Inside The Life Of Troy Landry: His Bio, Career, Net Worth

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Inside The Life Of Troy Landry: His Bio, Career, Net Worth
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Troy Landry, famously known as The King of Swamp, is the most renowned alligator hunter in America. 62-year-old Landry is the center of the History Channel reality show, Swamp People. In the show, the Landry family does a remarkable job of controlling the alligator population in the swamps of Louisiana.

The King of Swamps must have an interesting life outside his gator-hunting life as well, right? Of course, yes. Landry is fond of mother nature and likes eating grilled alligator meat and turtle soup. What a bold personality!

Here, in this article, we will dive deep into the life of the alligator hunter. What’s the Landry family like? And, was Landry actually suffering from prostate cancer? Further, we will also talk about his earnings per episode of the show and net worth as well. Sit tight, because we will know the answers soon!

Troy Landry Parents, Siblings, Age

Landry was born on 9th June 1960 in Pierre Part, LA into a fisherman’s family. His father, Duffy Landry, used to be a fisherman and seafood distributor, while his mother, Myrtle Landry a homemaker.

Troy Landry is a professional hunters and fishermen
Alligator hunter, Troy Landry. Source: Youtube

Growing up, Landry must have had a beautiful connection with his parents. Today, he has opened up a venture, Duffy’s Shell Station, in recognition of his father. Similarly, the title of The King of Swamp is dedicated to his mother.

Furthermore, Landry wasn’t the only child of his parents growing up. He has two brothers – Bubba Landry, and Guy Landry. We do not know much about Bubba, but Guy also followed in the footsteps of his brother in his show, Swamp People. These brothers come from the ancestry of hunters, fishermen, and trappers; Troy and Guy Landry are the ones to take this a step further into showbiz.

Is Married To His Wife Bernita Landry

The King of Swamp Troy has a very strong and lovely relationship with his wife, Bernita Landry. The couple got married on September 26th, 1981, and are soon to celebrate 41 years of togetherness.

We can say that Bernita is the most important person in Landry’s life. When he is not busy shooting videos for his reality show, Landry spends almost every second with his spouse Bernita in their dream home in Louisiana.

Troy Landry and his wife have been married for over 40 years
Landry and his wife have a perfect relationship. Source: Chelsea Lauren/WireImage

However, the couple had some career differences in the beginning. While Landry is a hunter by birth, his wife, Bernita Landry, was formally an elementary school teacher. Today, she works as a publicist with the History Channel where Landry’s Swamp People is aired. Bernita also helps out with the family business; mostly with their crawfish company.

With the exquisite life these lovebirds share together, Landry and Bernita have three sons together.

All 3 Sons of Troy Landry Are In The Hunting Business

Troy and his wife, Bernita Landry, have three sons in total – Brandon, Jacob, and Chase Landry. These three boys have followed in the footsteps of their father in the alligator hunting business.

Troy Landry has three sons with his wife
Landry, his wife, and sons on Christmas. Source: Facebook/Troy Landry

46-year-old Brandon Landry is the eldest son of Troy and Bernita Landry. He appeared in Swamp People till 2014, accompanying his father to hunt alligators. However, his absence from the show 4 years after it started, left fans in doubt about whether Brandon is dead or alive.

Recently, a rumor also flew across claiming the death of Brandon Landry. But as it turns out, these rumors were false. People mistook Landry’s son, Brandon for another man with a similar name and identity who had recently passed away.

The middle child of Troy and Bernita Landry, Jacob is also seen frequently on Swamp People with his father even today.

Similarly, Landry’s youngest son, Chase Landry, has a greater reputation than his two brothers. His personality is also very similar to that of his father. With this, Chase has appeared in almost all the episodes of the family’s reality show. However, he is a bit of a troublemaker. Sometime around 2016, Chase was arrested for firing on another boat while hunting for alligators. Despite zero casualties, he was found guilty of destroying the other boat. Being the son of a famous American hunter, Chase’s case slowly was concealed.

News on Troy’s sons surely is the “talk of the town”, but we are here to know more about their father. Maybe we will come up with exciting information on Brandon, Jacob, and Chase in the future. So, stay tuned!

How Did Troy Get The Title of The King of Swamp?

As mentioned earlier, Troy and his entire Landry family are the stars of the History Channel reality show, Swamp People. Here, they travel around the Atchafalaya Basin of Louisiana for 30 days a year to hunt alligators and control their population around that area. Swamp People first aired on August 22nd, 2010. It is still very famous on the History Channel and has almost 13 seasons.

Troy Landry net worth is $2 million
Troy Landry is the main feature of the Swamp People poster. Source: Pinterest

Landry is the center of this show and is called The King of Swamp. He has a record of rapping 82 alligators in a span of 24 hours. Thus, this bold and fearless personality of his got him very high in the gator-hunting business. He indeed is the KING! However, he is not the only star of the show. His sons, Jacob and Chase also play a remarkable role with their father.

Besides this reality show, Landry also runs a crawfish-distributing company. It is under his father’s name as mentioned before – Duffy’s Shell Station. He also goes on fishing in lakes nearby his home when he is not busy filming for Swamp People. Looking at this, Landry has not forgotten his fisherman lineage.

He Suffered From Cancer

Recently, Landry’s health took a great toll. Some news media even announced baseless rumors of his death. However, those were all just rumors, and Landry, in fact, is living and fine.

As it turns out, Landry was suffering from prostate cancer for quite some time. And not so long ago, in May of 2022, he underwent surgery to remove his prostate glands. Landry even posted updates on his Facebook page assuring that he is fine and recovering from the surgery. So, the rumors of his death were bound to be shut down.

Similarly, following the rumor, his son, Jacob also shared an update on his father’s health. He wrote,

“Just wanted to give everybody a little heads up on dad. He’s back home feeling much, much better. For those of you that don’t know, he had prostate cancer, and they removed his prostate. Everything looks good.”

It has already been about 4 months since Troy Landry’s surgery. Thus, he must be back to his original pace by now and living a happy, cancer-free life.

This 62-year-old has a Splendid Lifestyle

With his career as The King of Swamp, Troy seems to have a pretty sumptuous lifestyle. He ears stripped polo Ralph Lauren shirts while hunting alligators and lives in a lavish house in Louisiana with his wife. This does not come by itself. Landry has a net worth of almost $2 million dollars. Looks like, being the star of a hunting/gathering reality show really pays him well.

How Much Salary Does Troy Make Per Episode of  Swamp People

As per the reports, Troy makes around $30,000 per month for his appearance in Swamp People which is among the highest of all the cast.

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