Meet Internet Celebrity Sophie Mudd: Her Wiki, Boyfriend, Career, Net Worth

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Meet Internet Celebrity Sophie Mudd: Her Wiki, Boyfriend, Career, Net Worth
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Sophie Mudd is an Instagram model and a Tiktoker. Often always covered in a few or two laces, Sophie uploads eye-catching videos alongside party images posing with equally and full of life attractive friends. With over a 2.6million Instagram followers, several outlets have often named her among the top-tier Instababes. The Los Angeles-based young model is quite comfortable and loves to parade her good parts quite a lot. Mudd also often gets public attention for eating snacks on Instagram live and TikTok.

Notorious for making her fans go wild with all her dashing snaps, many take this busty beauty as the ‘next Emily Ratajkowski.’ The American brunette as of recent has also amassed close to 200k followers on Tiktok. She has gained a huge army of social media fans in lightning-quick time and it’s not hard to see why.

Her followers can’t get enough of her jaw-dropping images where the Tiktoker/Instagrammer shows off her incredible figure. Sophie to every extent has become a social media sensation thanks to stunning snaps of her curvy figure. Many modeling outlets believe American beauty could be the next big thing in the modeling world. Mudd, who also frequently uses Snapchat, regularly awestruck her followers with her pictures in skimpy clothes and bikinis.

Know more about her in the breakdowns below; see if she has a boyfriend, how much she makes from her internet fame, and all.

Sophie Mudd Early Life; What Is Her Nationality? 

The five foot six inches tall Sophie Mudd was born on July 27, 1998. While she hasn’t revealed much about her family or her lineage, what has been certain so far is that the Californian has one older brother named Nicolas.

Sophie Mudd, Instagram and Only Fans model.
Instagram and Only Fans model Sophie Mudd. Instagram

And although her nationality is American, she is believed to be a descent of Latin origin. Mudd was apparently an athlete in her exclusive high school; she participated on the track and field team and also took part in the long jump.

How Sophie Mudd Got Famous?

The first-ever picture Mudd took for her Instagram was in Nov 2013 in the Sparkle Factory in Las Vegas. Within a span of five years, her Instagram account grew to over one million fans. She definitely might rank among the best when it comes to having arrays of brand deals and sponsorship.

Instagram model with 2.6million followers and Tiktoker Sophie Mudd
Instagram model from Los Angeles, Sophie Mudd. Instagram

Critiquing her rising fame, a top modeling agency FHM once said: “Sophie Mudd is one of those types of people because she has a stunning look and cheeky personality that can take her to the top of the modeling world.”

Some of the brands Mudd has worked with include Nike, DIFF Eyewear, Beverly Hills Bikini Shop, Frankies, Shadow Hill, and Cloud. She presumably also work for a modeling agency, MP Management, a firm out of Milan that has brought her a lot of work.

Currently living in Los Angeles, Mudd posts photographs of herself regularly to keep fans guessing, and the pictures are continuously pulse rating with each and every posting. The internet fame of hers is such that even national media outlets have noticed her, including FHM Magazine, Inquistr, and the Sun newspapers.

Sophie Mudd’s Boyfriend Austin Dash

Mudd’s current partner, Austin Dash, also has a significant presence on Instagram. The twosome has been dating since early 2017. The Instagram couple reportedly met during a promotional tour for Anderson Paak, an American singer and rapper.

Instagram model Sophie with her boyfriend Austin Dash.
Sophie Mudd with her boyfriend Austin Dash. Instagram

Mudd, who also has an Only Fans account, debuted herself on Dash’s Instagram in Feb 2017.

The two however did no such thing on the post that could have even alluded if they were dating. While Sophie kept on appearing on Austin’s Instagram thenceforth, neither of the two talked about what really was behind the scene.

It wasn’t until June 2017 that Austin and Mudd’s followers got a clear-cut picture wherein the duo almost affirm their association. In this specific case, the couple threw a picture where Sophie is amorously perching by the side of her adventure-loving boyfriend.

Thereafter the pair has been continuously flaunting their love for each other ever so strongly. Before Dash, Mudd has previously been romantically linked to Conrad Hilton Jr, who is an heir to the Hilton Hotels fortune and a brother to celebrity socialite Paris Hilton.

How Much Does Sophie Earn? What Is Her Net Worth? 

Over the last few years, Mudd has had a good grasp on how to get her fans’ attention and capitalize on them to sell her own merchandise on Instagram.

And she has quite a good percentage of loyal followers. One can easily get a crude perspective on the bikini model’s mode of income by having a look at a soaring number of products she promotes through her socials.

Sophie Mudd Only Fans model and a TikToker
Los Angeles-based Only Fans model Sophie Mudd. Instagram

Her richness is also quite apparent through her lifestyle; Mudd is often always busy with non-stop parties and out-of-the-ordinary vacations. What’s more she is also an equally recognizable name on the Only Fans forum.

Approximation-wise, it is deemed that she has a net worth looming between $250,000 and $300,000. Speculations suggest she earns in the range of tens of thousands of dollars for each post she enters on social media.

Other Facts

  • One of her favorite TV shows and movies is Californication and Spirited Away respectively.
  • She also likes adventure time.


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