Loretta Lynn’s Son Jack Benny Lynn: Death, Parents, Wife, Children

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Loretta Lynn’s Son Jack Benny Lynn: Death, Parents, Wife, Children
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Jack Benny Lynn was a Tennessee-born blacksmith, horse trainer, horseback rider, and ranchman who is better known as the late son of the Grammy winner, Loretta Lynn. The late Jack was one of six children of Loretta and her late husband, Oliver Vanetta Lynn or Doolittle/Doo/Mooney.

Although Loretta is now one of the most recognizable country singers, Jack wasn’t born into the richness and popularity as such it was only after his and his siblings’ arrival that the Fist City singer actually started her musical career. As per the CMA winner’s other children, Jack was also very close to his artist mother.

Jack was Loretta’s heart’s favorite and for the multiple Grammy-nominee, her late son was the one who she ‘felt most sentimental about.’ Whilst growing up, Jack and his siblings watched their mother, Loretta cementing her career in the country music genre. And while Loretta’s children did get familiar with their mother’s fame, each of them pursued their own passion.

While almost all of the Coal Miner’s Daughter singer’s kids are connected to music one way or another, Jack chose to follow a profession far from it. He never pursued a career in the entertainment industry like his mom and siblings but was an excellent horse trainer and blacksmith. Keep scrolling to learn in detail about how he died, the aftermath of his death particularly in the life of his mother, Loretta. In addition also read about his married life, children, and others.

Jack Benny Lynn Was Named After A Comedian

The Texan country singer, Loretta Lynn named her first son, Jack Benny Lynn after her favorite comedian and also because she liked the two names. Also, it was a custom in the South to have two monikers.

Jack, however, later disliked people using his middle name. His maternal grandfather and Loretta’s father, Melvin “Ted” Webb was a coal miner.

The late Southerner’s mother along with her seven siblings grew up in rural Kentucky. Loretta and her late husband, Doolittle’s first son, Jack Benny Lynn was born on Dec 7, 1949.

Jack Benny Lynn Was In The Army

Loretta’s son, Jack also served in the army. He reportedly joined the service right after high school. The Berklee College Of Music honorary graduate in her biography writes the horse trainer served in the army mostly because he wanted to have an advantage over his younger brother, Ernest who was also a marine.

Coal Miner's Daughter singer, Loretta Lynn's son, Jack Benny Lynn was an ex-marine,
The late horseback rider, horse trainer, and multiple-Grammy nominee, Loretta Lynn’s son, Jack. From Find A Grave

During his service, Jack was also stationed in Korea. His father and Loretta’s husband, O.V. “Doolittle” Lynn too was an Army Ranger during the time when the US invaded Europe in World War 2. Jack’s father served in the platoon that lost all of its men but him.

What Did Jack Use To Do; Was He Also A Singer/Musician?

The Country Hall Of Famer says Jack never worked at any real job. The late son of Loretta reportedly spent much of his time training horses, shoeing them, and working as a blacksmith at the ranch.

Jack Benny Lynn Was loved Horses
CMA-winning singer, Loretta Lynn’s late son, and the ranchman, Jack Benny Lynn. From Find A Grave

Loretta in Coal Miner’s Daughter, reveals her late son, Jack adored animals and loved working on the family ranch in Hurricane Mills, not far from Waverly, Tennessee.

Jack used to reside in the Buffalo community about three miles from where his dead body was found. Mr. Lynn allegedly was skilled in blacksmith, and horse training, and was also a competitive horseback rider.

Jack Benny Lynn Was Married Twice

When alive Loretta’s first son Jack was married twice. He first married his high school girlfriend, Pat. Together, they went on to have two children, Lora Kay and Jeffrey Allen. Jack and Pat, however, would divorce which Loretta apparently didn’t like.

The Tennessee-born later married Barbara and remained her husband until his death in the mid-’80s. Jack also had a daughter named Jenny with his second wife, Barbara.

Jack’s Son, Jeffrey Allen Lynn Died At 47

Much like Jack Benny, his son Jeffrey Allen Lynn also died in quite a sudden manner in Sep 2016. Though he was quite older, 47, than his father during the time of his demise.

