Shawn Howell Wayans

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Shawn Howell Wayans
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Shawn Howell Wayans is an American star kid. He is the son of actor and comedian Marlon Wayans and Angelica Zachary. Shawn’s mom and dad are no longer together.

Aside from himself, he also has an older sister named Amai Zackary Wayans. Both of them were brought up by their mom and dad in Los Angeles.

Besides, Shawn’s all grown up now and turned out to be a fine young man. Today let’s take a closer look at the life of Shawn Howell Wayans and find out interesting facts about him. We will discuss his relationship status, career, and education.

Shawn Howell Wayans Grew-up in Los Angeles

He was born on February 3rd, 2002, in Los Angeles, California. The child between Marlon and Angelica Wayans belongs to a mixed racial background. While from his dad’s side he is an African-American, from his mom’s side, he is half-Japanese and half-African-American.

Shawn Howell Wayans
Shawn is the only son of comedian-actor, Marlon Wayans.

As a child, he grew up in LA alongside his sister Amai and his parents. From the beginning, Shawn lived a fairly lavish life given his father’s successful career in showbiz.

His Parents’ Relationship at a glance

It was in the year 1992 when Marlon first started dating Angelica. Back then, Marlon was a small name in the industry and not many knew about him.

As time went on, their relationship became stronger and eventually, after dating for over a decade they decided to marry. They exchanged vows in a small ceremony in 2005.

Nevertheless, their marriage soon came to an abrupt end and they divorced in the year 2013. While some say they separated amicably, other sources claim the divorce happened due to Marlon’s cheating scandal.

What happened was,  the same year he and his wife separated, Marlon was spotted with a mysterious lady. What’s more, he and his new lady love were quite handsy with each other as they soaked in the sun during their exotic getaway to the island of St. Barths.

Shawn’s Paternal Family, The Wayans are a big name in the industry

We’re sure many of you are already aware of Shawn’s family background. He is a member of the Wayans family, one of the most prolific families of Hollywood.

From working behind the camera to in front of the camera, the Wayans family has done it all. The famous ones from the family are definitely Marlon, Shawn, Vonnie, Michael, and Elvira Wayans.

Shawn Howell Wayan’s Education

At the moment, he goes to Loyola Marymount University. He joined the college in 2021. As to what majors has he chosen, it is unknown.

Prior to joining the college, he studied at The Buckley School. He graduated from high school in 2020.

He has an older sister

Like we mentioned above, Shawn grew up with his sister Amai. She was born two years before her brother on May 24th, 2000.

Angelica Zachary Children
Angelica and Marlon are a parent of two kids.

His sister Amai currently goes to the University of Southern California, where she is quite active on several social causes including the Black Lives Matter movement. Moreover, she is a lesbian.

Meanwhile, the brother-sister duo was jointly taken care of by their parents after they divorced in 2013. Thankfully, any type of difference between Marlon and Angelica didn’t come in the way of their parenting.

Is Shawn Howell Wayan following in his father’s footsteps? His Career

Well, it would be too soon to ask this question, to be fair. He is still finding his way around different fields before focusing primarily on one field.

As for where his interests lie, he currently plays college basketball. So far, he has participated in several tournaments and won a couple of games as well. Who knows? He might become a big basketball star in the future.

Who is Shawn Howell Wayans dating?

We’re sure many of you are quite eager to know about Shawn’s personal life. Unfortunately, there’s not a single valid answer about his dating life except speculations.

Celebrity kids are often active on social media platforms where they usually post different aspects of their personal life. However, Shawn here isn’t as active as one would think.

Although he has a Facebook account, he rarely posts anything related to his personal life. That being said, in a couple of pictures that he has shared on Facebook, a lady who goes by the name Satori Rosen has written some romantic comments on the pictures.

We can’t say for certain if she is his girlfriend or not, because after all, she can be a good friend or a relative of Shawn’s.

Shawn Howell Wayans Father is a millionaire

Shawn’s dad Marlon is one of the famous actor-comedian around. The actor found major success in the early 90s alongside his brother Shawn when they co-created the series, The Wayans Brothers.

From his decades of work in the industry, Marlon has a net worth of $40 million. Given that he became a millionaire by the time his kids were born, it is safe to say his son and daughter live a lavish life.


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