Kairo Walker-All About Kyle Walker’s Son; Who is His Mother?

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Kairo Walker-All About Kyle Walker’s Son; Who is His Mother?
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Kairo Walker is the son of an English professional football player Kyle Walker and his ex-partner Lauryn Goodman. His father currently plays for the premier league club Manchester City and England National Team as a right-back. On the other hand, his mother is a model by profession.

Since his father Walker is one of the well-versed footballers who is also in England’s squad for the Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup, many people are curious to know if Kairo has inherited his dad’s skills. We will give you all the answers in the following article.

Well, we also have a few other interesting facts about how the football star have-had omitted his toddler son Kairo from his life and more. So, let’s start!

What is Kairo Walker’s Age? Details On His Family Tree

Kairo Walker is 2 years old, who was born on April 19, 2020, to Kyle Walker (father) and Lauryn Goodman (mother). However, his exact birthplace is yet to be revealed. As mentioned above, Kairo currently lives with his mother only and the mother-son duo looks like they are really spending quality time together. Speaking of that, on the occasion of Kairo’s 2nd birthday, the single mother Lauryn shared some pictures on her Insta with the beautiful caption,

 ‘My beautiful baby boy! Happy 2nd Birthday. I cannot believe you are 2 already. Time is honestly flying by. Anyone who has had the pleasure of meeting you just knows what a little character you are.’

Kairo Walker is 2 years old as of 2022
Kairo celebrated his 2nd birthday with his mother Lauryn

Besides, Kairo’s maternal grandparents are Sean Goodman and Carron Goodman. Whereas he is the grandchild of Michael Walker and Tracey Walker from his paternal side.

Meaning Behind Kairo Walker’s Name

As Lauryn was pregnant with her son Kairo during the pandemic, she was like a freeloader. Hence, using her free time, she once watched the Netflix series Money Heist. In that series, she really liked the idea of giving names to the characters after cities.

That’s how Lauryn chooses his name, Kairo after Egypt’s capital. But, the first letter is spelled ‘K’ to make it unique. In an interview with Closer, the model told,

“I was pregnant in the middle of the pandemic so I got into watching Money Heist.”

“I really liked how all the characters were named after cities. That’s how I chose his name, Kairo, after Egypt’s capital but spelt with a ‘K’ to make it unique.”

For his surname, it was a mutual decision of both Kyle and his then-partner Lauryn. Kairo’s mother said,

“It was a mutual decision to name him Walker and I honoured that. I appreciate there was speculation, but I don’t feel I constantly have to justify myself for any decisions that are made with our son.”

Siblings: Kairo Walker Has Three Half-Siblings

The 2-year-old has a total of three older half-brothers, all from his father’s relationship with Annie Kilner. The first one is Roman Walker who was born in 2012. Later, Kyle and his long-time girlfriend welcomed their second child Riann Walker in Jan 2016.

Furthermore, Annie gave birth to Kyle’s third child, a son Reign Walker in Oct 2017.

Kairo’s Mother Lauryn Short-Lived Relationship With His Father Kyle Walker

It was back in 2019 when Kairo’s father was dumped by his girlfriend Annie after reality star Laura Brown revealed about romps in the England ace’s £200k Bentley. Amid their break up, the football star Kyle bedded Kairo’s mother Lauryn Goodman too.

Some of the online tabloids also suggest they never stayed in a relationship. However, soon enough the truth came out, and the England ace became a father for the fourth time. In fact, even for a short period of time, Lauryn and kyle were in a brief romance.

Kairo Walker's parents are no longer together
Kairo’s parents Lauryn Goodman & Kyle Walker

Unfortunately, after the birth of Kairo, his father wasn’t there for him. While saying that, on the occasion of Father’s Day, she also came up with an Instagram post. Her main motive was to take a stand for single parents.

The 31-year-old businesswoman shared a photo of her son with her brother-in-law. She wrote,

“To all of the single parents doing both roles. To all of the males that are being a positive male role model and influence in a baby or young persons life. Especially those that didn’t need to. Happy Fathers Day to the single mums putting in work for the dads that aren’t around. You have no idea the positive impact you will have on that little ones life.”

She also implied, targeting her ex-boyfriend, anyone can have a child but a man with guts can only be a real father to his kids.

Kyle’s Long-Time Girlfriend Annie Bad-Mouthed On Kairo’s Mother Character

During the 2019 summer, when Kyle’s ex-girlfriend Annie found out, he welcomed a baby with Lauryn, she indirectly called Lauryn a ”heartless h**.” She took to Instagram and wrote,

“A man who disrespects a loyal woman deserves a heartless h**.”

