Sigmond Galloway

Sigmond Galloway
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Sigmond Galloway was a jazz musician who became famous after marrying the late American gospel singer Mahalia Jackson. She was considered to be one of the most influential vocalists of the 20th century.

Regarding the former lovebird’s relationship, there are several factors that most of us might not be well accounted for. Did you know that the duo constantly fought and that Sigmond wasn’t there for his wife while she was ill? Likewise, people are curious whether they shared any kids while married. So, did they?

Today we will be taking a deeper dive into the mysterious life of Sigmond Galloway. So, stay with us till the end to learn all the exciting facts surrounding him including his career.

Facts About Sigmond Galloway

Date Of Birth18 May 1922
Full NameMinters Sigmond Galloway
 FatherRandolph Galloway
MotherMary Lee Courtney
First WifeCelestine Person
Second WifeMahalia Jackson
ProfessionJazz Musician
Net Worth$1 million
Death18 May 1972

Sigmond Galloway Is A Alabama Native; Facts About His Parents, Age And Wiki

The ex-celebrity spouse was born Minters Sigmond Galloway on 18 May 1922 in Wetumpka, Elmore, Alabama, United States. He was the son of Randolph Galloway and Mary Lee Courtney. Sigmond would have been 101 years as of 2023, however, he passed away at the age of 50.

Sigmond Galloway is the ex-husband of Mahalia Jackson.
He was a Jazz musician.

He spent most of his childhood alongside his sisters Willie Galloway and Sylvia Galloway McDonald. Galloway later moved to Gary, Lake, Indiana. Likewise, regarding his ethnicity, Sigmond came from a mixed ethnical background and was an American by nationality.

On the other hand, his ex-wife, Mahalia Jackson was born Mahala Jackson on October 26, 1911, in New Orleans, Lousiana, United States. She was the daughter of Charity Clark and Johnny Jackson

He Was A Jazz Musician

Mahalia Jackson’s husband was a jazz musician by profession. Besides this, there aren’t many details available regarding him. Sigmond only came into the limelight after marrying the late gospel singer.

On the flip side, as you know by now, his ex-wife was a famous gospel singer. Her career lasted for over 40 years and during that time, she was named to be one of the most influential vocalists of the 20th century.

Sigmond Galloway's ex-wife
She was one of the most respected and recognized gospel singers of the 20th century.

Jackson found success even at a time of racial discrimination selling over 22 million records. Her journey started after she moved to Chicago and joined the group Jackson Singers. She made a name for herself and was hired to sing at funerals, political rallies, and revivals. Mahalia gained worldwide recognition in 1947 after releasing the song Move On Up a Little Higher, selling over two million copies and making a spot on the Billboard charts.

Furthermore, she became the first gospel singer to tour Europe and appeared on television and radio while singing for many presidents and heads of state. Likewise, she joined the civil rights movement and helped raise funds by singing at the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom.

Galloway And Jackson Met In Columbia: This Is How Their Love Story Began

The duo met in Columbia in 1962. At the time Sigmond was working night band jobs while Mahalia was there for some official business. The soon-to-be husband and wife were introduced by a close friend Butch Thornton.

The pair felt an instant connection and started dating not long after. They dated for about a year before deciding to take their relationship to a new level. Galloway and Jackson got hitched in a private wedding in 1964.

Sigmond Galloway And Mahalia Jackson Were Married For Three Years

The two lovebirds walked down the aisle in 1964 in Mahalia’s living room. The couple seemed happy with their decision and were enjoying their life together. They even attended several events alongside each other and from the outside, their bond seemed entirely unbreakable. However, it was far from the truth, as the pair decided to part ways just three years into their marriage in 1967.

A few weeks after their marriage, Mahalia started coughing uncontrollably while returning home from work. So, she went to the hospital in Chicago where doctors determined that she had a heart attack and was suffering from sarcoidosis. Jackson’s recovery took a whole year; she lost about 50 pounds during that time. The singer was going through a lot both physically and mentally.

Sigmond Galloway with his ex-wife
The pair were married for three years.

However, her hubby Galloway wasn’t there to support her. He would be far apart for long periods and when he did return he would tell that the singer was faking her symptoms. Moreover, he tried to take over managerial duties from her agents and promoter and would argue over money.

The situation went a bit too far when Sigmond attempted to hit his then-wife on two different occasions. The second time was when Mahalia dodged when the jazz singer tried to punch her and he broke his hand hitting a piece of furniture behind her. It was when Jackson filed for divorce. But Sigmond requested a jury trial to embarrass her publically by explaining their marital problems.

However, his move backfired as the judge declined him to obtain any of the singer’s properties after his infidelities were proven. Their divorce was finalized in 1967.

Did They Have Any Kids?

The former partners in crime didn’t have any children. However, according to sources, the gospel singer did become a mother to a boy she met on the street. But, there aren’t any specific details available regarding the rumored adopted son. So, the only thing we can do for now is believe whatever is on the internet.

Galloway’s Life After His Divorce From His Former Wife Mahalia Jackson

Sigmond lived a very private life after his divorce from Jackson. There aren’t any details leading us to believe that he was in any sort of relationship after his separation. According to several sources, he was single until his death at the age of 50 on 18 May 1972.

However, before Mahalia, Galloway was married to Celestine Person. The duo walked down the aisle on 16 December 1949. They were together for 13 years. But, it all came to a bitter end after his then-partner passed away in 1962.

Sigmond Galloway with his ex-wife
The couple didn’t marry after their divorce.

On the other hand, his ex-wife Mahalia Jackson was also single until her death on January 27, 1972. She died in recovery after receiving surgery to remove a bowel obstruction. Mahalia Jackson was also married previously to a guy named Isaac Hockenhull. He was a chemist working as a postman. They exchanged vows in 1936 and were in a marital relationship until 1941.

Sigmond Galloway’s Net Worth: Was He As Rich As His Ex-wife?

Sigmond was a jazz musician who had lived a life under the media’s radar. He hasn’t shared much information regarding his fortune. However, multiple sources have estimated his fortune to be anywhere between $500,000 to $1 million.

Whereas, his ex-wife Jackson was a multi-millionaire. She was estimated to have a total net worth of $24 million at the time of her death which she had gathered from her career as a gospel singer.

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