Shiran Melamed’s Husband Net Worth Full Bio

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Shiran Melamed’s Husband Net Worth Full Bio
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Daniel Melamed is a real estate developer and a convicted lawbreaker. He is also the husband of Shiran Melamed, a luxury and motherhood influencer.

Over the years, he has been associated with crimes including illegal purchases and selling of properties, mortgage fraud, grand larceny, forgery, and other violations. In fact, he is also famous as a notorious slumlord in Brooklyn, New York.

Read more about how he tarnished his reputation from a well-revered leader in the real estate empire to a felon in addition to his net worth and more.

Shiran Melamed’s Husband Daniel Melamed Was Born In The Late 70s

Daniel was born in July 1977. It however is mystic as to where he spent his childhood. Some sources say he was born in Tehran, Iran, and immigrated to the US with his parents when he was 11.

Former convict Daniel Melamed
Shiran Melamed’s husband Daniel Melamed. Yahoo

It is yet again abstruse who Melamed’s parents are. The man despite being a top-tier real estate developer for many years shuns dealing with the info about his folks in public concern.

Shiran’s Relationship With Daniel

It is open to question when and where Shiran and Daniel met. The couple has been zipped about their union since the beginning.

Shiran with her husband Daniel
Daniel and his wife Shiran. Twitter

While Shiran is now a social media star, she has hardly talked about the personal matters relating to her and her spouse. As for Daniel, he has been nothing but a real estate man since he started to gain national interest.

Shiran with her and Daniel's kids
Shiran with her three children. Instagram

The couple nevertheless are parents to three children.

Melamed Career As A Real Estate Developer

He enjoyed more than 20 years as a successful entrepreneur who operated mostly from Great Neck, New York. He launched his company, Excalibur Equities in 2015. Daniel however started his career in real estate in the year 2000 serving as the president of Melamed Group for 24 years. He was also the president of Renaissance Realty Consulting Group.

In addition to property businesses, he also used to do philanthropic work. He was the honorable donor to several charities including Cohen Children’s Medical Center in Long Island.

His Jail Sentence

Back in June 2021, Daniel received a prison sentence of more than five years for ordering an accomplice to set fires at properties he wanted to flip.

Daniel Melamed during his court hearing
Daniel Melamed was sentenced to 66 months in jail for real estate offenses. Natan Divr

A Manhattan federal judge hit Shiran’s husband with a 66-month sentence after previously pleading guilty to conspiracy to commit arson.

According to the reports, Melamed ordered fires set at three properties in Brooklyn and Long Island between 2011 and 2013. He also ordered to scorch one house in Albertson where a family lived with their pets. While the family escaped the fire, the blaze damaged the house and burned the pets alive.

The feds said Melamed additionally directed to set fire at a house on East 32nd Street in Flatbush and at a house on Dean Street in Boerum Hill.

Previously, Melamed copped to charges of mortgage fraud, grand larceny, forgery, and other crimes in Brooklyn state court.

Is Shiran Melamed’s Husband  Out Of Prison?

According to a Reddit user, Melamed got out of prison in the spring of 2023. The former felon reportedly has also gotten back with Shiran.

What Is Daniel Melamed Doing Now; Is He Still Together With Shiran?

The duo are still together. Although Shiran doesn’t mention her partner publicly that often, he was last seen on his influencer wife’s Instagram in June 2023. The couple is pregnant with their fourth child.

Daniel’s partner, Shiran now mostly is a content creator. She has over 100,000 followers on Instagram as well as 100,000 plus followers on TikTok.

Net Worth Could Practically Be Zero

While in the past, Daniel may have had tons of money most likely in the region of millions, after his jail term, the odds of him having above-average money seem extremely bleak. After all, the court ordered him to forfeit $500,000 and pay a further fine of $50,000. Apparently, Shiran’s husband was also subjected to pay other numerous compensations.

On his good days, Melamed was growing a number of investments and was always busy working on additional projects throughout the entire New York. By the late 2010s, Melamed’s Equities owned and operated more than 30 properties throughout New York City.

Although Melamed’s days as a hotshot real estate tycoon are gone, someone who may still be rich and getting richer by the day is his wife, Shiran Melamed. Ever since her husband started off his jail time, people have been seeing Shiran’s steep rise in social media. In the last few years, Daniel’s spouse has been garnering tens of thousands of followers across famous platforms like Instagram and TikTok.



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