Caleb Murray: Personal & Professional Life of Bill Murray’s Son

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Caleb Murray: Personal & Professional Life of Bill Murray’s Son
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Caleb Murray is the son of actor, Bill Murray from the fame of Ghostbusters, Groundhog Day, The National Lampoon Radio Hour (1973–1974), and others.

While the veteran comic entertainer has a grand total of six sons, not a single one of them has the degree of fame their dad has. It very well might be on the grounds that Bill’s boys are all in something of different professions. Or at least their works don’t really require them to show up before the camera.

Nonetheless, Caleb, the one child of Murray is ridiculously less discussed or has no notice in the media aside from one circumstance. Peruse the explanation for the mystery in the headings underneath. Additionally, know whether he is married, has a girlfriend, & his further whereabouts and what-about.

Caleb Murray Parental Heritage; He Is Mostly Of Irish Ancestry

Caleb, Bill’s third son, and first child by his second wife, Jennifer Butler, was born on January 11, 1993.

His paternal grandparents, Lucille Mary (Collins) and Edward Joseph Murray II were both of Irish descent and Catholic. His uncle, Bill’s brother, actor Brian Doyle-Murray, appeared alongside Bill in Caddyshack and Ghostbusters, starring Dan Aykroyd and Rick Moranis.

Caleb’s other uncles, John Murray and Joel Murray are also actors. His aunt, Bill’s sister, Nancy Murray, is an Adrian Dominican nun. She travels the United States in a one-woman program portraying St. Catherine of Siena. Caleb’s paternal great grandfather was Edward Joseph Murray who was born in Illinois; his ancestors were from County Carlow, Ireland.

Right after having Caleb and his brothers, his parents, Jennifer Butler and the Groundhog Day star relocated to Charleston, South Carolina—Butler’s choice, but a town that Bill came to appreciate.

Caleb Murray Parents Were Together For 11 Years 

His parents, Bill and Jennifer Butler, a costume designer, married each other in 1997.

Caleb's father, Bill Murray and his mother, Jennifer Butler together in Feb 2004.
Caleb Murray’s parents, Bill Murray, and his ex-wife, Jennifer Butler in Feb 2004.

Their courtship would run until 2008 with Butler filing for divorce on May 12, 2008. The separation concluded with Jennifer getting two houses and $7 million (basically, the terms of their prenuptial agreement).

Caleb’s mother also got custody of their four sons, with his father – receiving visitation rights. Before their divorce, they became parents to four sons, Caleb, Jackson, Cooper, and Lincoln.

His Siblings; Are Homer And Luke Murray Caleb’s Brothers? 

Two years after the birth of Caleb, Bill and Jennifer had their second son, Jackson in 1995.

Their third son, Cooper was born in 1997 while Caleb’s youngest brother, Lincoln was born in 2001. In addition to four biological siblings, Caleb also has two half brothers, born through his father, Bill’s first marriage
to Margaret Kelly.

The son of Bill Murray and his ex-wife, Caleb Murray (far right) with his brothers.
Bill Murray and Jennifer Butler’s son, Caleb Murray (far right) with his three brothers.

The first half-brother of Caleb is Homer Murray who owns a restaurant in Brooklyn. The other one is Luke Murray. He is a Uconn Athletics basketball assistant coach and the former director of basketball operations at Quinnipiac University in Connecticut from 2007-08.

Luke and Homer’s father Bill married their mother, Margaret Kelly on Super Bowl Sunday in Vegas on January 25, 1981. Their marriage would end its course by 1996, following the former’s affair with Caleb’s mother, Jennifer Butler.

Caleb Murray Was Arrested During Black Lives Matter Protest

Back in June 2020, the eldest son of the Ghostbusters actor and his second wife had a run-in with the law amidst the Black Lives Matter protest in Massachusetts. He was then residing in Chilmark, Massachusetts, and peacefully attending a rally in Vineyard Haven.

The police detained Caleb for ‘spitting on and biting police officer and threatening arson’ during the civil unrest in Martha’s Vineyard. The officials also said he threw a rock through a car window at the car of a man, Eric Woods, 66. Wood earlier had used a racial slur and then took a swipe at a black teenager.

Caleb Murray, after he was arrested during the Black Lives Matter movement in June 2020.
The mugshot of Caleb Murray, Bill Murray’s son with his ex-wife, Jennifer Butler.

After his offensive words, the protesters couldn’t help themselves to cause an uproar. And amidst that, it is believed Caleb became the ultimate focus of the protest.

After his arrest, Caleb reportedly ‘spit on and bit a police officer, attacked sheriff’s deputies, and threatened arson.’ The court later dropped the destruction of property charge relating to the car.

Murray, however, still faced charges of three counts of assault and battery on a police officer. He had gotten into an altercation with police officers who were responding to another incident at the demonstration in Martha’s Vineyard.

As per then-police reports, Murray became uncooperative after his arrest, biting and spitting on a police officer while in transit and later using a piece of his cell to cut himself and deputies. Caleb purportedly also threatened to burn down buildings once he got out of jail.

Caleb Faced Numerous Legal Charges

The law enforcement initially charged Jennifer’s eldest son with six offenses. They were malicious destruction of property, a threat to commit a crime, three counts of assault and battery on a police officer, making terroristic threats, and disorderly conduct.

The authorities later dropped the charges of making terrorist threats and malicious destruction of property though not before his arraignment. Edgartown District Court Clerk-Magistrate Liza Williamson threw out the charge of destruction of property as she stated there was probable cause that it was not Caleb who was responsible for breaking Wood’s window.

Williamson explained the Truck was within the circle of the protesters, with its glass already broken. She added Murray was already on his knees so it was impossible of him to cause vandalism or [malicious] destruction.

Caleb ultimately only received one-year pretrial probation from Edgartown District Court. This though was after his bail came with the cost of $10,000 pre-arraignment.

What Does Caleb Murray Do? Is He Married? 

It probably might be the greatest incongruity that the child of the most unmistakable face in Hollywood is a flat-out person of secret besides the notoriety he gained during the BLM movement.

Having said that, the subtleties with regards to how Caleb makes ends meet or what his profession entails are totally up to guesses and assumptions. Driving the matter into a profound riddle is the evident absence of Caleb from platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

It as needs be is additionally unclear whether he has a wife or possibly a girlfriend or any piece of information on where he is at the romantic aspect of his life. As of now, Caleb is most probably single and not married.

How Rich Is Caleb’s Father, Bill Murray? 

Caleb’s father, Bill Murray has had some massive paydays throughout his nearly five-decade-long career. And he certainly is beyond just some rich actor with a net worth of over $180 million.

From pocketing just $9,000 for Rushmore to $2 million for Groundhog Day, and $6 million for Ghostbusters, the Illinois-born actor has surely experienced significant hikes in his paychecks. But perhaps the most shocking one goes to the $48 million he made for voicing Baloo in the 2016 live-action movie, The Jungle Book.

The now 71-year-old actor benefited extraordinarily thanks to a portion of the film’s profits; the live-action remake had pulled in $966 million worldwide. Other factors that denominate his richness include several properties across the country. He has residents in places like Los Angeles, California, Rancho Santa Fe, California, Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, and Palisades, New York.

Bringing revenues likewise are many local businesses in South Carolina, including a fresh market café, Harold’s Cabin, and Rutledge Cab Co., a retro dining establishment. Not to mention, the regular investments in minor league baseball.


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