Rebecca Burnett-Facts You Need To Know About Jordan Henderson’ Wife

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Rebecca Burnett-Facts You Need To Know About Jordan Henderson’ Wife
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Rebecca Burnett is the childhood sweetheart of professional football player Jordan Henderson, who plays for Premier League club Liverpool & the England National Team as a midfielder. Rebecca’s husband is also the team captain for Liverpool since 2015.

Although Jordan is a public figure, his wife is the polar opposite as Rebecca prefers to live her life behind the curtain. That’s not only the case, even the footballer himself doesn’t want to talk much about his family in the media. Despite all these facts, we could find some interesting and untold truths about Jordan Henderson’s wife Rebecca.

So, without any further ado, let’s begin!

Rebecca Burnett Was Born In America Because Of Her Parents’ Profession

Rebecca Burnett is 31 years old as of 2022. She was born on February 25, 1991, in Northern Virginia, USA. Her parents Jack Burnett (father) and Rose Burnett (mother) were England natives but welcomed their daughter to America because of their jobs.

When she turned 12, she alongside her parents relocated to England in the city of Sunderland. However, there isn’t any info regarding her educational background.

On the other hand, Rebecca’s husband Jordan Henderson was born on June 7, 1990, in Tyne and Wear, Sunderland. He is the son of fitness teacher Liz Henderson and now retired police officer Brian Henderson.

What Does Rebecca Burnett Do for a living? Her Profession

As said before, Rebecca is only recognized as the long-time girlfriend-turned-wife of midfielder Jordan Henderson. So, the details about her career have yet to be revealed. In the meantime, some online tabloids suggest the celebrity spouse might be taking care of her household.

On the other hand, her hubby Henderson is a professional football player. He started his football career at the age of eight by joining the youth club of his hometown named Sunderland Association Football Club. And the footballer began playing officially in late 2008.

Rebecca Burnett is the wife of famous footballer Jordan Henderson
Rebecca’s husband Jordan Henderson

When Rebecca’s husband Henderson turned 21, he was transferred to a professional football club, Liverpool. Gradually, he became a key player in the team, leading the team to several victories. Between 2014-15, he was also promoted to vice-captain of the team following the departure of Daniel Agger.

By the mid of the year 2015, he became the captain of the team.

Rebecca Burnett And Her Husband Jordan Henderson Started Dating In Their Teens: Their Dating & Married Life

According to many online tabloids, Rebecca and her then-boyfriend met as teenagers in Sunderland. However, the enduring lovebirds have remained quite confidential when it comes to their initial bonding. But a little is known about their early love life is they dated for several years before the long-time partners walked down the aisle in 2014.

Rebecca Burnett and her husband Jordan is childhood sweethearts
Rebecca with her boyfriend-turned-husband Jordan

Like their early romance, things are also quite hidden about their marriage. Regardless, Burnett and her long-time husband Jordan are leading a blissful matrimonial life since their nuptial.

Rebecca Is The Mother Three Children With Her Husband

Jordan Henderson’s wife Rebecca give birth to their first child, a daughter Elexa Henderson in 2014. The following year, the duo who is married for several years again welcomed a daughter giving her name Alba Henderson. During their second child’s birth, Henderson had to play in a cup semi-final so it was a rush hour for him.

Rebecca Burnett shares three kids with her husband Jordan
Rebecca with her husband Jordan and their kids

Their third child, a son was born exactly nine months after Liverpool’s 4-0 win against Barcelona. It was a historical win for the team.

Rebecca Burnett’s Husband Injured Himself While Practising Penalties At The 2018 World Cup

It was when England’s match against Colombia ended in a 1-1 draw in the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Well, to come up with the result, they had to go through penalties. Rebecca’s husband Jordan was the third person to hit the ball. Unfortunately, he failed to score a goal and was saved by Colombia’s goalkeeper David Ospina.

Jordan told Daily Mail,

I stood at the end of my run-up for a couple of seconds. Then I jogged to the spot. I ran forward and accelerated towards the point of contact. It was a good height for the goalkeeper – that’s what they always say when the goalkeeper saves it. And it was a good height for the goalkeeper David Ospina. He guessed correctly. His body darted to the left. He was agile and lithe and he got down fast – and his left hand reached for the ball. I saw his left hand hit the ball.

It was then Colombia’s turn to hit the penalty but England’s goalkeeper Jordan Pickford couldn’t save it, however, the ball crashed against the underside of the crossbar and bounced out. Next up was England’s turn and last chance to win the game. Indeed it was a lucky day for Henderson’s team as they had a 4-3 win against Colombia.

Well, after the match, Jordan was obsessed with penalties. He practiced penalty after penalty after penalty. While practicing more and more, Jordan became injured as he felt his groin tight. On the same day, it was a World Cup quarter-final against Sweden and they eventually won the match.

Again, for the semi-final, he was only thinking about penalties. This time also, while practicing penalties, Henderson again overdid the training. He felt his groin twinge and was frightened and imagined missing the semi-final.

Despite the pain, he was still playing. But, after 90 minutes of the game, extra time was added and during the seventh minute of extra time, Jordan started to feel his groin. As of now, he is fit and fine.

Is Henderson Playing In The 2022 FIFA World Cup?

Yes, Henderson is playing for his national team in the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar along with Kyle Walker, Kalvin Phillips, Mason Mount, Declan Rice, and more. Prior to this, he also represented his nation in U19 and 20.

How Rich Is Rebecca’s Husband Jordan Henderson?

Rebecca’s hubby is one of the richest athletes with a net worth of $25 million. He has racked the majority of his wealth from his prolific football career and his endorsement deals.

At present, Rebecca resides with her husband and children in their cozy house which features seven bedrooms.

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