What Is Kathryn Newton Net Worth? Her House and Income Sources

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What Is Kathryn Newton Net Worth? Her House and Income Sources
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Kathryn Newton has been working as an actress for over two decades now and it should be safe to say she’s been bagging in more than average money since she was a kid. It consequently must have brought her a sizeable net worth of her own as well.

Not to mention, Kathryn has also been a golfer since she was a kid. It is therefore understandable that the 26 years old actress has always had more than one stream to make money. But how rich is she actually and what really is Kathryn Newton’s net worth?

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What Is Kathryn Newton Net Worth?

Considering the projects she’s been in so far, and the importance of her role in each of them, sources believe Kathryn Newton has a net worth of around $3 million. The numbers could be an understatement as well. As such aforesaid, Newton has been acting since the early 2000s. In the years that have followed, Kathryn has been in some hit projects including Gary Unmarried, Bad Teacher, Mad Men, Lady Bird, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri, Little Women, Supernatural, The Society, Big Little Lies, and ultimately the MCU.

The Society actress Kathryn Newton. Kathryn Newton Net Worth
Kathryn Newton from The Society plays Cassie Lang in Antman Quantumania. Netflix

Speaking of the latter, now that Newton is part of Hollywood’s arguably most lucrative cinematic verse, the 26 years old actress is almost definitely to see more pay bumps as long as her career repeats in the superhero world.

Golf May Have Also Added To Kathryn Newton Net Worth?

As mentioned Kathryn always had an interest in golf. She happened to love the sport since her childhood. She started to participate as early as age 8. Later, Kathryn also took golfing and acting side by side.

As for acting Kathryn, the daughter of David and Robin, has been doing it since age four with her first gig on the soap opera All My Children.

Antman Quantumania actress Kathryn Newton has been an avid golf lover since she was a kid. Kathryn Newton Net Worth
Kathryn Newton started playing golf at age eight.

That said hardly anyone could argue Kathryn isn’t a well-off actress if not a millionaire. Her being in the nine-figure club is also seemingly probable in that the actress in her mid-20s has been a frontrunner in a handful of the aforesaid TVs and movies.

Worth mentioning is Newton reportedly came to have somewhere around $700,000 for her role as Cassie Lang in Antman Quantumania. This was slightly lower than the film’s other A-listers Michael Douglas and Michelle Pfeiffer.

Does Kathryn Have A House Of Her Own?

For years, Kathryn, who is currently single and not married to anyone, has identified herself as an LA native. From that, one could at least take that Newton does reside on the west coast most of the time. However, it is unclear whether she actually owns a house in LA or she is living with her parents or in some fancy apartments. For the time being, there hasn’t been any news on Kathryn buying any big properties off her own pockets.


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