What Is Jennifer Kitna Ethnicity? Her Family Background & Nationality

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What Is Jennifer Kitna Ethnicity? Her Family Background & Nationality
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Learn what’s Jennifer Kitna ethnicity is. She is the very Jennifer Kitna, the wife of the former NFL quarterback who played for the Seattle Seahawks, Cincinnati Bengals, Detroit Lions, and Dallas Cowboys.

Turns out Kitna had ancestors far in an African nation. Read in detail what ancestry she exactly hails from. In addition, also know a bit about her family as well her nationality. Furthermore, scroll through the relationship recounting of Jennifer and her husband and ex-NFL player Jon Kitna.

Jennifer Kitna Ethnicity

Jennifer Kitna’s ethnicity includes African roots. It was actually her late grandmother Rosemary, a nurse, who had discovered that her ancestors were from the Tikar Tribe Of Cameroon. Kitna’s grandma died in 2013.

Former NFL quarterback Jon Kitna with his wife Jennifer Kitna
Jennifer Kitna with her husband and ex-NFL player Jon Kitna.

To say a bit more about the Tikar, the tribe is a central African people who inhabit the Western High Plateau and Bamenda in Cameroon. The group is famous for being great artists, artisans, and storytellers.

Meanwhile, her husband belongs to the Caucasian race and his ethnicity is European.

Jennifer Kitna Family

Speaking of Jennifer’s family, she has a brother Timm who works as a realtor in Portland and apparently has lived there his whole life. He lives with his wife and three kids.

Her father’s name is Charles Chuck Durrow. Jennifer once revealed her father was an ex-US Air Force officer. Charles passed away in 1998. Jon’s wife also has an elder sister Loretta Durrow.

Jennifer was born on Aug 17, 1971, in Portland Oregon. She studied at Central Washington University.

Jennifer Kitna Relationship with her Husband, Jon

Jennifer met her husband Jon when they were both students at Central Washington University. Jon joined Washington in 1992 and was there until 1996.

Jennifer and Jon married in Aug 1994.

Jennifer Kitna with her kids and ex NFL player husband Jon Kitna
Jennifer Kitna and her husband Jon Kitna with their kids.

The couple now is parents to six children. Three of Jennifer and Jon’s kids have played college football as quarterbacks. The Kitna parents’ eldest child Jordan was born in Oct 1997. Jennifer’s second child, a daughter, Jada was born on Nov 1998.

Jon and his wife welcomed their third kid Jaken on March 22, 2003. Jennifer and her longtime husband’s fourth kid Jamison are now on a school football team. In addition to the aforesaid children, Jon and his wife have also adopted two more kids, Chris, and Casey Kjos.

One of Jennifer’s children Jalen caused a bit of a controversy a while ago when the police arrested him for owning child p**nogra**y. As a consequence, the Florida Football Team also released him from their team. Furthermore, the authorities have also banned Jennifer and her other family members from having social media accounts.

What Is Jennifer Kitna Nationality?

While Jennifer may have African roots, she is American by nationality. As such it was long ago when her ancestors immigrated to the US. But her father and mother very much were Americans and so were her nearest grandparents and the greats. Jennifer clearly is an American regardless of her marriage to Jon.


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