Lorne Stormont-Darling

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Lorne Stormont-Darling
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Lorne Stormont-Darling is famously known as the husband of the British actress, Honeysuckle Weeks. The two have been bonded in holy matrimony for quite some time now. Thus, fans have been wondering who the actress’s hubby actually is. So, in this article, we bring you interesting facts about Lorne Stormont and more.

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Profile Summary

Age59 years
ReligionPossibly, Buddhism
SpouseHoneysuckle Susan Weeks
ChildrenWade Stormont-Darling
Known ForHusband of actress, Honeysuckle Weeks

Lorne Stormont-Darling Early Life, Nationality, Religion

Lorne was born in 1963 and is 59 years of age. In addition to this, he is also the son of a retired city broker. Likewise, he is British and was raised in the United Kingdom.

Over and above this, some sources have claimed that he follows Buddhism as his religion. Many came to this conclusion following his Buddhist wedding ceremony. Despite all the claims, he is yet to confirm the rumors. 

Lorne Stormont-Darling Works As A Hypnotherapist

As per his Linkedin page, Lorne Stormont is a trained hypnotherapist. Moreover, he works at his personal clinic, Lorne SD Hypno CBT located in London. He received his degree from Pembroke College. Besides this, he is also engaged in dealing with antiques and shares his fascination with historical items.

Honeysuckle's husband Stormont-Darling
The husband of former stage actress, Honeysuckle Weeks

Unfortunately, apart from this, nothing more is known about his professional life. Despite his marriage with a famed British celebrity, Darling has done a great job keeping his businesses to himself.

Lorne Met His Wife Honeysuckle Weeks In College But Began Dating Years Later

Well, the handsome hunk Lorne and his girlfriend-turned-wife Honeysuckle began dating in 2002. And the most interesting thing is that the couple had known each other way before they actually began dating.

As sources have claimed, Weeks came across her present hubby while she was a student at Oxford. At that time, the husband-wife duo were just friends. Apparently, Lorne was friends with his now-wife’s roommate’s parents.

Furthermore, the actress once explained how he would hang out with her to “try to find a younger girlfriend”. In fact, he even flirted with one or two of her friends before landing on her.

Lorne Stormont and his famous wife
The Mr. and Mrs. pictured together

Nevertheless, it all worked out for the best at the end. Almost 3 years after their first-ever encounter, the pair finally started to date. Following their first date, the hypnotherapist would always ask Weeks to marry him. His efforts finally paid off when she finally said “yes” 3 years later!

Is It True That The Foyle’s War Actress Had Two Weddings With Lorne?

Yes, the British actress had two weddings with her current partner. The pair’s first wedding ceremony took place as per Buddhist rituals. The whole event was a super of the moment. Furthermore, they got married during their vacation together in the Himalayas in 2005.

2007 picture of Mr. and Mrs. Stormont: They married twice
A lovely wedding picture of the newlyweds!

In addition to their first one, the couple decided to tie the knot for the second time in 2007, near their family and friends. Moreover, their second wedding ceremony was done more in a traditional way at St. Mary’s Church in Petworth, West Sussex.

Following the nuptials, the newlyweds took a hot-air balloon to their honeymoon site, Zanzibar. Unfortunately yet thankfully, they met with an accident but did not face any serious injuries.

Did Honeysuckle Week’s Marriage End?

According to news published by Dailymail in 2019, the marriage between Honeysuckle and Lorne went “up in smoke”.

After the former stage actress posted a video of burning a sign with her and her partner’s initials on it, captioned, “By bye marriage”, fans went crazy. The said piece was in regard to that post of hers.

Moreover, even to this date, no one actually knows if their marriage ended in 2019. Maybe the couple was going through a tough time at that time and Weeks acted out by burning their wedding sign. The reason for the actress doing so could be anything! Nonetheless, since neither of them has confirmed their separation, we believe that they might have reconciled some time later.

Weeks And Her Hubby Lorne Stormont-Darling Have A Son Together

In the course of their marriage, the lovely duo were lucky enough to be blessed with a child. Together, they welcomed their son, Wade Stormont-Darling in 2011. As of 2023, he will be turning 12 years old.

Now, just like anything else, Lorne Stormont and his partner have hidden their kid from the media. The life partners are hardly ever seen with their baby boy in public as well. With that being said, it is very hard to dig out any further information on their son. Perhaps, as he grows older, Wade will decide if he wants to indulge with the public. Until then, it’s all up to his parents.

What Is Lorne Stormont-Darling Net Worth?

Furthermore, the celebrity spouse’s actual net worth isn’t out and about yet. Maybe, it is still under review. On the other hand, his actress wife stands at a massive worth of $17 million. She must share her wealth with her partner and live a happy and satisfying life together.

Where Is He Now?

Currently, the hypnotherapist lives with his family in Petworth. Formally, the couple lived in a nice little cottage in Kensal Green, London, after their marriage. However, since the birth of their son, they might have wanted a bigger space. Hence, they moved to one near Weeks’ parents’ home.


Is the British actress’ Honeysuckle’s husband also into acting?

No, he is a hypnotherapist and an antique dealer by profession.

How long has Stormont-Darling been married to his wife?

The couple has been married for 18 years as of 2023.

What is the age gap between the pair?

Lorne and Honeysuckle have an age gap of 16 years. He is 59 years old, while she is just 43.

Are Weeks still married to her partner?

We believe the actress is still married to her partner, despite some disputes.

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