Untold Facts About Amerie Parents; Mi Suk Rogers And Charles Rogers

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Amerie is a professional American singer who rose to fame after she released her single 1 Thing in 2005. The album single at that time became the biggest hit, listing itself at number eight on the Billboard Hot 100 and topping the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart.

When it comes to Amerie’s singing style, there’s a person in her life who she never missed mentioning. One is her mother from whom she gained classical art training and the other is her dad who always supports her strongly when she desired to choose music as her career.

So, today, let’s have a look at the strong backup of the Because I Live It singer; her parents. We will also add what Amerie’ parents do, their relationship, and how much they helped their singer-daughter to become where she is today.

Who Are Amerie’ Parents? Their Family Background

Amerie is the daughter of her parents Mi Suk and Charles Rogers. Her dad Charles belongs to the Afro-American community and served as a chief warrant officer in the US military force. While her mother Mi Suk is a South Korean national and an artist by profession.

Despite growing up in a mixed culture, it looks like Amerie valued her mother’s culture more than her father’s. Once in an exclusive talk with The Guardian, she expressed her emotion for her mother’s culture.

She told,

“My Korean background is important to me, it’s part of who I am. Korean was my first language”

So respecting the mother’s background, Amerie whenever sign the autograph or even on her social media sites, she uses her name both in English and Korean.

Amerie’s Parents Are Married To Each Other For 45 Years

Coming up to 2023, it’s been already 45 years since her parents, Mi Suk Rogers and Charles Rogers married each other.

Amerie's parents are married for 45 years
Amerie’s parents with Amerie. Source: Instagram

Like any other celebrity, Amerie also doesn’t hesitate to share her parents on her social media handles and so does her sister Angela Marie Rogers as well. A couple of times, Angela has stated about her parent’s long marriage on her Instagram.

On February 3, 2019, sharing the beautiful image of her parents, Amerie’s sister wrote,

….and 42 years later💞 #blessed

Being in a marriage with each other for such a long time, the couple must have something in common that they valued the most. So, what could be the secret in Amerie’s parents’ long-lasting marriage?

Here’s the answer that their younger daughter mentioned once on her Insta page. On July 13, 2014, she dedicated one post to her parents where she wrote,

I have the best parents in the world!, they gave me a positive outlook on the concept of marriage being based on love and not just settling to “have a family”.

So, the secret is that the In Love & War singer’s mom and dad’s long-lasted nuptial is that they never took marriage as a settlement. Instead, they lead it by prioritizing the love and care that a husband and wife are supposed to have for each other to maintain their relationship.

On the other hand, Amerie herself enjoys a long-term marriage with her husband, Lenny Nicholson.

Amerie’s Parents Were Strict To Their Children, Yet Supportive

While growing up, Amerie and her sister Angela didn’t feel much freedom in their lives.

Amerie's parents have two daughters
Amerie with her sister Angela. Source: Instagram

They were bounded withing some strict rules that their parents made for them. Once in an interview, Amerie stated that her parents had a conservative mindset, protective, and were traditional Christians.

She further stated,

It was always ‘Study, study, study’. We could only go out at the weekends, couldn’t use the phone during the week.

Amerie also added that the restriction that her parents put upon them (Amerie and her sister) affect her sister more than her. In this regard, she said,

My sister, though, was livid; she’d scream ‘I’ll never do this to my kids!’ And she sticks by that.”

Even though once, at their daughter’s certain age, Amerie’s parents did restrict them from doing the things they like, the fact is also that they never stopped both their daughters from choosing their careers. Today, Amerie is a successful musician and her sister is an attorney.

Amerie Mi Marie’s Father Served In The US army; Father-Daughter Relationship

As aforementioned, Amerie’s dad Charles Rogers served in the military force.

Amerie's Father served in milltary force
Amerie’s Father at a young age. Source: Amerie’s Instagram

During his working tenure, his family never get to settle permanently in one place. Regarding her father’s job, Amerie wrote on her MySpace page,

“My dad worked for the army,” I was born in Fitchburg, Massachusetts in 1980. A year later, we moved to Germany, then Korea, then Alaska, then Texas, then Virginia, then New York, then back to Texas.

She further explained the feeling of constant traveling due to her dad’s job. She stated,

To me, moving around was regular; I couldn’t imagine staying in one place forever.” It also made me appreciate my alone time. And it made me very close to my family – we were the only constants in each other’s lives.”

Wherever Amerie’s dad went, he took his family with him. As a veteran, he not only fought for his country but sacrificed a lot for his daughters. Moreover, he has always been a supportive and ideal dad to his daughters. Look at the post of Amerie that she uploaded on Father’s day on her Instagram where she wrote,

Happy Father’s Day to My First Hero. This picture always tripped me out because we look so much alike here.😂❤️ I love you Daddy!

Similarly, Ameri’s sister wrote,

The man I can always lean on. ❤️ #ilovemydaddy #happyfathersday

Amerie’s Mother Wanted Her To Be An Author

Today, Amerie is a well-established singer with hit albums like All I Have, Touch, Because I Love It, and others. She is also a co-founder of the company Feeniix Rising Entertainment. To be where she is today, she got firm support from her parents.

Amerie's Mother is a gradmother to Amerie's son
Amerie’s Korean mother with her grandchild

Her dad never forced her to become anything that she wouldn’t like at that time. But her mom Mi Suk always wanted her daughter to be an author one day. In an interview, Amerie said,

“Though my mother really wanted me to be an author.

Not only back then, but still Mi Suk believes that her popular child Amerie will evolve as a writer. In this respect, the actress added,

“She still says I’ll be a writer in my future.”

Amerie’s Mom Is On Instagram

Her mom Mi Suk Rogers has a private Instagram account with 41 followers. On the other hand, Mi Suk and Charles’ both daughters are hugely active on Instagram. Amerie’s parents time and again appears on their kid’s social media handles.

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