Mitch McConnell’s Daughter Elly McConnell: Is She Married To A Husband?

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Mitch McConnell’s Daughter Elly McConnell: Is She Married To A Husband?
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Elly McConnell originally Eleanor McConnell is the daughter of Mitch McConnell (Addison Mitchell McConnell III), a politician and retired attorney serving as Senate minority leader since 2021 and as the senior United States senator from Kentucky. McConnell has held the seat since 1985.

Elly’s father, Mitch is a member of the Republican Party, he previously served as Senate majority leader from 2015 to 2021, and as minority leader from 2007 to 2015. He had Eleanor and two more daughters with his former wife, Sherrill Redmon.

While the two girls of McConnell are occasionally under the headlines of political analysts, media, or even have their say on their father’s political undertakings, the other daughter of his, Elly is a complete poser.

She has hardly ever been by the side of her politician father much less under the attention of the political buffs. Know what her story is in the article below.

Mitch McConnell Daughter Elly McConnell Ancestry

The eldest daughter of Mitch and Sherrill, Eleanor was born in 1972. She allegedly considers herself the native of Louisville, Kentucky.

Elly with her mother and the former wife of Mitch McConnell, Sherrill Redmond.
picture of Elly McConnell, eldest daughter of senate minority leader, Mitch McConnell with her mother, Sherrill Redmon (right).

Her great-grandfather, Robert Hayes McConnell Sr., and her great-great-uncle Addison Mitchell McConnell used to own McConnell Funeral Home in Athens, Alabama. Her great-grandfather was also in the Army.

Paternally, Elly is of Scots-Irish and English descent. One of her ancestors fought on the American side in the American Revolutionary War.

Elly McConnell Parents, Mitch McConnell, And Sherrill Redmon

Her parents, Redmon and Mitch were in a marital relationship from 1968 to 1980. The Sheffield, Alabama-native and the Redmon apparently were boyfriend & girlfriend since college. Her mother holds a Ph.D. in American history.

Elly McConnell's mother, Sherrill Redmond and her senate minority father, Mitch McConnell.
Elly McConnell’s mother, Sherrill Redmon, and her father, Mitch McConnell.

When still husband and wife, Sherrill and Mitch became parents to three daughters including Elly. After the marriage ended, Redmon left Kentucky and took over a women’s-history archive at Smith College, in Massachusetts. There she collaborated with Gloria Steinem on the Voices of Feminism Oral History Project.

She also became the director of the Sophia Smith Collection. On the other hand, after divorcing Elly’s mother, Mitch married Elaine Chao in 1993. Chao is a Secretary of Labor under President George W. Bush and Secretary of Transportation under President Donald Trump.

Elly Has Two Younger Sisters

Eleanor is the eldest sister of Claire and Porter. The former graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from Smith College in Studio Art/Painting.

Claire, the sister of Elly McConnell with her husband, Richard Jerram.
Picture of Elly’s sister, Claire McConnell (right) with her husband, Richard Jerram. Facebook

Her other sister and Mitch’s youngest daughter, Porter, is a progressive activist who is the campaign director for Take On Wall Street. It is a coalition of labor unions and nonprofit groups which advocates against the “predatory economic power” of “banks and billionaires.”

Elly McConnell's sister, Porter McConnel with her husband, Thomas Flores.
Mitch McConnell’s daughter Porter (right) with her associate professor and author husband Thomas Flores (left). Facebook

In 2019, Take On Wall Street condemned Blackstone’s “detrimental behavior” and argued that the company’s campaign donations “cast a pall on candidates’ ethics.”

What Does Elly McConnell Do? Is She Married? 

While not much about her profession is in the discussions, what’s on paper though is Eleanor is a registered Democrat. The similar nature of ambiguity also hovers around the marital aspects of the eldest daughter of the senate minority leader.

Mitch, however, in his memoir, The Long Game, writes, Elly has at least one daughter, named Rowan, and most possibly she is married. However, Elly has not revealed the name of her husband.

Explaining the gratefulness of being a father to his daughters, the 80-year-old, in his memoir, pens,

I’m grateful to—and exceedingly proud of—my three daughters and their families: Elly, and her new daughter Rowan; Claire and her husband, Richard; and Porter, Tom, and Charlie.

Mitch also stated how his daughters enriched his life in so many ways. He stated they have been a constant source of joy and inspiration for him throughout the years. He ascribed them as good kids who all mean more to him than he could say.

Still, the burly obscurity that lingers is whether Elly has a husband or how many more children does she have.  And the apparent actuality that she is virtually untraceable on the platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter has only added further to her namelessness.

When reported in June 2017, Eleanor was residing in Frostburg, Maryland.

Elly Hated Her Father, Mitch McConnell

In April 2020, he dived into controversy for becoming then-president Donald Trump’s top enabler.

Some critics went as far as calling him Dr. Frankenstein to Trump’s Frankenstein Monster. Other Anti-Trump likewise added his political fealty to Trump cost him the respect of some of the people who had known him the longest.

John David Dyche, a lawyer in Louisville remarked him as one of the people who stick with the hideous, incompetent demagogue, a shameful coward (Trump) that endangers the country. Political analysts at the time noted while Kentucky was a red state, Mitch’s loyalty to Trump would have put him in a tough position for re-election.

Apparently, not even his three daughters were on his side in this one. Though all three daughters declined to comment, as did their mother, Sherrill. During the controversy, his youngest daughter, Porter while not directly addressing the Trump issue publicly criticized her father’s confirmation of Justice Kavanaugh.

On Twitter, Elly’s youngest sister accused Kavanaugh’s supporters of misogyny. She additionally retweeted a post from StandWithBlaseyFord, a Web site supporting Christine Blasey Ford, one of Kavanaugh’s accusers. Add to that, the husband of Elly’s other sister, Claire also denounced Kavanaugh online.

And while Eleanor was a Democrat, she didn’t go to any public domain to confront her father’s decision.

McConnell’s Father Very Wealthy 

At 80, Elly McConnell’s father Mitch McConnell is the longest-serving Republican leader in Senate history. He holds one of the top positions in his party and the U.S. government.

Thanks to that, he also sits atop a multimillion-dollar fortune. The credit behind his richness in actuality goes to his now-wife, Elaine Chao, who received a small inheritance from her mother after her death in 2007.

Today, Elly’s father and his current spouse own homes in Louisville, Kentucky, and Washington, D.C., along with a large portfolio of stocks, bonds, and money market funds. All of them have an estimated worth of $30 million.

As a minority leader, Mitch earns $193,400 a year today. The ex-attorney fortune started to soar in the late 2000s when he and his wife received a big gift from the latter’s father. Since then, their assets have only been growing.

Over the next few years, Eleanor’s father earned about $140,000 annually on Capitol Hill. Forbes estimates he and Chao are worth about $30 million and it’s still growing.

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