What Is Dan Aykroyd Net Worth? How Rich Is Dan? His Source Of Income

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What Is Dan Aykroyd Net Worth? How Rich Is Dan? His Source Of Income
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Dan Aykroyd‘s net worth, over the course of the actor’s career, has seen a lot of zeroes and consequently has soared in value as well. He has been famously a multimillionaire for decades.

Speaking of which, many find it quite surprising that Aykroyd’s wealth is in the region of nine figures. After all, the actor, in recent years, has been appearing less and less on screen.

In fact, people have even considered him as one of the names that Hollywood has forgotten. Having said that, it is quite a jolting experience to know that Aykroyd’s net worth doesn’t explain he is a lost actor in terms of money, at least. So how did the Canadian actor Dan really make his money, how rich is Dan Aykroyd, and what were his early pays like? Find the answers within the words of the following informative piece.

What Is Dan Aykroyd’s Net Worth? How Rich Is He?

As of the internet knowledge cut-off in 2023, Dan Aykroyd’s net worth is around $250 million. As the years have passed, the source of his riches has become a subject of speculation and conjecture; although also coming from different avenues. Yet, one thing is quite certain: the foundation of his wealth formed during his illustrious acting career.

The Canadian actor Dan Aykroyd has an estimated net worth of over $250 million
Dan made around $125 million from the Ghostbusters franchise. Getty

After all, the now 70 years old actor does have appeared in numerous films, TV shows, and commercials in addition to lending his voice to several animated projects.

Whatever the case, Aykroyd’s net worth is really a testament to his financial success.

Ghostbusters Made The Most Of Dan Aykroyd’s Net Worth

Aykroyd’s pays for each of his films vary from source to source. However, with the success of the films like Ghostbusters, Trading Places, Spies Like Us, The Blue Brothers, and others, he is known to have commanded high fees for his acting work.

It, however, was Ghostbusters that really provided a lot to the Canadian celebrity, Dan Aykroyd in terms of money and fame.

As such when Columbia Pictures acquired the rights to the highly sought-after “Ghostbusters” script, the deal included generous salary terms for the three lead actors (Aykroyd, Murray, Ramis), and the film’s director, Ivan Reitman. They would receive a 30% split of the movie’s gross revenue from box office sales, home video sales, and network licensing deals. This resulted in a $75 million payout per person or approximately $200 million after adjusting for inflation.

For the sequel, the four key players received an even better deal. They each received an upfront salary of $6 million and a 35% split of the gross. Although “Ghostbusters II” was not as successful as its predecessor, earning around $215 million at the box office, estimations suggest that each person earned around $50 million between their salary and backend points, equivalent to $110 million after inflation.

Taking both films into account, Dan Aykroyd earned approximately $125 million without adjusting for inflation, and around $310 million in today’s dollars. Additionally, as the film’s creator and screenwriter, he has earned additional millions from sequels, merchandise, comic books, and more.

Several Properties Have Also Been Added To Dan Aykroyd’s Wealth

Dan Aykroyd’s net worth boasts a glittering portfolio of opulent properties, each one a symbol of his financial savvy. From sprawling estates to chic city pads, these prestigious residential add a layer of elegance to his already impressive net worth. This has also solidified his status as a successful real estate investor.

Dan Aykroyd with his Ghostbusters co star Bill Murray
Ottawa Canada born actor Dan Aykroyd with his ex-co-star Bill Murray

In 1988, Dan Aykroyd and his brother bought a 4,176-square-foot property in Los Angeles for $732,500, which they sold for $2.13 million in 2008. The following year, Dan purchased a 4-bedroom home in Pacific Palisades for $14.5 million, and in 2008, he sold his Hollywood Hills home with a size of 4,828 square feet for $3.8 million. In 2014, the Pacific Palisades property went into the market for rent with a monthly asking price of $45,000.

The Dragnet actor owns several real estate assets, including homes in California and New York. He likewise is also the owner of a farm in Ontario, Canada, where he grows and produces wine, all one way or another way inflating his personal finances.

Dan Aykroyd’s Net Worth Via Investments

In addition to his acting career, Aykroyd has also made money through his investments and business ventures. The SNL graduate apparently has capitalized on several commercial properties. The Ottawa-born actor is a co-founder of the popular chain of blues-themed restaurants and music venues called “House of Blues.”

It began in 1992 with Dan he co-establishing the House of Blues, a live music venue and restaurant chain. Currently, the business is a subsidiary of Live Nation, a leading entertainment company, but Aykroyd continues to receive compensation as a consultant.

Dan Aykroyd Also Makes Good Money From His Distillery Business

In 2007, Dan teamed up with a partner to start a vodka company named Crystal Head Vodka, with an initial investment of $600,000. The company sells its triple-distilled vodka in unique crystal containers in the shape of human skulls. By 2011, the company was generating over $55 million in annual revenue, and today it reportedly brings in $80-$100 million annually. By January 2020, the vodka had sold over 13 million bottles.

The Ghostbusters actor Dan Aykroyd also makes a lot on money from his alcohol company Crystal Head Vodka

Overall, it may be safe to say Dan Aykroyd’s smart investments and business acumen have contributed more significantly to his net worth than his on-screen rewardsx.

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