Where Is Denise Oher? All About Former NFL Player Michael Oher’s Real Mother

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Where Is Denise Oher? All About Former NFL Player Michael Oher’s Real Mother
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Denise Oher is famous for being the biological mother of Michael Oher, a former American football offensive tackle in the NFL league for eight seasons. He played in NFL primarily with Baltimore Ravens and also played for the Tennessee Titans, and Carolina Panthers.

Similarly, she has been featured as an alcoholic and drug-addicted mother in Michael Oher’s biographical movie, The Blind Side mirroring her true reality. She, all her life indulged herself in drugs and alcohol which is why her family life was messed up. If that’s the case, is she still doing drugs? How is her relationship with her son, Michael?

Today, this article will explore every unknown fact about Michael Oher’s Mom, Denise. We will talk about her age, her husband, her children, and many others. Read the article till the end.

Denise Oher Is The Mother Of Michael Oher

As of 2022, Denise Oher is 64 years of age. Though her exact figure is still unknown, her birth year is 1958. As per sources, Denise had her upbringing in Melbourne, the United States however she lived her whole life in South Memphis, Tennesse, US.

Further, there are no details available on her early life but she had a difficult life in poverty. Besides, Oher is of American nationality and has African-American descent.

Denise Oher’s Career Detail: Is She An Actress?

The 64 years old Denise is not an actress at all. As we said earlier, she grabbed the media’s attention as an NFL player, Michael’s mom. Besides this, if we talk about her profession, Denise has not opened up about what exactly she does for a living.

At a time when she could pursue her career, she was totally in the struggle with drug addiction, So, she along with her family faced extreme poverty. But in the year 2013, in an interview with Kait8 ABC, she stated that she is trying to get a job. We hope, now in 2022, she probably is working somewhere.

Denise Oher Had A Messed Family Life; Her Husband Was Shot To Death

As we said above, she dealt most of her life with cocaine addiction and alcoholism. On the other side, her husband Michael Jerome Williams was a frequent prisoner. Due to this reason, her family life was always messed up.

Going through the addiction, her children never got to get proper care and love from their parents, and neither they could give love and support to their kids whenever they needed it. While passing through all these lapses in the family, her spouse, Michael Jerome, was shot dead in prison, however, his killer was never identified.

Denise Is A mother of 12 Children

From her marriage, she gave birth to 12 kids. Among 12, the name of her 3 children is unknown and the other 9 are Carlos Oher, Andre, John, Marcus, Tara, Denise, Rico, Deljuan, and Michael Oher.’

Among all her daughters and sons, Denise’s son Michael gained worldwide fame as an NFL player by virtue of whom she rose to prominence. Let’s have a short bio on her famous child.

Short Bio On Denise’s Son, Michael Oher

Michel was born on May 28, 1986, in Memphis, Tennessee. Being born to a mother who was an alcoholic and a father, a frequent prisoner, his life really difficult. Having a rough childhood, Denise’s son grew up moving from one foster home to another until his adoption by Leigh Anne and Sean Tuohy.

Denise Oher's son Michael Oher
Denise Oher’s son Michael Oher is a former NFL player

But prior to his adoption, he was already a member of the football team. In 2003, he was named Division II (2A) Lineman, and First Team Tennessee All-State. With his adoption, he got a way back to sharpen his skill in his game.

Eventually, Michael was selected by the Ravens in the first round of the 2009 NFL draft and later signed a five-year contract with Baltimore worth $13.8 million. After that, he also played for Tennessee Titans for four years and the Carolina Panthers for two years.

Denise’s Son Is A Multiple Award Holder

Michael has been honored with various awards for his skill and contribution as a player. For the first time, in 2005, he won the title of First Team Freshman All-American. After that, every year, he always succeeded to grab titles like First Team and Second Team All-SEC, Dhug Jordan Award, Colonel Earl “Red” Blaik Leadership-Scholarship Award, Outland Trophy, and many others.

Moreover, based on his life, an American Sports movie named The Blind Side was made in 2009.

Denise Oher And The Blind Side: Actress Adriane Lenox Portrayed Her In The Movie

The movie, The Blind Side is the narration of her son’s life, so is obvious that her character is the fundamental part as she is Michael’s real mother. To portray her, American actress Adriana Lenox was cast; she is a Tony Award Winner for her performance in the play Doubt: A Parable.

Denise Oher is featured in the sports movie The Blind Side
Actress Adriane Lenox, Denise Oher is portrayed by her in the movie The Blind Side

However, for Denise, the movie turned sour as her character was pictured as the worst mother since she was a huge drug inhaler and an alcoholic. The celebs’ mommy once while talking with a reporter of Action News 5 told that she never saw the movie due to embarrassment. She further told,

“That addiction is very hard to just stop, “You have to work on it. You have to pray and you have to be committed to it and you have you want to change your life from that.”

Is Denise Still Into Drug Addiction?

In her interview with Local 24’s Jeni DiPrizio, she said she is no longer into addiction. In a 2017 interview, she said,

“I haven’t had any drugs in 6 years. Ain’t had nothing to drink in three years. So I am on the right path. Ain’t no turning back this time. That’s all I know to say about that. No turning back this time.”

From this statement, we can say that she has come out clean from alcohol and drug since 2011.

Denise Oher On Her Son: How Is Mother-Son’s Relationship In 2022?

Moving on to her terms with her popular son at present, it’s difficult to say anything as they are never seen together and Michael, her son has not mentioned her on any of his social media sites. But back in 2017, she said,

“I don’t know if he is dead or alive, and that’s a sad thing to say, but it’s the truth.”

Oher further stated,

 We don’t hear much from Michael, ya know. Hopefully, God will slap him in the back and he’s does what he is supposed to be doing as a family, with his family.”

However, regarding her son’s success, she said,

“I’m proud of him, I love him, and I’m going to give God all the praise for his success”.

Is Denise Oher Alive Still Alive? Where Is She Living?

Yes, an NFL player’s mom is still alive. As per the sources, she is living in her two-bedroom house on Elvis Presley Boulevard.

Denise Oher has her own home in Tennessee
Denise Oher showing her house to a reporter

She was incredibly happy about getting her own home and said,

“When I found this house, I said what a blessing when I walked in the door. I said this is my dream home,”

Prior to her new residence, she was living at Foote Homes in the public housing complex.

What Is Denise Oher’s Net Worth?

Till today, she hasn’t disclosed her profession. So, her net worth is yet to be estimated. On the other hand, her popular son Michael Oher has an estimated net worth of $20 million.

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