Reign Walker: The Life Of Kyle Walker’s Son With His Wife Annie Kilner

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Reign Walker: The Life Of Kyle Walker’s Son With His Wife Annie Kilner
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Reign Walker is the son of an English professional football player Kyle Walker. His father represents Manchester City and England National Team as a defender/right-back. During his elite career, Kyle has won four EFL Cup trophies, four League titles, and one FA Cup. Let’s also know if Reign’s dad is also playing in The 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

Despite his professional accomplishments, his dad Kyle isn’t that successful when it comes to his love life. Especially, his on-and-off relationship with Reign’s mother wasn’t going well lately. So, are his parents still in a relationship or it is just a history?

Worry not, here in this article you will unravel every bit of information about Reign and his parents. So, make your time worth reading the following details!

Reign Walker Is The Third Child Of Kyle: Details On His Age & Siblings

Reign Walker was born on Oct 23, 2017, to Kyle Walker (father) and Annie Kilner (mother). The star kid who turned 5 in 2022 is now enjoying his childhood with his siblings and parents.

He has two older siblings, Roman Walker (b. November 17, 2011) and Riann Walker (b. Jan 22, 2016). Besides, the star kid is British by his nationality.

Reign Walker’s Parents Were Childhood Sweethearts: They Parted Ways After A Decade

Reign’s mom Annie and his dad Kyle began dating when they were still teens. The mother of three was always by her ex-boyfriend’s side. Speaking of this, the model was also spotted supporting Kyle and England at the 2018 World Cup.

Reign Walker's mother has always supported her beloved beau Kyle
Reign’s mom Annie cheering her boyfriend Kyle in the World Cup 2018

But, after being in a relationship for years, his mother dumped the Manchester City’s defender after she found out he was romping with the reality star Laura Brown in his £200k Bentley.

Later on, Reign’s mother Annie told Daily Mail the news of her partner’s flirtation with the reality star hit her so badly,

“I don’t think I’ll ever be the same again because of what he’s done. It makes me really sad that I’ve been damaged so badly when I’ve done nothing to deserve it.”

Kyle Then Welcomed His Fourth Child With Another Woman: Who Is His Baby’s Mama?

After Reign’s parents split for a while, Kyle went on to date a model Lauryn Goodman for a short period. Later, the footballer also became a father of a child with his then-partner Lauryn. In April 2020, Walker welcomed his fourth child, a son Kairo Walker, with Goodman.

Kyle Walker has one younger half brother named Kairo
Lauryn and her son Kairo

After the news of Kyle becoming a father to a child again broke out, Annie stated him “gutless.”

Not only that but the footballer later also hosted the s** party with a friend and two hookers, in his flat during the Covid pandemic. Out of the two call girls one was identified as escort Louise McNamara, while another one remains behind closed doors.

Reign Walker's dad Kyle has been in seires of scandals
Take a look at the photo in which Kyle’s hand is seen while counting the money to give to the hookers

Despite all that, the footballer is still with his on-and-off partner Kilner. So, what is the reason behind the reconciliation?

Reign Walker Wanted His Father Back In His Life: Has Kyle Able To Fulfill His Kids’ Demand?

Despite the mistakes, Kyle went on to his long-time girlfriend’s place to take her back into his life. The womanizer implanted a nice decoration where Annie and their kids were living. He erected flowers in the hallway, laid out candles on the floor, and scattered flower petals, giving a final touch with a cake on which ‘Marry me’ was written.

Regin Walker dad Kyle's plan to get back in his ex-girlfriend's life
Reign’s father Kyle set the decoration to get his apology accepted by his long-time girlfriend, Annie

All of Annie’s waves of anger didn’t take long to change in love again. She said,

“I’ve tried to hate him but how can I hate the man my kids love so much? Before the infidelity he was my best friend, my soulmate. I could count on him for anything.”

Later, the mother of three Annie dramatically said, she would take him back if he put a ring on her finger. As per sources, Kyle popped the question with a £250,000 engagement ring.

Apparently, there are also reports the pair even secretly got hitched in 2022 and living their life as a husband and wife with love and peace.

Kyle Printed His Children’s Names On His Boot: Is Reign Included?

Yes, Kyle featured Reign and his other two brothers’ names with their date of birth in his new pair of football boots. He even shared a post on his Instagram. However, Walker failed to include Reign’s younger half-brother Kairo’s name.

As a mother, Lauryn wasn’t expecting that and says it is kinda insulting to their now 2-years old son. The model immediately came up with an Instagram story. She wrote,

“Puma you are condoning Kyle Walker bullying his 13 month baby son by not pulling those football boots omitting Kairo Walker it is mentally damaging in a time when mental health matters.”

After not getting any response, Lauryn again came up with a post. This time she wanted Kyle’s post to be deleted,

“I expect at the very least for Kyle’s post to be removed, the boots to be pulled, a public apology to Kairo Walker, a public statement put out. Going forward if Kyle wants to have his children on his boots he either has them ALL or NONE you do not bully and have such callous actions.”

Reign Walker's name can be seen in the third row
Reign’s name was included in his father Kyle’s football boot

It really caused him a heavy backlash on Instagram and Twitter. And after surfing through Kyle’s Instagram account, there isn’t a post now, so, it seems like he has deleted the photo.

When Did Reign’s Father Started Playing Football?

Reign’s dad, Kyle Walker began playing football at the age of 7, joining the boyhood club Sheffield United. When the then-promising player was 18, he was sent to League one club named Northampton Town for a month to grab his first team experience.

In July 2017, Reign Walker’s dad Kyle Walker signed a five-year contract with Manchester City. The following year, Kyle was also selected to be in the England national team squad for the 2018 World Cup. Prior to this, he was selected for England’s Under 19 team.

Furthermore, the right-back is currently playing in the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar along with Jordan Henderson and other players.

Reign’s Dad Walker Was Caught Peeing On The Hotel Wall

Following Manchester’s loss to Liverpool in the FA Cup semi-final, Kyle Walker was staying at a £260-a-night hotel. At the time, the player was discovered urinating on the wall of the hotel outside the Bridge in Prestbury.

The witness who spotted Kyle peeing on the wall told to the Sun,

“I’m watching Kyle Walker, who I instantly recognised, p***ing against a wall”

Reign Walker's step mother Lauryn came up with a post saying Kyle needs to be trained for doing potty
Reign’s father peed outside the hotel

Well, Kyle was hiding his identity but got recognized from an eagle tattoo seen poking out of his socks. As soon as the news broke out, his ex-partner Lauryn who is raising his fourth child solely threw shade on his father. She uploaded an Instagram story and wrote,


Although it wasn’t criminal behavior, as per the by-laws of individual local authorities, it states that the incident can lead him to pay a fine of up to £80.

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