How Much Is Kari Matchett Net Worth? Her Financial Status & Career

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How Much Is Kari Matchett Net Worth? Her Financial Status & Career
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Kari Matchett, the Canadian actress has been consistently working in the TV and movie industry since the year 1996. With such a successful career, she has not only gained massive fame but has also amassed a huge net worth.

Further, Kari attained another level of success in her career following her character U.S. President Michelle Traverse in the popular Netflix show The Night Agent. In the show, she appeared alongside Gabriel Basso, and Luciana Buchanan among others. Like her co-star, does Matchett also possess a net amount in million?

Read the below piece of article to dig into Kari Matchett’s wealth.

Kari Matchett’s Net Worth In 2023

The Night Agent actress, Kari Matchett is a millionaire with an estimated net worth of $3 million as of 2023. Undoubtedly, she earned this massive amount from her solo career as an actress.

Kari Matchett owns $3 million
Kari Matchett’s Net Worth is $3 million

Coming up to 2023, it’s been over 25 years since Kari made her debut in the entertainment industry. Having said this, you already know, the wealth she amassed isn’t an overnight result. After working in numerous series and films, she finally succeeded to rank herself on a millionaire’s list.

Lately, she has been part of some hit projects as well, so, her net worth is believed to increase in coming years.

How Much Is Kari Matchett’s Salary As An Actress? 

So far, Matchett hasn’t shared details on how much she charges per episode of a series or per movie. However, as per reports, the actors’ salary in general ranges from $49,744 to $73,702 with the average base salary of $60,364.

Thus, being part of several films and shows, she must have earned the amount in the above-mentioned ranges or maybe more.

Kari Income Sources

As one of the established actresses, her income sources are as follows;

  • Films
  • TV series
  • Some Endorsement and Advertisement

Further, she is also reported to have investments in businesses.

Kari Matchett’s Ex-Husband Is Also A Millionaire

Like Kari, her ex-husband T. W. Peacocke is a well-accomplished director in the Canadian entertainment industry. As of now, he has directed 140 episodes of over twenty-five different television series and several other films. Further, he has also emerged as an actor quite a few times.

Kari Matchett's ex-husband is a director
Kari Matchett’s ex-husband’s net worth

Thus, having such an extravagant career, there’s no doubt that he has amassed a good amount of money. As per some online tabloids, he is also a millionaire like his ex-wife with a fortune of $1 million.

Did Kari Matchett Receive Some Wealth From Her Ex-Husband As Alimony?

In 2006, the Covert Affairs star, Kari ended her 8 years long marriage with her ex-husband T. W. Peacocke. The news of their separation came as a surprise to their fans at the time though they silently parted ways.

Therefore, the now-former couple didn’t tell anyone the reason for their separation and no details about their dispute or spousal support came out in the media. So, at this moment, we don’t know exactly if Matchett received any portion of her ex-hubby’s wealth.

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