Mercedes Guilfoyle: Untold Details On Kimberly Guilfoyle’s Late Mother

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Mercedes Guilfoyle: Untold Details On Kimberly Guilfoyle’s Late Mother
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Mercedes Guilfoyle is the late mother of Kimberly Guilfoyle, an American television news personality and the former prosecuting attorney in San Francisco. Her daughter caught mainstream media attention by becoming the advisor of the US 45th President Donald Trump.

Coming up to 2023, Mercedes is no longer living in the world. In fact, back in the 1980s, she bid goodbye to the world and it’s been almost half a century since she died. Well, what was the reason behind her death?

Here in this article, know about how Kimberly Guilfoyle’s beloved mom Mercedes died. In addition, we will also explore her personal and professional life details. Let’s get started!

Mercedes Guilfoyle Birth Details, Parents, And Siblings: What is her ethnicity?

The attorney’s late mother, Mercedes was born ‘Mercedes Marie Gerena’ on January 22, 1942, in Aguadilla Pueblo, Puerto Rico, US. She was raised by her parents Ramon Gerena and Juanita Gerena in her hometown.

Similarly, Guilfoyle grew up alongside her five siblings named Augustine Gerina, Juanita Simmons, Elene Acevedo, Ana Weathers, and Mary Ortiz.

As for ethnicity, she is Puerto Rican and held American- Puerto Rican citizenship.

Career: What Did Mercedes Guilfoyle Do For A Living?

Regarding her profession, she was a teacher but not many details about her working area are available in the media. However, once her famous daughter Kimberly mentioned her work while talking about the immigration issue. She said,

My mother, Mercedes, was a special education teacher from Aguadilla, Puerto Rico.

She used to teach those people who were emotionally and physically challenged.

Mercedes Guilfoyle was Married To Her Husband Anthony Christopher Guilfoyle

Guilfoyle was the wife of the Ireland native Anthony Christopher Guilfoyle. Regarding their relationship and marriage, though detailed information is not available in the media, we came to know that the late duo first came across each other in the year 1968. After that, the couple dated each other for a while and eventually married.

Mercedes Guilfoyle was married to former US army Anthony
Mercedes Guilfoyle with her husband and a child. Source: Her daughter’s Facebook

Mercedes and Anthony together as a husband-wife welcomed their two little munchkins. But sadly, just after 12 years of their marriage, Mercedes said goodbye to the world leaving her beloved husband Anthony and their beautiful children behind.

Mercedes’ Husband Anthony Worked As A Political Advisor In San Fransisco

In his later years, Anthony was a political advisor to the mayor of San Francisco Gavin Newsome. In the meantime, he was hugely involved in politics and was considered ‘The Godfather’ in Gavin’s political inner circles.

As an advisor, Mercedes’ late spouse used to manage the political campaign, from feeding campaign workers to checking out their working hours.

Mercedes Guilfoyle worked as a political advisor
Mercedes Guilfoyle’s Husband Anthony

Regarding his active advisory work, his daughter after his death said,

He was the one who took care of everybody. He was the communicator. He ran the back channels. He was tremendous when it came to dealing with field strategy.

She further added,

He was a key adviser to Gavin, talking to him about San Francisco, telling him who you can trust, giving him the measure of a person’s integrity.

Her Spouse, Anthony Served In Army As Well; His Other Professions

Anthony was an immigrant in the United States. After arriving here, Anthony served in the U.S. Army almost for four years. In US military force, he even was promoted to Sergeant. Regarding his service in military force, in an exclusive talk, he told,

“It was a gift to come to the United States. Joining the Army was one small way I could give something back to this country.”

Before joining the U.S. force, he worked in the construction trade together with his uncle Michael Lynch.

Mercedes Guilfoyle Welcomed Two Children Together with Her Husband

From her marriage with her spouse, Mercedes became a mother for the first time with the birth of her daughter Kimberly Guilfoyle on March 9, 1969. As of 2023, she is already 53 years of age.