It was Loretta who broke the news of her grandson and Jack’s son’s death through her official Facebook handle. He, too, worked on his grandmother, Loretta’s ranch in Hurricane Mills, Tennessee.

The late Jeffrey was one of the Americana singer’s 20 grandchildren. Jeffrey was the oldest grandson of the Hollywood Walk Of Fame singer, Loretta Lynn. He was additionally the father of three children, Jory Katie, and Cody.

The Complete Story Of How Jack Benny Lynn Died

Jack died on July 22, 1984, after he drowned in a river. Moments before his death, Loretta’s son was riding his horse quite far from his family estate close to Waverly, Tennessee.

Loretta’s second child was then only 34 years old. He had said he was heading off to the hills. The place was notorious for having a difficult-to-walk route.

Loretta Lynn's first son, Jack Benny Lynn Died Young
The country singer, Loretta Lynn’s late son and horse-trainer, Jack Benny Lynn.

As per reports, Jack tried to cross the river, Duck but failed. He promptly fell into the wave and ultimately drowned to his death. A couple of days later, the search party found Jack’s body in the water nearby.

When they discovered the corpse of Loretta’s son, the horse on which Jack was riding was standing below a river bluff. The mount seemingly didn’t sustain any injuries but was trapped along a steep bank near the body.

One of the chief officials, at the time, reported,

”We started searching as soon as we were notified. He had to cross the river to get to where he was going, so that’s the first place we looked.”

Loretta Knew About Her Son, Jack’s Death Only After A Couple Of Days 

Loretta didn’t know about her son’s passing for some days. She, herself, was in the intensive care unit at the Good Samaritan Hospital in Mount Vernon, Illinois. Some days prior the BMI affiliate had collapsed in her suite due to exhaustion.

It was her late husband, Oliver Mooney who informed her about her son’s death in person. After hearing the news, Loretta reportedly took it “much better than expected.” The Presidential Medal Of Freedom, later, however, sobbed continuously at Jack’s funeral that took place at Luff-Bowen funeral home in Waverly and cried some more when he was finally buried.

Jack Benny Lynn Funeral

Around 300 mourners were present at the funeral of Loretta’s first son. Included were some famous names like the fellow country music stars Tammy Wynette, and Crytal Gayle, also Jack’s aunt. Loretta’s family plot at Hurricane Mills served as Jack’s burial spot.

Jack’s late sister, Betty, at the time, said none of her family members’ lives were going to be the same without her deceased brother. During his demise, Jack’s daughters were still teenagers.

Loretta Still Misses Her Late Son, Jack Benny Lynn

The CMT Artist Of A Lifetime, Loretta often pays tribute to her late son. Loretta also often shares TBT pictures of her son on Facebook as well as on her other social media settings.

Some 37 years after the unfortunate moment, Lynn on her Facebook wrote, that Jack was “just what she asked for.” The now 90 years old artist further added,

“My Jack. Today in 1984 my life changed forever. You are never the same after you bury one of your children-never. I’ve thought of him and missed him every day for 37 years.”

Loretta additionally mentioned how her son, Jack bore an uncanny resemblance to his father. She described him as her blond-headed, blue-eyed baby who was also quiet and tender.

The Songs From My Heart singer said she adore him with all her heart and also revealed how Jack and his elder sister Sue used to get into everything when they were little. The late brother-sister duo when kids apparently used to keep their artist mother on her toes.

Jack’s Sister, Betty Sue’s Death

Jack was among the six children of Loretta and Doolittle. He had an older sister, Betty Sue, the first child of the Home singer and her late husband. Sue, however, would also become one of the unlucky ones to die from the Lynn family.

Jack Benny Lynn with his late sister Betty Sue & Their Dog
Multiple Gold Albums country singer, Loretta Lynn’s late son, Jack Benny Lynn, as a kid, with his sister and late Betty Sue.

She died at 64 in July 2013 owing to complications from emphysema. Betty was the third loved one that Loretta lost after Jack himself and her husband, Doolittle. Sue left two daughters Lynn and Audrey born through her relationship with her husband Paul Markworth in addition to five grandchildren.

