This Is Why Megan Fox’ Fiance Doesn’t Love Her Son Noah

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This Is Why Megan Fox’ Fiance Doesn’t Love Her Son Noah
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Does Megan Fox’s fiance, Machine Gun Kelly not love her son Noah? Although MGK and Fox aren’t afraid to show off their affection for each other whenever they have a chance, the former hardly appears around his fiancée’s kids from her previous relationship.

On the surface, some or two pictures have shown that MGK has a close relationship with Megan’s kids and is also civil with Brian Austin Green.

But frankly, it seems Colson doesn’t have that loving relationship with Noah or the other kids of his fiancée Megan Fox. This speculation has only amped up in recent times with the rumor of Megan and MGK’s breakup. Read the truth in the texts ahead.

Why Megan Fox’ Fiance Doesn’t Love Her Son Noah?

This has been the point of contention for some time now. That however doesn’t look to be the case. While the actuality of the situation may never come out, from the looks of some paparazzi pictures, MGK seems to have a good bond with Fox’s children.

In late Dec 2022, the Houston Texas-born rapper and Fox went Christmas shopping with three of the latter’s kids from her previous relationship with former husband Brian Austin Green. The three children included Noah, Bodhi, and Journey. The paparazzi caught Baker carrying several shopping bags while Fox’s kids including Noah and his sisters trailed behind him.

Rapper, singer, and songwriter Machine Gun Kelly with Noah, Journey, and their mother Fox.
Songwriter and rapper Machine Gun Kelly with Noah, Bodhi and Megan Fox in Dec 2022. BACKGRID

There additionally have been other instances where MGK and Megan have taken each of their kids on trips and to do other things.

Back in Nov 2021, an insider told Life and Style also shared that all of Fox’s kids Bodhi, Journey, and Noah think Colson is super cool. In turn, MGK’s daughter Casie also adores Megan and her children.

noah shannon green wears dresses
Noah with his siblings and mother.

Both Colson Baker and the Jennifer’s Body actress seem to do their best to blend their families together.

All in all, some people find it intriguing how both MGK and his actress fiancée get along with each other’s kids.

Besides MGK also has a daughter Casie Colson Baker with his ex-wife Emma Cannon.

Megan Had Her Son Noah With Her Ex-Partner, Brian Green

Noah’s biological father, Brian Green, and Fox have been co-parenting him and his sisters since their separation in 2020. Green now is in a relationship with Sharna Burgess with whom he also shares a son. He also has a son Kassius (20 plus old) with former fiancée Vanessa Marcil. Green admittingly is also content with Colson becoming his kids’ stepfather.

Actress Megan Fox with her former husband Brian Green.
Brian Green with his former wife Megan Fox. Getty

MGK and the Transformers actress Megan Fox got engaged in Jan 2022. Ever since the couple has been planning to transition into marriage “pretty seamlessly.” In fact, insiders claim the fact that Colson and Megan get along well with their respective children is also one of the reasons why they are in a hurry to get married.


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