Tabitha Grant-All About Hugh Grant’s Daughter: Who is Her Mom?

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Tabitha Grant is the [calculate_age birthdate=”2011-09-26″]-year-old daughter of the famous English actor, Hugh Grant. Grant and his former partner, Tinglan Hong, welcomed their darling daughter in 2011. Despite being the daughter of one of the most renowned actors, the life of little Tabitha is much of a mystery.

So, what’s it like being the daughter of the Bridget Jones’s Diary actor, Grant? Unfortunately, her parents separated when Tabitha was still a child but is still loved deeply by both of her parents. Is it true that Grant is Hugh’s eldest child? We’ll know the answers soon enough.

So, let’s find everything about her out together in the article below!

Tabitha Grant’s The Eldest Daughter Of Hugh Grant; Details On Her Early Life

Tabitha Grant, born with the name, Tabitha “Jing Xi” Grant, is the eldest daughter of the popular English actor, Hugh Grant, and his former partner Tinglan Hong. She was born on 26th September 2011 in Central London’s London Portland Hospital. As of [write_year], the star kid is [calculate_age birthdate=”2011-09-26″] years old.

Although most of her early details are still away from the media, little Grant is most likely in middle school.

The Reason Behind Her Unique Middle Name

Young Tabitha has been given a unique middle name ‘Jing Xi.’ According to some sources, it is a Chinese moniker dedicated to her mum’s family.

Furthermore, “Jing Xi” is her Chinese middle name. In simple terms, it translates to “happy surprise.” Apparently, her parents were in a “fleeting affair” at the time of her birth and neither of them had planned on having a child anytime soon. So, 11-year-old Tabitha was a blessing in disguise for the couple.

What’s Tabitha’s Ethnicity And Who Are Her Grandparents?

By now, it is pretty obvious that from her mother’s side, the little girl has an Asian ethnicity; particularly Chinese. We do not know for sure who her maternal grandparents are, but we do know that her mother, Tinglan, comes from a family of entrepreneurs. She migrated to the west from the Zhejiang Territory of Eastern China.

Similarly, from her father’s side, Tabitha is gifted with a number of lineages. According to some sources, Hugh Grant is mostly Scottish and English with distant Irish, Welsh, Cornish, and Dutch genes. Grant’s parents were simple people. His father, Captain James Murray Grant was in the army, while his mother, Fyvola Susan was a teacher.

Her Dad Hugh Grant Loves His Daughter Immensely

A few months after the arrival of his little angel, the Notting Hill actor Grant gave a sweet interview with The Guardian. There, the actor introduced his first child to the world.

In the interview, Grant said,

“I like my daughter very much. Fantastic. Has she changed my life? I’m not sure. Not yet. Not massively, no. But I’m absolutely thrilled to have had her, I really am. And I feel a better person.”

Furthermore, Grant was overjoyed with the arrival of his little “happy surprise.” As a matter of fact, Hugh was not ready to become a dad when his ex-girlfriend first got pregnant – the actor was scared of the whole situation. Nevertheless, Grant handled it pretty well after Tabitha’s birth.

How Many Siblings/Half-Siblings Does Tabitha Have?

Tabitha is gifted with a total of 4 brothers and sisters, out of which 3 are half-siblings.

Grant is the dad of 5 kids in total
Tabitha’s dad with one of her siblings.

John Mungo Grant is the 2nd child of Grant’s actor dad. He was born exactly a year after Tabitha, in September 2012. He is the son of Hugh and his current partner, Anna Elisabet Eberstein.

Similarly, the next one is Felix Chang Hong Grant. He is Tabitha’s own little brother. As it seems, while getting ready to welcome his 2nd son, Hugh was also planning the birth of Felix. He was born in December 2012.

Furthermore, the actor also has two other kids whose names are yet to be out in the open. Firstly, Grant and Anna gave birth to a baby girl in March 2015. Likewise, the actor also has a child with his long-term girlfriend, Elizabeth Hurley.

