What Is Kristian Alfonso husband Simon Macauley Doing? All The Details!

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What Is Kristian Alfonso husband Simon Macauley Doing? All The Details!
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Simon Macauley is famous among the Kristian Alfonso fandom as her ex-husband. Yes, the man is her first husband whom she married in the late 1980s and by the start of the 90s, the duo went their separate ways. As for his profession, Simon is a businessman and real estate agent.

Aside from his link-up with Kristian, Simon is not famed for anything else. This is why he has been able to remain hidden from the public eye for a long time.

Today we’re going to lay out a few facts about Simon’s life. What is he up to these days? Has he re-married just like his ex-wife? Does the former flame share any children? Find out all here!

Who is Simon Macauley? His date of birth

Born in 1958, Simon Francis Macauley first came to media prominence after he started dating Days of our Lives star Kristian Alfonso. The pair started dating in the early 80s before taking their love to the next level.

Besides, there is no information on Simon’s professional life. The man was a mystery even when he was dating Kristian and now that he and his wife have been divorced, there is nothing on the guy.

Various tabloids claim he is a real estate agent but the claims are all false. They have mistaken him for someone else who happened to have the same name. As of 2022, Simon’s whereabouts are still unknown.

Meanwhile, Simon stands at a height of 5ft 11 inches. He is an American citizen and belongs to the Caucasian ethnicity. He is of Irish ancestry.

Simon Macauley’s marriage life with Kristian Alfonso: How it all began?

The exact moment when and how did the pair first met is still behind closed doors. Both of them kept their relationship relatively quiet before coming out as a couple. In the course of their relationship, the lovebirds made several joint appearances.

Simon Macauley wife
Simon and his wife in an event. Source: Getty Images

Now talking about their marriage, the pair wed in a beautiful ceremony. The wedding in itself was a relatively small ceremony with only a few guests in attendance. As for when they got married, well there are lots of conflicting reports. While some sources claim Simon and Kristian tied the knot on August 15th, 1987, sources like Getty Images state she married in mid-1986.

Be that as it may, the couple had a fun-filled conjugal life while it lasted.

Simon Shares A Son With His Ex-Wife: What Does His Son Do?

The former flames share one son named Gino Williams Macauley. Their only child was born in October 1990. As of 2020, Gino is 30-years-old.

In an interview with PEOPLE magazine, Kristian claims Gino is literally her clone. She said,

“Gino is my clone. That’s what some of the people on the set at Days of our Lives call him. They ask, ‘How’s the clone?’ But he’s taller than I am — I have to look up at him.”

In addition, she further added,

“He’s 17 and so far, so good. I need to knock on some wood [laughs]. I hope I’m never confronted with the teenaged son problems that my character, Hope, has had to deal with. I do tend to find myself scratching my head going, ‘No, you can’t go out — it’s 9:30 at night!’”

Besides, their son Gino is a certified mechanical engineer. He currently works as the Research and Development Engineer at Haas Automation. Previously, he worked as a technician and mechanic at Phil Giebler Racing and Ryno Racing: Ginette. Gino is a California State University graduate.

Simon’s Wife Kristian Later Married Danny Daggenhurst: What About Himself?

After sharing a marital life for 4-years, Simon and his spouse divorced. Their divorce was finalized in 1991. Since then, Kristian has moved on with Danny Daggenhurst. She exchanged vows with Danny in 2001. Since her second marriage, she is the mother of one son, Jack Daggenhurst.

Kristian’s second husband is a British-born businessman/attorney. He was previously married to the billionaire Adnan Khashoggi’s daughter Nabila Khashoggi.

As for Simon himself, it looks like he has not married for the second time, though one cannot be sure. Considering his secretive nature, it is highly plausible that he might be hiding a wife or something.

How Much Is Simon Macauley’s Net Worth?

As of 2020, Simon’s net worth is still under consideration. His professional life is completely out of the media because of which it is quite hard to find out his exact wealth.

Meanwhile, his ex-wife, Kristian has a total net worth of $5 million. His former partner earned this substantial amount of money from her role in the hit TV series, Days of our Lives.

Where Is Simon Now? What Is He Doing?

Following his marriage to Kristian Alfonso, Simon gained huge fame in the media. However, since their divorce, he has been completely away from the limelight. Since he has not made any public appearance, it is difficult to pinpoint his whereabouts. Also, he is not on social media, which makes it even harder to track his life at present.

Anyway, we hope he is doing good at present.


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