the former celebrity spouse attended the University of California for her further studies.

Since a very young age, Luker was interested in social service and actively participated in charity work. For a brief moment, she was also a member of the Red Cross.

What Does Diandra Luker Do/Did For A Living?

Professionally, the former celebrity spouse is a movie producer. In the former days of her career, she was hired by the Metropolitan Museum of Arts. She helped them produce various documentaries for the museum’s Office of Film and Television.

Diandra has kept a low profile from the very beginning, unlike her famous ex-husband. Douglas has given remarkable performances in movies like A Perfect Murder and Wall Street, while his former lover loves her behind-the-stage job.

After her marriage to Michael, Luker proceeded into making documentaries for TV. She produced an episode for the American Masters series in 1991. Similarly, she was also the co-producer of Beatrice Woods: Mama of Dada; a 1993 documentary that aired on PBS Network. Her work in the film was greatly admired by many people.

Similarly, since then, her co-producing journey has been highly appreciated in movies like Off The Menu: The Last Days Of Chasen’s and Broken Lines.

Furthermore, Diandra was also into modeling for some time. Luker was hired by the Forbes Model Agency in the earliest days of her career.

How Did Diandra Luker And Her Ex-Husband Michael Meet? Details On Their Engagement

Diandra met her ex-lover, Michael Douglas, at the White House during the oath-taking ceremony of the then-US President, Jimmy Carter. She was only 19 years old at the time, while her future ex-hubby was 13 years older than her.

The former couple have an age difference of 13 years
Luker and Douglas were together for 22 years. Source: GETTY

The age gap between them wasn’t much of a problem and the two started dating. After just two weeks of knowing each other, Douglas proposed to Luker. It was a “love at first sight” for both of them.

When Did The Ex-Couple Marry? They Also Had A Son A Year Later!

Moving into their wedding, Luker and her then-husband Douglas got married on 20th March 1997. The reception took place at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in California. It was a grand wedding since many actors were also invited to celebrate the newlywed couple.

After a year of togetherness, the two welcomed a son, Cameron Douglas, on 13th December 1978. He is also an American actor like his father.

The Luker-Douglas Marriage Lasted For 22 Years; What Actually Happened?

The 22 years of their marriage were extremely painful to Wall Street actor, Douglas, and his ex-wife. Both of them admitted to being unhappy throughout the wedding. Even more so, after a decade of tying the knot, the former duo started living separately. This is when their relationship hit rock bottom.

Douglas proposed to Luker just after 2 weeks of dating
Luker was called “greedy” after the divorce from Douglas. Source: Reuters

Therefore, finally, in 2000, they ended their marriage and legally got divorced.

Why Was Diandra Called “Greedy” After The Divorce? News On Their Divorce Settlement

The divorce came with a lot of negative criticisms toward former Mrs. Douglas. Apparently, Luker demanded a huge amount of $45 million dollars from her ex-spouse as alimony. The general people didn’t like her behavior and called Diandra greedy. This unfortunate incident was also fired up by Douglas’s recent diagnosis of throat cancer at the time.

However, according to Luker, the Wall Street actor was in very good health when she initially asked for the money. In an interview, she said,

“Michael didn’t know he was ill, I didn’t know he was ill, and the gods didn’t know he was ill. I am not into going after sick people for things that don’t belong to me.”

Regardless, it has been 22 years since their separation. The former couple has already moved on with their lives, so there’s no point for us to dig deep into this.

What Happened To The Ex-Couple’s Montecito Home?

Michael Douglas shared a beautiful mansion in Montecino with his former lover Diandra. As a divorce agreement, both of them were each given 6 months to spend at the beautiful home. However, the experience was more on the unpleasant side for the actor.

Due to this reason, the house was brought into the market in 2014. Sadly, there weren’t many good buyers at the time. Therefore, to get as far as possible from his ex-wife Diandra, Douglas bought Diandra’s share of the house. Today, he shares it with his new spouse.

Diandra Has 3 Other Children Besides Cameron Douglas; Who Is Her Current Husband?

After her divorce from who was supposed to be “the love of her life,” Diandra Luker started dating her new partner Zach Hampton Bacon III. In the course of their relationship, Luker gave birth to two twin boys Hudson and Hawk in 2004 through a surrogate. However, her relationship with her then-partner Zach also didn’t last for long. And the two later went their separate ways.

Luker and Douglas only have 1 son
Luker is the mother of Cameron Douglas – the oldest child of Michael Douglas. Source: Rex Features

After her separation from Zach, the soon-to-be 67-year-old movie producer later also adopted a girl named Imira. In addition to her twins and other kids, Diandra is also a grandmother. She has a granddaughter named, Lua Izzy Douglas, and a grandson named, Ryder T. Douglas. They are the children of her eldest son.

Her Ex-Husband Is A Happily Married Man

On the contrary, Michael Douglas, her ex-life partner, is married to Catherine Zeta-Jones. His current wife is also an actress who met Douglas in 1998 and married him in 2000, following the divorce from Luker.

Michael with his current wife Catherine Jones.
Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas. Source: Getty

The couple share two kids today; Dylan Michael Douglas and Carys Zeta. They are happily married to date.

Luker and Douglas’s Son Cameron Douglas Was Arrested For Drug Charges

In 2009, the former couple’s only son Cameron Douglas was arrested for serious drug charges. Cameron is also an actor who followed in the footsteps of his dad; this comes with benefits. He was released a year early.

According to the prosecution, Jr. Douglas earned that release because he “changed the trajectory” of his life. As it turns out, he got clean and sober when in jail and got out early. He was released in 2016.

Where Is Diandra Luker Today?

Diandra currently lives a very quiet life, outside the hassle of social media and the press. However, we can say for sure that she has quite a luxurious lifestyle even today. She got $45 million from the divorce which we believe is her current net worth. Recently, in 2022, she also sold her Upper East Side Town House for $17 million.

On the other hand, her famous yet rich ex-husband stands at a whopping net worth of $350 million dollars and lives a happy life with his young and beautiful wife.

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