All You Need To Know About Tabitha Grant’s Famous Dad; Will She Follow Her Father Into Showbiz?

[calculate_age birthdate=”1960-09-09″]-year-old English actor, Hugh Grant, is loved by all. He has been active in the film industry since 1982 and has not yet failed to dazzle us with his talent. Over the years, the renowned star has also won several acclaimed awards including the British Academy Film Award, Golden Globe Award, and more.

Love Actually actor, Hugh Grant
[calculate_age birthdate=”1960-09-09″]-year-old actor, Hugh Grant.
Grant first received attention from the media through costume dramas – Maurice by Merchant-Ivory Films. It was also a stepping stone for him to his successful career ahead. Similarly, the actor gained international success after appearing in Four Weddings and a Funeral in 1994.

Furthermore, the globally recognized star is still famous despite being in his 60s. He has established a great reputation in the industry as an actor who is charming and vulnerable and has acted in witty romantic roles with satirical backgrounds. Grant’s other movies are Notting Hill, Bridget Jones’s Diary, About a Boy, Love Actually, and many more.

So, the question here is, will Tabitha, Grant’s daughter, follow in his footsteps to become an actress herself? Well, we do not know for sure. Tabitha is just a little girl focused on school now. It will take years before the star kid takes a step into a career like this one.

Is Her Mother Tinglan Hong Also Famous Like Her Father?

Tabitha Grant’s mother Tinglan Hong or “Tin Tin” Hong is a simple woman from China. Despite having a dad who made a great name for himself as an actor, her mother isn’t as famous as her father. To add, Hong only came into the spotlight after dating the father of her children Grant.

Tabitha Grant's Mother
Hugh Grant’s ex, Tinglan, is a mother of 2 kids.

A little is known about her work details Hong, after migrating to Britain in 2003, worked as a receptionist in a Chinese restaurant. She worked there for almost 7 years.

What Is The Relationship Between Tabitha Grant’s Parents? Information On Their On-And-Off Love Story

Hugh met the future mother of his two children in 2008. The ex-couple reportedly met at Brinkley’s Wine Bar in West London. However, there wasn’t any spark in the beginning; Grant did not even notice her in the beginning.

Nevertheless, things worked out between the two in 2011 i.e., after their second encounter. He was smitten after meeting Tinglan for the second time. Grant even frequently visited the restaurant where Tabitha’s mother used to work – this is how their love story began.

Actor, Hugh Grant with his former partner
11-year-old Tabitha’s parents were caught together.

On the contrary, the relationship wasn’t as good as you might think. At the time, Grant was involved with several other women. Despite his infidelity, Hugh didn’t leave his side. In fact, they were an unordinary couple, quite open about other affairs they had on the side.

Several online tabloids even described their relationship to be a “fleeting affair.” They were on and off most of the time and the relationship was also not stable. In addition, they even had a temporary breakup in 2012, after Tinglan was mistreated by the British media.

Who Are They Dating In 2024?

As mentioned earlier, the little girl’s mom Tinglan is off the radar after breaking up with her actor boyfriend. Even more so, we do not know what Tinglan is doing with her life today.

On the contrary, Tabitha’s father Hugh has dated multiple women since the official breakup with Tinglan. He immediately started dating Anna Ebersein and the two also married on May 25th, 2018.

Where Is Little Tabitha Today? Her Father’s Fortune

Now, little Tabitha is enjoying her happy life, living with her mom and brother. As per some sources, the star kid and her small family currently live in a 1.2 million pound house in Fulham, West London. The house was originally bought by the girl’s famous dad.

Anna Eberstein is the current wife of Hugh Grant
Hugh Grant with his current partner.

Despite the breakup, her parents had early, Tabitha’s father is a big part of her life. Although the actor is married to another woman and has other kids, Grant still loves his little girl deeply. As of [write_year], Grant has a whopping net worth of $150 million dollars.

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