Betty also helped her singer mother with her fans’ letters; she would sort and respond to them. She additionally wrote some songs for her mom. Some of them include Wine, Woman, and Song, Before I’m Over You, and The Home Tearin’ Down.

Jack Benny Lynn Siblings And Loretta Lynn’s Other Children; What Are They Doing Now? 

Jack had one younger brother, Ernie Rey or Ernest who also helps Loretta with responding to her fan mails. Jack’s brother, Ernest additionally aids his mother with announcing herself to the stage during her tour and often performs as a show opener singing country songs.

Ernest has also sung duets with his mother. Jack’s younger sister, Cissie or Clara Marie Lynn, who is also a music artist, sings in some of her mother, Loretta’s shows.

Jack Benny Lynn's Younger Sister, Cissie With Their mother Loretta Lynn
Jack Benny Lynn, ex-marine and the late son of 11 number one albums country singer, Loretta Lynn. Instagram

The late ranchman’s other siblings include the twins, Patsy and Peggy, whom Loretta birthed in the early ’60s. The two have also appeared with their parents, Loretta and Mooney in Crisco ad videos.

Jack’s youngest sibling pair, the twins, Peggy and Patsy are probably the most successful of Loretta’s children. They rose to prominence of their own after forming the country band The Lynns in the late ’90s.

The twins initially used to perform at a local club in Nashville and later would come to the attention of several record labels. Jack’s these sister-duo has recorded an album for Reprise Records in addition to two singles that went on to chart on the Hot Country Songs on Billboard.

Peggy and Patsy also received the 1998 and 1999 CMA awards for the vocal duo of the year.

Apparently, almost all of Loretta’s children reside within the vicinage of their mother and often visit her.

Jack’s Parents, Loretta Lynn And Mooney Were Together From The ’20s

Jeffrey Allen Lynn’s father Jack Benny was one of six children born to Loretta Lynn and her husband, Oliver Vanetta Doolittle Lynn, also known as Doolittle, Doo, and Mooney.

Jack’s parents, Loretta and Doolittle married in Aug 1926. The former at the time was only 15; Loretta had her first child, the late Bett Sue at age 16. And by 22, she had already become a mother to four children including Jack. For years, Jack’s mother, Loretta served as the family’s breadwinner.

Loretta with her late husband, Mooney and their twins
Jack’s mother, Loretta, her late husband, and their twin daughters.

Jack’s mother, Loretta would have two more children, twin girls during her early 30s in the early ’60s. The pair, Doolittle and his wife, the honky-tonk singer raised their six children at a ranch in Tennessee.

The residence now is The 7th Largest Attraction in the state. It entails a recording studio, museums, lodging, western stores, and restaurants, among others. Loretta and Doo were husband and wife until the latter’s death in 1996.

They had been married for almost five decades. Jack’s father apparently died from complications related to diabetes.

Jack’s Father Cheated On Loretta Lynn

Mooney and the Hymns singer’s relationship reportedly wasn’t all that moon and beaches. When they were together, it was often in the headlines that Jack’s father cheated on the Fist City artist.

He also had drinking problems. Despite all these, Mooney and Loretta remained a couple until the former’s demise in the mid-’90s.

Is Jack Benny Lynn’s Mother, Loretta Lynn Still Alive?

Jack’s Artist Of the Decade mother, Loretta Lynn, as of 2022, is still all hale and hearty. Albeit less popular among the headlines in recent years, Mrs. Lynn shares almost all of her life behind the stage on her social media accounts.

The now 90 years old country singer seems to be fond of using the modern-day trend of remaining in touch with fans and people. The 11 number one albums singer is adequately up and running on Facebook as well as on Instagram.

Most of her feeds include TBTS of her family members, some snapshots from her youth, Willy Nielsen, and of course her children including the late Betty and Jack.

Jack Benny Lynn Other Facts

  • Almost a year before his death, Jack had liver and pancreas problems in addition to hospitalization due to a neck injury that he had sustained after a horse threw him.
  • Jack reportedly was shy and liked to be alone; he also shared his father, Mooney’s love for liquor.


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