Mercedes Guilfoyle was a mother
Mercedes Guilfoyle’s two children. Source: Facebook

Further, she became the mother for the second time to her son Anthony John Guilfoyle. To date, it is unknown in which year Anthony was born. However, we came to know that he celebrates his birthday on August 15 every year, thanks to his sister Kimberly’s Facebook. On Aug 15, 2017, Kimberly wished her little brother a happy birthday on her Facebook.

She wrote,

Happy birthday to my amazing brother Anthony so blessed to have you in my life…mom and dad would be very proud! #metoo #loveyou #babybrother 🎉💙🎈

Seeing this, it can be said that the two siblings are very close to each other.

Guilfoyle’s Daughter, Kimberly Is A Well-Known TV Personality

Her elder child Kimberly is an accomplished individual. Born and raised in San Francisco, she pursued her career in law. Right after graduating from law school at the University of San Francisco, Kimberly began her career as an attorney. She worked as a deputy district attorney in Los Angeles for four years and then served as an attorney at the San Fransisco district office.

Mercedes Guilfoyle' daughter is popular
Mercedes Guilfoyle’s daughter Kimberly.

In 2004, she started her TV career as a host in Court TV’s program, Both sides. In 2006, she then joined Fox News and hosted a weekend show The Lineup, and later co-hosted the afternoon show The Five. As a Fox News host, she worked till 2018, and then she quit the channel to join America First Policies, a pro-Trump super PAC.

Following her membership in America First Policies, she got a chance to work as an advisor to the United State’s 45th President Donald Trump. In addition to her TV and political career, she has also evolved as an author. Her semi-autobiographical book Making the Case: How to Be Your Own Best Advocate was published in 2015.

Mercedes’ Daughter Marriage and Relationships; She Is A Mother As Well

Her famous daughter Kimberly was first married to the San Fransisco mayor Gavin Newsom. The two tied the knot in December 2001 but after six years of marriage, in February 2006 the couple got divorced due to an infidelity issue from Newsom’s side.

The same year in October after she separated from her first husband, Kimberly shared vows with her second spouse Eric Villency. With Eric, she gave birth to her son Ronan Anthony Villency. After two years in June 2009, the duo went through an amicable divorce.

Mercedes Guilfoyle's married two times and now is engaged
Mercedes Guilfoyle’s daughter Kimberly with her fiance.

At present, she is together with her third partner Donald Trump Jr. The two started their relationship in 2018 and since then their relationship is getting stronger with each day passing. Kimberly and Trum Jr., are currently engaged to be married to each other. She keeps sharing moments with her fiance on her Instagram.

Mercedes Guilfoyle Died Of Leukemia At The Age of 38

Coming up to 2023, it’s been already half a century since she left the living world. Mercedes died on November 6, 1980, at the age of 38 leaving her family behind. After she passed away, her family went through a lot of pain which her daughter Kimberly discussed in her book, Making the Case.

Further, in an interview, Kimberly said that it took a long time for her to heal from her mother’s death. In this case, she told,

  I had to go through, a lot to be able to heal, going through her illness — she passed away from Leukemia when I was young — and how it affected our little family.

On the other hand, Mercedes’ beloved husband Anthony is also no more in the world. He died of cancer in 2008 at the age of 72 at San Francisco’s California Pacific Medical Centre of Cancer.

Mercedes’ Daughter says, she was a good human being; She Worked For a Good Cause

According to her daughter, Mercedes was really a good human being. In the eyes of her children, she was a warm & passionate lady. While talking about her childhood, Kimberly once said,

I loved how I saw people react to her (Mercedes). She was a warm woman who worked in education with people with emotional challenges.

During her interview, Kimberly further stated that it was her mother’s good work that helped her to get her sense back. She stated,

I got my sense of giving back and how when you have many blessings, pay it forward.

Hence, seeing her daughter’s word for Mercedes, it can be said that she was a really good human being.

Mercedes Guilfoyle’ Daughter Kimberly is a millionaire

Her daughter Kimberly is one of the leading TV political personalities. As of 2023, her net worth is estimated to be around a whopping $25 million.

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