As soon as Kairo’s mom found out, she replied, “This is harassment. I’ve just had a newborn baby and I’m dealing with this on a Sunday morning!” Furthermore, according to Lauryn, she was never a friend to Annie and was using Goodman’s name in the media just to gain sympathy for a relationship that ended before her baby’s conception.

However, it was just a rumor and if Annie intended to bad mouth Lauryn is up to her. But, at that time, Goodman was in a relationship with Annie’s long-time boyfriend Kyle, so she could have taken it personally.

Kairo’s Dad While Leaving Behind Him And His Mother Lauryn Secretly Married His Ex-Girlfriend Annie

Just two months after Kairo was born, his father Kyle went on to propose to his ex-girlfriend Annie. Even though the England ace had a series of cheating scandals at the time of their temporary split, the mother of three Annie gave him another chance.

However, it wasn’t ok for her and the matter was something she couldn’t tolerate, but her kids wanted their daddy. Then, Kilner kept her feelings to one side and just wanted her family to be together.

The football star even planned a huge white love heart decorated with flowers erected in the hallway, keeping a finishing touch with several candles, and scattered flower petals. Not only that but, he even brought a cake that read, ‘Marry me.’ Aside from this, Annie jokingly said, she would take him back if he put a ring on her finger.

Kairo Walker's father Kyle went on to propose his girlfriend of 12 years just two months after his birth
Kairo’s father planned this decoration to get into his ex-girlfriend Annie’s life

While popping the question, Walker, reportedly, gave her a £250,000 engagement ring. And it is said the footballer and his long-time girlfriend Annie walked down the aisle in a very low-key ceremony without anyone’s discovery in 2022.

Lauryn Said Her Baby’s Dad Didn’t Include Kairo In A Tribute To His Kids

Around 1 and a half years after Kairo’s birth, his dad Kyle printed his three children’s names and date of birth on his football boot but didn’t mention his fourth son. And Lauryn later accused him of bullying her son. Hence, the model came up with an Instagram story writing,

“Puma you are condoning Kyle Walker bullying his 13 month baby son by not pulling those football boots omitting Kairo Walker it is mentally damaging in a time when mental health matters.”

Kairo Walker has been ommited from Kyle's life
Kyle’s football boots in which his three son’s names were included but not Kairo’s

Kairo’s mother again slammed him through a post. She wrote,

“I expect at the very least for Kyle’s post to be removed, the boots to be pulled, a public apology to Kairo Walker, a public statement put out. Going forward if Kyle wants to have his children on his boots he either has them ALL or NONE you do not bully and have such callous actions.”

The Footballer Kyle Was Spotted Urinating On Hotel Wall: Walker’s Mother Quipped Something Hilarious

Nearly after 24 hours his team lost in the FA Cup semi-final to Liverpool at Wembley stadium, he was caught urinating on the wall of a £260-a-night hotel. The incident happened outside The Bridge in Prestbury, Cheshire when a guest at the hotel just arrived for a meal with his family.

The horrified guest told the Sun,

“I’m watching Kyle Walker, who I instantly recognised, p***ing against a wall”

He was also recognizable from an eagle tattoo seen poking out of his socks.

Kairo Walker's father Kyle was caught by the horrified guest at the hotel
Kairo’s father Kyle outside the hotel

Soon after the news spread out in the media, Kairo’s mother took to Instagram and posted a story saying,


Kairo Walker’s Father Kyle Walker Started His Football Career At The Age Of 7

The defender was first recommended by coach Paul Archer at Football Unites, Racism Divides who placed him in boyhood club Sheffield United when he was just 7. And when Kairo’s dad Kyle turned 18, he was allowed to join the club named Northampton Town.

In 2009, he also played for the England U19 team. From 2010-11, he appeared in the England U21 national team. Not only that but, he was also listed in the England national team squad for the 2018 World Cup.

Is His Dad Kyle Playing In The 2022 World Cup in Qatar?

Yes, Walker is listed in the final 26-man squad for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar along with Jordan Henderson. Similarly, according to the list that was given by English professional football manager Gareth Southgate, the 26-man squad includes three goalkeepers Jordan Pickford, Aaron Ramsdale, and Nick Pope.

Along with Kyle, there are eight other defenders, Trent Alexander-Arnold, Conor Coady, Harry Maguire, Luke Shaw, Kieran Trippier, John Stones, Ben White, and Eric Dier.

Is Kyle Walker’s Son Also Into Football?

Yes, Kyle Walker’s son Kairo seems to be pretty into football. Back in November 2022, Lauryn who is raising her son single-handedly posted a short clip of her son playing football on her Instagram Stories.

In the video, the star kid looks like he has really inherited some of his father’s athletic prowess and is quite fast on his feet. The single mother said over the skills of her son chasing a ball so fast,

‘I’ve got no chance catching him in the future.’

In addition to his interest in football, Goodman further said her son also enjoys swimming.

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