Meet Trevor Donovan’s Brother Jake Donovan: Inside His Life In Detail

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Meet Trevor Donovan’s Brother Jake Donovan: Inside His Life In Detail
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Jake Donovan is the brother of actor and model, Trevor Jackson. Jake’s brother, Trevor is known for portraying Teddy Montgomery in the CW teen drama series, 90210.

Although Trevor is a big shot face in the entertainment industry, Jake is just the name that often raises some temptation among the fans of the bigger Donovan; all wanting to few or two things about him.

In here, decode if Jake Donovan is someone worth knowing; see if he has some secret fanbase going around. Also, know how close is he to his brother, Trevor Donovan.

Who Is Jake Donovan?

Trevor Donovan‘s brother, Jake isn’t a celebrity nor does he, in any way, seem to have any sort of connection to showbiz; at least professionally. He accordingly has let out sod all details in relation to his personal life much less his childhood or birth specifics.

Jake Donovan is the brother of 90120 actor Trevor Donovan.
Jake Donovan with his father, mother, and brother, Trevor Donovan.

What adds to the mystery is his apparent detachment or untraceable mark in social media. So far, the only thing known about him is that he is a blonde and stands a bit shorter than his six-feet-two-inches tall brother, Trevor Donovan.

It is also speculated that Jake was born some years after Trevor. There though are rumors that claim the Donovan brothers are twins. However, that seems unlikely as Jake has always appeared notably younger than the Surrogates star.

All that people know is Jake serves for one of the California fire departments.

Jake Has a Famous Brother Named Trevor Donovan 

Jake has a famous sibling, Trevor Donovan. As mentioned, he is a model and an actor who started his career in the former. Jake’s brother has modeled for names like Abercrombie & Fitch, Sony, Dolce e Gabbana, Speedo, Tyr, Cotton Belt, JC Penney, Gottschalks, Target, and the May Co.  

Jake’s brother, Trevor also did some nudes during his early days as a model. In Feb 2012, he posed with almost no clothes except for a loosely held towel that barely covered him up.

Jake Was Introduced By His Brother Trevor In The Media   

In 2017, the Mammoth Lake native uploaded short footage on his Twitter where his brother, Jake is doing the Redwood workout with a 70lbs bag.

“My #Fireman brother Jake and I doing the REDWOOD Workout with 70 lbs bag. #REDWOD = Remember Everyone Deployed (RED) Workout Of the Day (WOD) Tito is #TheLastJedi,

wrote the Californian star.

Jake Donovan And His Brother Trevor Are Very Close 

On national siblings day, 2020, Trevor posted a picture of his brother. In the image, the Savages actor star can be seen alongside his sibling. They are seemingly having dinner at Chart House, a seafood restaurant chain.

On two occasions has Trevor Donovan revealed the picture of his brother, Jake Donovan.
Trevor Donovan — posting the picture of him taken alongside his brother, Jake Donovan. Source: Twitter

Captioned alongside the tweet is,

“Happy #NationalSiblingsDay! This is my younger brother Jake, he’s a Firefighter First Responder in Sacramento.Firefighter. You have a sibling?”

Where You Might Have Seen Jake Donovan Actor Brother, Trevor 

Jake’s brother, Trevor first started his acting career — appearing for one episode in 2004 Quintuplets as a waiter. He then acted as Jeremy Horton in the series Day Of Our Lives from June to October 2007.

Trevor Donovan is known for Hallmark films like Strawberry Summer, Love On A Limb, JL Ranch, Marry Me At Christmas, Snowcoming and others.
Jake Donovan’s brother, Trevor Donovan is known for playing Teddy Mongomery in the CW series, 90210. He is also known for playing in Hallmark movies.

Trevor gained recognition after landing the role of Teddy Montgomery in 90210. He was in the series for a total of 73 episodes. In 2011, Jake’s brother, Trevor appeared as Spartan in CSI’s one episode, Man Up. Other notable appearances of him can be found in the series such as The Client List, Melissa, and Joey, Drop Dead Diva, A Snow Globe Christmas, Awkward, Texas Rising, Sun Records, NCIS, and Lucifer.

Since the early 2010s, Trevor is also famous as a Hallmark movie star. Some of his films from the genre include Strawberry Summer, Love On A Limb, JL Ranch, Marry Me At Christmas, Snowcoming, Love, Fall and Order, Nostalgic Christmas, USS Christmas, Two For The Win, and Nantucket Noel.

In Feb 2021, the other Donovan sibling joined Dennis Quaid for Ronald Reagan’s biopic film.

How Rich Is His Brother, Trevor Donovan?  

Jake’s brother, Trevor has been in an acting career since the early 2000s. He additionally has appearances in over 40 TV projects, series & films combined. There, however, lies no credible report with respect to his earnings as an actor. He, nonetheless, is very much assumed to be a millionaire.

Although different sources have their own say regarding the numbers denoting the net worth of Jake’s big brother, to a considerable extent he is reported to have a fortune in the range of nine figures.

Furthermore, he also has partnerships with some Hallmark studios. Trevor recently signed an overall deal with a new media company run by Bill Abbott called GAC Media.

Did Jake Donovan Brother Date Paris Jackson?

In 2017, headlines swirled all reporting or wondering if the late Michael Jackson’s daughter, Paris Jackson was dating Jake’s actor brother, Trevor. This became the topic of discussion after tabloids caught Jackson holding hands with the 90210 — actor in Los Angeles. However, in July of that same year, the Pop King’s daughter, herself canceled out the relationship rumors.

“Y’all need to chill lol hand-holding is a very common thing,”

Paris posted in a tweet. The young model though has since deleted the post.

90210 actor was rumored to have had dated Paris Jackson.
There were rumors stating Michael Jackson’s daughter, Paris Jackson dated Trevor Donovan.

On the other hand, Trevor also denied the hearsay providing his own statement to Just Jared Jr. His rep additionally said Jake’s brother and Jackson were just friends. And they happened to meet each other while working on a ‘Be Pawsome, Adopt!’ campaign for local L.A. shelters.

Does Jake Donovan Have A Wife?

Again considering his absence in the media, the other side of Jake’s life is a huge mystery. The best guess is that he is married or at least has a partner. It is generally in light of the fact that much like his brother, Jake is also in his 40s or late 30’s. However, one also cannot simply rule out the possibility that the fireman could still be single as his older brother.


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