Rie McClenny’s Husband: Is She Married? Her Boyfriend, Net Worth, and Bio

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Rie McClenny’s Husband: Is She Married? Her Boyfriend, Net Worth, and Bio
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Rie McClenny has taken over the world of food and YouTube for a while now. She is an aspiring food content creator, video host, and cookbook author; famous for appearing on Tasty. Besides her career, what’s known about Rie? Fans wonder if McClenny is married – who is her husband and what’s their life like together?

Well, such questions might be lingering in your mind at the moment. But, don’t worry, because we’ve got you covered!

In the article below, you’ll learn all the exciting facts about McClenny; from her married life, career, and net worth, to her early days, you will find all the information below.

Is Rie McClenny Married?

Indeed, the host of Make It Fancy is a married woman. She and her husband, Blair McClenny tied the knot back on 30th June 2011. The couple announced their happy day through their Facebook profiles.

It’s been over a decade since they got married and their marital relationship is still thriving.

YouTube star, Rie McClenny is a happily married woman
Rie and her hubby, Blair in Japan

The duo has been together since 2009. Sources have confirmed that the husband and wife encountered each other at a restaurant back then, and thus, the rest is history!

Rie McClenny’s Husband Is a Software Engineer

Talking about her husband, Blair is a software engineer by profession. He works in one of the renowned companies, Ayzenberg, in Los Angeles, California. He has been with it since April 2018.

Before that, Rie’s hubby was a Contract Web Developer and Composer and Sound Designer. He also worked as a Senior Flash Developer at GLOW Interactive and http://tbwa/%20TEQUILA/.

She And Her Partner Blair Keep Their Married Life Private

The couple has been married for 12 years and together for over 14. However, they do not like publicizing their marriage. Besides a few pictures from their vacations or other fun little adventures, McClenny and her hubby like to lay low with their married life. Perhaps, the secrecy is what keeps their marriage intact.

Rie Became A Mother In 2020

After trying for many years, Rie and her spouse, Blair became parents after almost a decade of marriage. On 19th March 2020, the YouTube star welcomed her baby boy, Hugo Mirai McClenny.

Make It Tasty chef, Rie, is a mother to her 3 y/o son
Mother-son bonding time

Unlike her married life, she was comparatively open regarding her pregnancy journey. McClenny found out that she was becoming a mother in 2019. Eventually, at 13 weeks, she announced the happy news to her fans.


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Moreover, she shared a heartfelt video documenting her emotions as a first-time pregnant woman/mother. In the video, she expressed how she found out about the news and the weird cravings she had or did not have. This brought her fans a bit closer to her.

At present, Hugo is the center of his mother’s world. His birth was a life-changing event for the content creator; she would not want it in any other way.

The Beginning Of Rie McClenny’s Career And Her Journey So Far

In her early adulthood, McClenny moved to New York from Japan to further her career in the food industry. She began with a 9-month-long culinary program while juggling her day job at Korin Knives.

Furthermore, it was then she decided to become a food stylist too. During an interview with TODAY Food, she said,

“I wanted to be a food stylist because I knew cooking as a profession was very tough physically and mentally. But when I was studying culinary arts, I also wanted to learn more and hone my skills, so i decided to work in a restaurant first.”

Having said that, Rie began working as a Pastry Cook at Rustic Canyon in Santa Monica. She was a part of the team from September 2014 to November 2015. Following this, she joined A.O.C. Wine Bar and worked there until 2016.

Rie McClenny was hired by BuzzFeed in 2016
McClenny posing with her food in front of “Tasty Japan” board

Eventually, she felt ready to pursue her journey in food media. In 2016, she was hired by BuzzFeed as a recipe developer for their site, Tasty Japan. From filming videos of only her hands, and making good food, to having her own show, McClenny’s career took major turns in the next few years.

After her debut series, Make It Fancy, aired in 2017, she was recognized by everyone. Including her own show, she makes content for Make It Big and I Draw You Cook as well. Moreover, as of 2023, she has been working for over 7 years with BuzzFeed as a food video producer.

Side by side, she also has her very own YouTube channel. In 2024, it has 539k subscribers and 16 videos.

Details On Her Debut Cookbook, Make It Japenese

In October 2023, she published her debut cookbook, Make It Japanese. The book contains over 80 recipes that reflect the writer’s journey from her birthplace to America. It also captures the essence of how she learned to cook meals from scratch, often using ingredients from the local supermarket.


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Rie further helps the readers to understand how “approachable” Japanese home cooking can be, no matter where they are from.

How Much Is Rie McClenny’s Net Worth?

Rie is quiet about her finances, yet a few sources have assumed her net worth to range from a million dollars to $3 million.

She has worked as a chef for over a decade and has fostered her career in content creation for the last 7 years. In addition to this, she is also exploring a profession as a writer as we speak. All her accomplishments, in turn, have benefited her financially. In the coming days, we believe she’ll touch even greater heights.

Her Date of Birth and Age

The YouTuber was born on 19th November 1980 in Japan; McClenny is 43 years old. She was raised as the only daughter of a train driver and a nurse. Since the very beginning, she has shared a special bond with both of her parents.

Nonetheless, her father and mother like their off-the-radar lifestyle – even their names are unknown. We further presume that they have a well-settled life in Japan even today.

McClenny Aspired To Work In The Food Industry Ever Since A Little Girl

Interestingly, the Worth It Japan star grew up loving the culinary arts. When she was little, her grandmother owned a small cafe in the local neighborhood. Over and above this, her interest in the field was fostered as her mother used to prepare delicacies at home. During one of her interviews, she expressed that it was her mom who taught her all the cooking skills as well.


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Subsequently, she studied English at a college in Osaka. After graduation, she moved a step closer to her dreams by working as an event coordinator at a culinary school in Tokyo. Thus, eventually, she moved to the United States.

What Are Her Other Interests?

Rie loves to travel. She has traveled all around America, including her visits to Texas, Kansas, and Missouri. She has also been to many countries in Europe like France, Germany, and England. Furthermore, she pays a visit to her home country, Japan, once a year.

McClenny is into traveling, volunteering, fitness, and watching movies
The YouTube content creator on a vacation to Bali

Not only this, but she is also into volunteering. Back when she was a teenager, McClenny worked at an animal shelter. She also loves to be active. Every week, she has at least three training sessions at the gym and indulges in meditation and yoga frequently.

Additionally, she is a film fanatic. During her free time, McClenny watches the works of Jim Carrey, Emma Watson, and Rosario Dawson. Yes Man, and the franchise of Harry Potter and Seven Pounds are her favorites.

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