More Into The Life of Sally Mulroney, Dermot Mulroney’s Daughter

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Sally Mulroney is the youngest child of the Wedding Date actor, Dermot Mulroney, and his Italian wife Tharita Cesaroni. The star kid just entered her teen years and is living a happy life with her parents and a sister in California. However, Sally’s life has been kept under the radar since the very beginning by her parents.

On the other hand, did you know Mulroney also has a half-sibling? We are all aware of the short-lived marriage between Sally’s dad Dermot and his ex-wife, Catherine Keener. As it turns out, the former couple has a son who’s the half-brother to little Sally.

Therefore, in this article, we will look closely at the life of the celebrity kid Sally. What is her age? What’s it like being the daughter of two famous parents? Let’s find out together!

Sally Mulroney Just Reached Her Teen Years; Her Early Life

Sally was born somewhere in 2009. Therefore, as of 2022, the star kid is 13 years old and just started her journey as a teenager. As for her parents, Mulroney is the youngest child of Dermot Mulroney, who is an American actor, and his partner, Tharita Cesaroni, who is an Italian Cinematographer. Her parents, being extremely famous in Hollywood, have kept the true identity of their little girl under protection.

Dermot Mulroney is the father of two beautiful daughters
Sally Mulroney, shot with her family by paparazzi.

Dermot Mulroney’s daughter is currently in middle school and focusing on moving on to high school.

Sally Is The Youngest Child Of The Mulroney Family; Who Are Her Siblings?

13-year-old Mulroney is a sister to two older siblings. Mabel Ray Mulroney is her elder sister. Sally and her older sista have an age gap of just 1 year. While Mabel is Tharita’s first child, she is the second child of Dermot.

Yes, the actor of Family Stone, Dermot Mulroney has another kid with another woman. Clyde Keener Mulroney is the oldest half-brother of Sally. He was born on June 21, 1999, to Sally’s father and his ex-wife, Catherine Keener.

Who Are Her Grandparents? Sally Is A Girl With Mixed Ethnicity

On her father’s side, Sally comes from a half-Irish and half-German descent. Her grandparents, Ellen and Micheal Mulroney raised her father in Alexandria, Virginia. Dermot’s father was a law professor, while his mother was a theatre actress.

On the other hand, her mom is Italian. Tharita was born in Milan, Italy to Emy Cesaroni and Franco Catulle (Sally’s maternal grandparents). Emy was a great musical performer of her time.

Therefore, it is obvious Sally is filled with all the great qualities that her mixed ethnicity and lineage have to provide.

13-Year-Old Mulroney’s Parents Are Very Renowned In Hollywood; Will She Follow Her Parents Into Showbiz?

Sally Mulroney is very young at the moment, and we aren’t also not much aware of her hobbies or the things she likes to do. Therefore, we cannot say for sure whether she will walk in the footsteps of her parents. However, looking at her family history, we can surely say that it’s a possibility.

Tharita and Dermot are together since 2008
Sally’s lovely parents – Tharita Cesaroni and Dermot Mulroney. Source: Getty Images

On the other hand, when it comes to talking about her parents’ careers, both of them are at the very top of their fields. Her dad, Dermot Mulroney began his career in acting in 1986, and since then, has left a great mark in the American acting industry. Similarly, her mother is a well-known Italian film producer and cinematographer. Let’s learn more in detail about them further.

Her Dad Is An Actor, Director, And Musician

Sally Mulroney’s father Dermot Mulroney is an all-rounder, who began his career in Hollywood in 1996. As of 2022, he has given remarkable performances in many movies and TV shows. Sally’s father’s most loved movies are My Best Friend’s Wedding and The Wedding Date. Looking at the movies he’s played so far, we can guess that 59-year-old Mulroney loves to work in romantic comedies, western, and movies filled with drama.

Family Stone, About Schmidt, Young Guns, Staying Together, and many more are some other movies Dermot is the lead actor in. Similarly, he also appeared for a brief time in the famous 90s sitcom, FRIENDS.

Besides acting, Dermot is very good at playing music. It was said once in an interview that he’s excellent at playing violin and cello.

Sally’s Mother Has A Separate Successful Career Of Her Own

Her mom Tharita Cesaroni came into the spotlight mostly after marrying her actor father Dermot Mulroney. However, she was able to make a separate identity of herself as a movie producer and cinematographer in Hollywood.

Her career first began in her birthplace, Italy. Slowly, she took over Hollywood. Her job in the production of the 2013 horror movie, The Rambler has been highly appreciated.

How Did Sally Mulroney’s Parents Meet? Information On Dermot and Tharita’s Wedding

The meeting between her parents is a mystery on its own. Point of No Return actor and the love of his life kept the information on the starting of their relationship a secret. On the contrary, many people believe that their love story might have started somewhere between 2005-2007 after Mulroney’s separation from his first wife. And the love birds were caught by the paparazzi for the first time in 2007.

Sally's father is Irish, while her mother is Italian
The Great Duo Of Hollywood.

Since then, both Mulroney and Cisaroni have tried hard to not let their relationship be affected by their popularity. Therefore, we do not know when the couple got engaged, but they tied the knot in 2008 in a private ceremony with their close ones.

As of 2022, the power couple is still together with two stunning daughters.

Little Mulroney’s Father Was Married To Another Woman Before Marrying Her Mother

Dermot Mulroney was initially married to Catharine Keener. She is also an American actress and the former couple met on the set of Survival Quest, in 1996. The two were almost together for 17 years before their separation in 2005. Sally’s half-brother, Clyde Keener Mulroney is also the product of her father’s marriage with his then-wife Catharine.

The Mulroney-Keener divorce was official on 1st June 2007, although the couple had been broken up 2 years prior. According to an article published by People, the Where the Day Takes You actor filed for a divorce from his ex-wife due to “irreconcilable differences”.

Most people assume that the main reason for their separation was Dermot’s relationship with Sally’s mom. However, we cannot say that for certain.

Where Is Sally Today? Her Father’s Wealth

Sally Mulroney is enjoying a lavish life today with her family at their beautiful home in Los Angeles. Her father Dermot, who is a renowned actor and musician in Hollywood, has a net worth of $11 million dollars.

Sally is very deeply loved by her father
Dermot Mulroney with Mabel and Sally. Source: Splash News

Similarly, with her mother’s great job in production, we’re sure Tharita Cisaroni also earns millions. Together, the family of four has a great life together, filled with love, happiness, and success.

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