Who Is Gabriel McClain? His Career, Siblings, Relationships, & More

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Who Is Gabriel McClain? His Career, Siblings, Relationships, & More
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Gabriel McClain is an aspiring actor who is more popular as the younger brother of the child actress and singer China Anne McClain. Besides, he is also popular as McClain’s sister’s sibling.

Being the youngest of the family, the celebrity brother is following in his family’s footsteps. As all of his family members are in the entertainment industry and his siblings in singing and acting, he too chose to walk the same way. He has starred in some TV shows and series, making his prominent appearance in the music video, Calling All the Monsters (2021).

So, what are his other works? Who are Gabriel’s parents? Is he in a relationship? Read the subheadings below to find out about McClain’s brother Gabriel McClain’s personal as well as professional life. Furthermore, know about his age, Instagram, net worth, and more.

Gabriel McClain Is a Georgia Native; His Age, Nationality, And Ethnicity

Born in the year 2001, Gabriel is 21 years old as of 2022. He celebrates his birthday on April 17 making his birth sign Aries. Moreover, he holds American citizenship and belongs to an Afro-American ethnic background.

China Anne McClain's brother Gabriel McClain
Gabriel McClain’s early age picture
Source: Facebook

Gabriel opened his eyes to his parents in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. However, he later moved to Los Angeles, California, USA, and currently resides there.

Talking about the child actor’s educational background, he is currently studying in high school. Regardless, he hasn’t revealed his course detail and the name of the college as well.

Gabriel McClain Parents

Gabriel comes from a family of talents. While McClain’s siblings had gained tremendous fame in the national and international entertainment industry, their parents are also talented artists.

Gabriel McClain’s Parents: mother Shontell McClain and father Michael McClain
Source: Instagram

He was born to a famous music producer, his father Michael McClain, and his wife, a popular songwriter Shontell McClain. His dad has even produced the lead promotional single for the Disney film, Chimpanzee, which was performed by his sisters.

On the other hand, his mom has also worked in Meet the Browns (2009), House of Payne (2007), and more. She is not only a writer but also an actress who appeared in short movies like Six Blocks Wide and the TV series documentary Disney 365 (2013).

All The Gabriel McClain’s Sisters Are Celebrities

Gabriel Mcclain is the youngest brother of three sisters. All of his sisters started working at an early age and have already made their names in the industry.

The eldest sister among all the siblings is Sierra Aylina McClain, born on March 16, 1994. Similarly, Gabriel’s other sista Lauryn Alisa McClain was born after three years on August 25, 1998. Likewise, his third sibling, China Anne McClain came to this world on August 25, 1998.

Since all the siblings are close to each other and have grown up watching their parents’ careers, they also became interested in music. McClain’s sisters then started writing songs and dancing too. Following their interest in the art field, they started their musical career in 2005 and even formed a group named “Thriii.”

Is Messenger China Anne McClain’s Brother?

Yes. As mentioned above, Gabriel McClain has three sisters, and the American actress and singer China McClain is one of them. She started working at the early age of seven as a child actress and has flourished in her career since then. Also, she is more popular among the public compared to other siblings in the present day.

China Anne McClain and her younger brother Gabriel McClain
Gabriel McClain and his sister China Anne McClain in her TikTok video
Source: Instagram

As Gabriel joined the group Thriii alongside his sisters as Messenger, he is also known by this name from that time. All the McClain children are doing this new song “Calling All The Monsters” by Disney, produced by their father.

Gabriel Is Also Into Acting Like His Siblings

Growing up, the 21 years old not only looked up to his parents but also to his sisters. As all of them are in the entertainment industry, the youngest too didn’t choose a different path but walked the same way instead.

Gabriel is also a young actor who has started his career and is ready to take it off. He has starred in music videos, TV series, and documentaries like Disney 365 (2013),  Daddy’s Little Girls (2007), Thrii Feat, Messenger: My Sanity (2020), and Hubie Halloween (2020) to name a few. However, he is yet to be seen in the movies yet.

Does Gabriel Have a Girlfriend Or Wife?

Apparently, he does not have a wife yet but there is a chance of him having a girlfriend. Nevertheless, since he hasn’t talked about his relationship status, we cannot be sure of that either. Maybe he is focused on his studies and career as of now and isn’t dating anyone at the moment.

Gabriel McClain’s Social Media Handles

Being an aspiring star of the nation, the celebrity brother is active on all the social media platforms with thousands of followers. He has a social media account on Instagram, Twitter as well as Facebook.

McClain has an Instagram account under the name gabrielmcclain, with 48.5K followers on it. Surprisingly, despite such good numbers of followers, he has no post on it. On the other hand, he has only followed his family members and nobody else.

Similarly, he has a Twitter account at Gabriel Mcclain which has more than 9K followers on it. Besides, he is also active on Facebook with more than 7K followers on it. Nevertheless, the aspiring actor isn’t much active on any of these platforms.

What Is The Net Worth Of Gabriel McClain?

Even though Gabriel is just starting in his career, he is already making millions through it. He is not just an actor but also does cover songs which is not a surprise as his sisters are also into it. As of 2022, he has a net worth of between $1 million to $2 million.

Gabriel McClain with his parents and siblings
Gabriel McClain with his mother Shontell McClain, father Michael McClain, and sisters China Anne McClain, Lauryn McClain, and Sierra McClain
Source: Instagram

Likewise, his three actress sisters China Anne McClain, Lauryn McClain, and Sierra McClain has also a total fortune of $2 million each. All the McClain sisters & brother is doing great in their profession.