Celebrities Who Were Sexually Abused As A Child

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A child steps into this world with the key to their destiny. However, when we bring child sexual abuse into the scenario, children often have no control over it. They are forced into unacceptable acts that are unimaginable even to adults. It is also something that stays with the child as they grow older.

We often hear news about sexual abuse in showbiz. Shamefully, it is pretty common in this industry. So, what about celebrities who were abused as children? Seeing our beloved celebrities struggling with something of this extent is to think of the unthinkable. The public sees them as figures who’re supposed to be strong and happy, yet we don’t really know the truth behind their smiling faces.

So, who are these celebrities? Some are quite popular and have a reputation that touches the sky. Therefore, in this article, we will talk about a few of them who have come out with their stories of abuse as children. As you read further, some stories might come as a great shock too. So, let’s get into it.

1. Marilynn Monroe

As many of you are aware, Marilynn Monroe has a very disturbing story. She was only 36 years old when she passed away in 1962 from a drug overdose. It saddens us to even think of what she was going through from the inside.

Monroe died at 36
Actress-cum-model, Marilynn Monroe.

Long before her birth, Monroe’s father left his pregnant wife. This was the start of everything that went wrong in her life later on. After being left alone, her mother spent time in an asylum, while Marilynn was passed from one foster home to the other. Looking at her history, we can imagine how chaotic her life was in the earlier days.

Furthermore, she was just 8 years old when she first encountered sexual abuse. Following this, at 11, a foster parent also abused her. The abuse then followed her till the very end of her life; this actress-cum-model faced a lot of harassment while in showbiz as well.

2. Oprah Winfrey

Winfrey is someone that everyone idealizes. She’s in a standard that many celebrities cannot reach and a great motivation to the women of the world. However, we recently came around to a story of her childhood which is extremely tragic.

Oprah is a TV host who was sexually abused as a kid
Famous talk show host, Oprah Winfrey.

During an episode with Price Harry in The Me You Can’t See – a series about mental health, Winfrey opened up about the traumatizing experiences of her childhood. According to her, she moved from her grandma’s place to her mother’s where she experienced racism. This was followed by sexual abuse later on.

As it turns out, this extremely strong woman was just 9 years old when her older cousin started to sexually abuse her. She wasn’t even aware of what “sex” meant at that age. In the interview, she said,

“I didn’t even know what was happening to me, and I kept that secret. And it’s just something I accepted: that a girl child ain’t safe in a world full of men.”

It took her years to finally accept what had happened and openly talk about its memory.

3. Lady Gaga

The Bad Romance singer, Lady Gaga who’s given many musical hits since 2001 also has a history of sexual abuse. As it turns out, when she was a teenager, she was raped and got pregnant. This event caused her to have a “psychotic outbreak” as well.

Gaga is a singer/songwriter; a celebrity who was sexually abused as a child
Singer-songwriter, Lady Gaga

Gaga only talked about this incident in 2014 with a radio DJ named, Howard Stern. She said,

 “I didn’t tell anyone for I think seven years. I didn’t know how to accept it. I didn’t know how to not blame myself or think it was my fault. It changed who I was completely. It changed my body, it changed thoughts.”

Further details of this unfortunate memory were disclosed in Oprah’s show, The Me You Can’t See.

According to the interview, she was raped by a music producer when she was 19 years old and exploring her career in music. He left her pregnant, which later caused her to suffer from PTSD. The delayed traumatic response was described by her as a “total psychotic outbreak”.

4. Carlos Santana

When talking about sexual abuse, or even child sexual abuse, we think that only women are the victims. However, it isn’t the case always. Grammy-award winner, Carlos Santana, who is a great guitarist also has a tragic story from his childhood.

Grammy-award winner, Santana
Great guitarist, Carlos Santana.

In the 2000 issue of Rolling Stone, he revealed that he was sexually abused by an American man. The alleged abuser gave the musician gifts that lured Carlos to move with him across the Mexican border. After this, Santana was molested almost every single day for 2 years. He was only 10-12 years at the time.

5. Ozzy Osbourne

In 2003, English singer, Ozzy Osbourne opened up about an unpleasant memory of his from the past. According to the musician, he was continuously abused by his bullies on his way home from school.

Ozzy Osbourne became a victim of sexual abuse
English singer, Ozzy Osbourne.

Osbourne was just an 11-year-old kid when it first happened. In an interview, he revealed that the bullies would often mess with him. Even more so, they would ask him to drop his pants and touch him in places that they shouldn’t have. Shockingly, this incident first took place right in front of his sister; the memory hence, stayed.

6. Maya Angelou

The late Maya Angelou is a woman adored by many people in this world. She was a legendary poet and civil rights activist, who inspired generations, despite having a disability. However, like other celebrities on this list, she also has a history of child sexual abuse.

Angelou was a civil rights activist
The Late Maya Angelou

As a child, Angelou was harassed by her mother’s boyfriend. Someone who was supposed to be a fatherly figure to her left her with scars that stayed till the very end.

7. Tyler Perry

Another unpleasant story is of Tylor Perry, who is famous in the media as a comedian.

Tyler Perry is a comedian
Tyler Perry – the most loved comedian.

His life wasn’t always as fortunate. This famous person who makes others laugh was once physically abused by his own father and sexually abused by several adults.

8. Ashley Judd

Next on the list is Ashley Judd. The actress only talked about her tragic childhood moments in 2017.

An actress by profession Ashley Judd was abused sexually
Actress, Ashley Judd

While speaking at the World Congress Against Sexual Exploitation of Women and Girls in New Delhi, Judd said,

“I was molested for the first time I remember at the age of seven. I experienced two rapes at the age of 14.”

This is also extremely saddening to us fans. It is unimaginable what trauma Ashley faced and still struggles with due to her abuse at 7 and 14 years old. On top of this, she grew up in a dysfunctional family; which adds to her mental distress.

9. Venessa Williams

Venessa Williams also is another victim on this list.

The award-winning actress revealed that she was only 10 years old when she was abused sexually by a female. This might come as a shock to most because we have only talked about male molesters so far.

Williams is an actress
The award-winning actress, Venessa Williams.

As it turns out, the abuser was none other than a family friend. The incident took place in California while Venessa was with her family on vacation. Information on this unfortunate memory was revealed years later in an interview with Oprah.

10. Lavaraneus Coles

The NFL player, Lavaraneus Coles also has a disturbing memory of being abused as a child. When the footballer was only 10 years old, he encountered sexual abuse. Furthermore, it was by someone who he was supposed to call “dad”.

Coles is a footballer
NFL player, Coles

That’s right. Coles was sexually abused by his stepfather for almost 3 years.

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