Ezekiel Martin: All About Tisha Campbell And Duane Martin’s Younger Son

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Ezekiel Martin: All About Tisha Campbell And Duane Martin’s Younger Son
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Ezekiel Martin is the younger son of an American actress and singer Tisha Campbell. His mother is widely known for her role in the ABC comedy series My Wife and Kids, Rita Rocks, The Protector, Dr. Ken, Outmached, and Uncoupled. Further, Tisha is also a founder of the non-profit organization Colored My Mind which raised awareness of childhood autism.

Like his mother, Ezekiel’s father Duane Martin is also a known face of Hollywood. He is an American actor who has acted in films like White Men Can’t Jump, Above the Rim, The Inkwell, and others. Being the son of celebrity parents, there is no doubt that people are curious to know about him as well.

So, today, we are intending to explore interesting facts about this star kid Ezekiel Martin. To know in detail, stick with us till the end.

Ezekiel Martin Was Born Big; How Old Is He Now?

He was born Ezekiel Czar Martin on September 8, 2009, in Los Angeles, California. At the time of his birth, he weighed 9 lbs., 9 oz, and was 23 inches long, way larger than any newborn baby in general.

Ezekiel Martin is 13 years old
Baby Ezekiel Martin. Source: His mom’s Instagram

In an exclusive talk with Essence, his mom revealed that her newborn baby doesn’t fit in newborn clothes. She said,

 “He can’t fit newborn clothes; he’s wearing clothes for three month olds.

Martin’s mom Tisha also told,

“My baby is sooooo beautiful, His cheeks are so fat. He is so healthy. He is just perfect.”

As of now, he is quite grown up now and growing in a luxurious lifestyle.

Further, he has a birth sign Virgo and is an American citizen by birth. Ezekiel belongs to the African-American ethnicity.

How old is Ezekiel Martin?

As of 2023, Ezekiel is 13 years of age.

Martin’s Mom was in her 40s when she became pregnant with him

While Ezekiel was in his mother’s womb, his mom Tisha was 40 years old, a very old age to bear a baby. Despite her age and several health difficulties, she fully enjoyed her pregnancy period with her little one, Ezekiel. With People‘s Celebrity blog, Campbell said

 “I’m enjoying it. I’m 40, and having a baby!” “Every moment, every nauseous moment, everything that is good and not so good about being pregnant, I’m enjoying.”

Ezekiel Martin’s Parent’s Marriage And Divorce

His parents Duane Martin and Tisha Campbell tied the knot on August 17, 1996, and lived a happy marriage for almost three decades.

Ezekiel Martin's parents are no longer together
Ezekiel Martin parents

Eventually, in February 2018, Campbell announced her separation from her husband of 27 years and said,

“After 27 years of being together and two amazing children, it pains me to announce that I’ve filed for divorce.”

Though the Rooftop actress filed a divorce in 2018, the couple were living separately since December 2016 as per court documents. Two years after, she thought of parting legally and filed for a divorce citing irreconcilable differences. The divorce was finalized in December 2020.

Following their separation, they were given joint custody of their two sons Xen, 19 at the time, and Ezekiel, 11. In the case of Ezekiel, they each would have his custody. On father’s day, Ezekiel’s custody goes to his dad and on mother’s day, his mom will have his custody.

Ezekiel Looks a lot like His Father; How Is His Relationship With His Parents?

Despite his parent’s separation, Ezekiel spent as much time as he need with both his mom and dad. Considering Tisha and Dune both have custody of him, Martin is growing up with the love from both side, unlike many kids in these conditions.

His mother and father often share their beautiful moments with their son on their respective social media accounts. On February 12, 2023, his mom dedicated a post to him with the caption,

He makes me laugh! Love you baby.

Further, his dad also has posted his photos on his Instagram several times.

Ezekiel Martin looks alike his dad
Ezekiel Martin and his dad Duane Martin’s photo. Source: His father’s Instagram

Once on his Instagram, the former basketball player also shared an image of his 13 years old kid and his picture when he was 13 years old to show the world how much the father and son resemble each other. He captioned the post,

Zeke and Me at 13 yrs old. What a blessing.

In December 2021, Duane wrote,

Unconditional Love and Quality Time Is a perfect combination.
Love vs Everything
#highvibrations #patience #fatherandson #joy

Ezekiel Martin Has A Older Brother

Ezekiel Martin has a brother named Xen Martin, eight years older than him. Xen was born on August 8, 2001. Sadly, when he was only 18 months old, he was diagnosed with autism.

Ezekiel Martin has an older brother
Ezekiel Martin with his brother

But coming up to 2023, Martin’s older brother has been much healthy, and as per his parents, he currently enjoys life like any other normal kid. His folks said in a statement,

“Xen was non-verbal; he would flap his arms and rock back and forth. He’s never been in a special needs class because I wanted him to model after typical kids and now he’s a typical kid. Xen says that he’s not autistic anymore. This is my baby’s reality.”

The 21 years old Xen is currently studying Zoology at Moorpark College in California.

Ezekiel Martin Is Intelligent And Resilient

The 13-year-old star kind is very intelligent and resilient as per his actress momma. His mom keeps praising him on several occasions through her Instagram.

Ezekiel Martin is intelligent
Ezekiel Martin with his mom Tisha Campbell

On his 12th birthday, the Outmatched fame actress shared her son’s picture and wrote,

I just can’t believe you are 12 years old! Happy birthday my amazing, kind and intelligent young man. You’ll always be my baby.

Further, Martin’s mother’s Instagram post also reveals that Ezekiel is a resilient child. On December 2020, with the beautiful image of mom-son together, she captioned,

I just love his resilient spirit! No matter what… he finds joy! I learned a lot from you this year. Thanks kiddo

Looking at this, we can certainly say that the younger son of Tisha and Duane will certainly grow up to be a gentleman.

Ezekiel Martin Is A Student; In Which Level Is he Studying?

Currently, Ezekiel must be preparing to enter high school. Back in 2021, he was a fresh student in middle school. On August 16, 2021, his mother posted his first middle-day school picture on her Instagram and wrote,

😩😩😩first day of middle school!!!! My baby’s not a baby anymore! Dropping him off and watching him walk in to get his own locker for the first time and change classes mad me a little melancholy but proud.

Campbell continued,

He was a little nervous then pushed his nervous aside and walked right in — head held high.

At present, he is probably in 8th grade.

Is Ezekiel Martin On Instagram? Where Is He Today?

The teenage celebrity son is not on Instagram however, the audiences can watch him on his parent’s Insta account. His father Duane Martin is on Instagram with 170k followers and his mom Tisha has 2.2 million followers on her Instagram.

Talking about his whereabouts, Ezekiel must be living in his hometown alternatively with both his parents. Further, he is currently focused on his study.

Ezekiel Martin’s Parents Are Millionaires

Ezekiel Martin’s mother Tisha Campbell has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million and his father Duane has a fortune of $15 million. No doubt that both of them earned a huge amount of money through their career in the entertainment industry.

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