5 Interesting Facts About Gabriel Basso Parents Louis J. Basso Jr. and Marcie

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Gabriel Basso, or Louise Gabriel Basso III, born and brought up in Missouri is an American actor. He was born on 11th December 1994 and is just 28 years old as of 2022. Despite his young age, Basso has been able to reach great heights in acting. Presently, he is well-known for his portrayal of the role of Peter in the Netflix show, The Night Agent. Besides this, the young and good-looking entertainer is also known for a bunch of other movies – Super 8 and The Kings of Summer are just 2 of them.

Now, coming to the main topic, Basso is the only son of his parents, Louis J. Basso Jr. and Marcie Basso. While following Gabriel, fans have always been very eager to learn about his father and mother as well. 

To help you learn more about Gabriel Basso‘s family, here, we bring you 5 known facts about them. Read the article further to find them out!

Gabriel Basso’s Parents Come From Different Backgrounds

Basso’s parents, Louise J. Jr and Marcie come from similar yet different backgrounds. While looking at the ethnic background of the actor himself, we can see that Basso has multiple ethnicities – which belongs to which parent?

Louis J. Basso Jr. is Gabriel's dad
Gabriel Basso’s sister, Annalise pictured with their father, Louis J. Jr.

The Big C actor’s dad, Louise Jr. is an English man of Italian descent. According to the sources, Louise’s side of the family came from Genova, Italy. However, he was raised in Michigan, America. Furthermore, the man also has a hint of German, Irish, and Scottish traits in his genes.

Likewise, Gabriel’s mother is believed to be coming from an English background. Unlike her husband, Marcie was born and raised in California, USA. In addition to this, Mrs. Basso’s side of the family seems to come from Ireland.

Therefore, it is now certainly true that The Night Agent actor, Basso’s parents are people with varied yet similar backgrounds. Moreover, in spite of being born and brought up in America, we believe that Gabriel was able to learn a lot about his Italian and Irish culture growing up. This, in turn, provided him with the ability to become versatile in his professional life as an actor.

Louis J. Basso Jr. And Marcie Basso Are Parents To 3 Kids In Total

28-year-old Gabriel is not the only son of his parents. He grew up in his home in St. Louis, Missouri, alongside his two sisters. Alexandria Basso and Annalise Basso are his sisters. Furthermore, in our opinion, Louis Jr. and Marcie did a wonderful job to foster creativity in all of their children; as you’ve read already, all of their kids are artists!

Gabriel Basso has two sisters
An old picture of Basso with his sisters – Mrs. and Mrs. Basso are proud parents of 3 artists

Well, you already know about Gabriel, so let’s take a closer look at the two other Basso kids. Annalise Basso is a 24-year-old actress in America just like her older brother. She is best known for movies like Ouija: Origin of Evil, The Good Time Girls, and Slender Man. On the other hand, Basso’s other sister, Alexandria is a writer.

It seems Mr. and Mrs. Basso must be really proud of all their kids!

Basso’s Dad And Mom Are Very Religious

As per the sources, Basso grew up in a religious Christian household. While growing up, he and his sisters were always taken to their family church at every chance they got. Moreover, Louis Jr and Marcie even had a fixed church they used to visit constantly. The Grace Doctrine Church in St. Charles, Missouri was their go-to house of God.

Basso Dad, Louis Jr. Is The Son Of A Soldier-Cum-Lawyer

On top of coming from an English-cum-Italian ethnic background, Gabriel’s dad, Louis J. Basso Jr. came from an influential family as well. Sources tell us that he is the son of the late Louis G Basso Jr., who served in the Air Force as a JAG officer. Not only this but Basso’s grandfather was also a lawyer who practiced community law for over 65 years.

Both Gabriel Basso’s Mother & Father Live A Quiet & Hassle-Free Life

Contrary to having kids who are constantly the hot topics for the media, Louis J. Jr and his wife, Marcie live a quiet life. We believe that they do not prefer to be in the limelight and live a hassle-free life. Since the very beginning, the old couple has been living in Missouri. 

We just hope that they are happy and healthy.



Is Basso the only child of his mom and dad?

No, Basso is not the only child of his parents. Mr. and Mrs. Basso are the mom and dad to three kids including Gabriel – Alexandria Basso and Annalise Basso are the actor’s siblings.

Where do Mr. and Mrs. Basso live today?

We believe that Louis J. Jr and Marcie live a happy life in St. Louis, Missouri.

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