What Is Hazel Gordy Net Worth? Her Lavish Life

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Hazel Gordy, the daughter of Berry Gordy, a man with a staggering net worth of over $400 million, has always been associated with wealth and privilege. But just what is her net worth today and how did she make her wealth?

With few details available about Hazel’s fortune, questions regarding her net worth have been swirling up for years. While Hazel now has her own pursuits, there’s a good chance that she also has the entitlement to some inheritance from her father’s million-dollar empire. But is she really going to receive it? Know that in addition to her true net worth of her own in the analysis below.

What Is Hazel Gordy’s Net Worth?

Hazel Gordy’s net worth could be anywhere from a couple of hundred of thousand of dollars to a little less than half a million. It could even be millions of dollars. The estimations however are strictly on the basis of assumptions and albeit detailed analysis.

As such, Gordy’s connections to the music industry’s elite hint and instigate the possibilities that she mostly has had a life of opulence and privilege; her father has a wealth of around half a billion, as mentioned.

Ex Motown Records owner Berry Gordy with his daughter Hazel Gordy. Hazel Gordy Net Worth
A real estate agent Hazel Gordy with her father Berry Gordy. Getty

Furthermore, since she is the daughter of legendary music mogul Berry Gordy, her early exposure to the entertainment industry may also have set her up for a lifetime of success or at least some good business connections.

While there is a lack of concrete details with respect to her net worth, one can at least imagine the vast wealth Hazel could or may have gotten from her father’s massive wealth. Not to mention, Berry Gordy, being the founder of Motown Records, does have an immense influence on the music industry, and his success, financially and otherwise, was destined to benefit each of his children including Hazel.

Speaking of which it’s worth noting that she may still stand to inherit a significant portion of her father’s staggering $400 million plus net worth. In the meantime, Hazel seems to be doing fine with her real estate profession.

Time will definitely tell what really is the real net worth of Hazel Gordy.

Just How Rich Is Hazel Father; What Is His Net Worth?

The 93 years old, Berry Gordy is quite a wealthy man. As mentioned he is the owner of over $400 million. Hazel’s father often makes it to the list of the top ten richest black celebrities. After all, he is responsible for some of the iconic musical groups including the Jackson 5, The Supremes, and Stevie Wonder.

Hazel Gordy's father Berry Gordy has a net worth of over $400 million. Hazel Gordy Net Worth
Hazel’s father Berry Gordy is one of the richest black celebrities. Getty

One of the major milestones in his wealth building is the sale of his Jobete Music Corp to EMI Music Publishing a deal which Gordy Sr did for more than $300 million.

More significantly, he is also responsible for successfully running Motown Records from 1957  to 1988.

He and his family are still relevant in both music and business.

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