Who Is Bhad Bhabie Bodyguard Frank Dellatto? Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know

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Who Is Bhad Bhabie Bodyguard Frank Dellatto? Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know
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Bhad Bhabie’s bodyguard Frank Dellatto is a celebrity bodyguard who works for the Cash Me Outside rapper. Danielle Bregoli, also known as Bhad Bhabie, is the very 14 years old girl who became an internet sensation following her infamous appearance on the Oprah Winfrey reality talk show, Dr. Phil.

With popularity, Danielle also stepped onto the track of becoming rich and she eventually felt the urgency to have a protective someone around her during risky situations. As such, Bregoli just doesn’t have well-wishers but also some group of people who have found her obnoxious since day one. Enter Dellatto whose job now primarily includes protecting Bregoli and keeping her safe. In addition to Frank, the Gee’kd singer has a few more bodyguards to keep her safe.

While Frank is protecting a celebrity, he is somewhat of a famed person in his own right with hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram. Read further to learn more about him including how he got into a security career, his history, personal life, and some more unheard facts as well.

Bhad Bhabie Bodyguard, Frank Dellatto Is Floridan

Dellatto was born on Oct 22, 1983. Frank, a Libra, is a native of Miramar, Florida.

Frank, however, hasn’t shared much about his upbringing or who his parents are although some of his social media posts do show pictures of his mother.

Dellatto allegedly studied at Taravella High School, Coral Springs. Dellatto also played basketball when in high school.

Bhad Bhabie Bodyguard, Frank Dellatto Wanted To Be A Doctor

Frank studied at Florida Atlantic University. Dellatto initially was studying to be a doctor. But he was also doing a security job that Frank says helped him pay his tuition.

Bhad Bhabie or Danielle Bregoli's bodyguard and Parkland Florida resident Frank Dellatto
Celebrity bodyguard for Bhad Bhabie, Frank Dellatto

Dellatto is a graduate of Guardian Security, a Warrendale Pennsylvania-based security company. Frank says he lives by the motto:

Preparation is key. Think twice, act once.

Dellatto formerly also worked as the bodyguard of the Under The Influence singer, Chris Brown. The other famous names for whom Dellatto has served as a bodyguard are the Superbass singer Nicki Minaj, the Florida-based rapper Kodak Black, and the Ross and Rachel rapper Jake Miller.

Bhad Bhabie with her bodyguard Frank Dellatto
Bestie singer Bhad Bhabie or Danielle Bregoli with her six foot six inches tall bodyguard Frank Dellatto.

The Forida-security man once revealed, trying to get him and his client out of a nightclub during a shootout, was his scariest experience as a bodyguard.

As for now, the man with a tough exterior is responsible for guarding Bregoli against all things harmful.

Frank additionally is also an estate agent for a franchise company, Keller Williams Realty. Dellatto deals with agent listing, relocation, and consulting.

How Tall Is Bhad Bhabie Bodyguard Frank Dellatto?

Frank Dellatto is six feet six inches tall.

Frank Has A Wife And Four Children

Not every day is about being a protective man for Dellatto. When he is not at work, Danielle’s bodyguard is the husband of Planton High School graduate Anna Dellatto. Frank’s spouse is a native of Sunrise, Florida, and is the daughter of Jack Guastella, a pizza businessman.

Frank Dellatto with his wife of four years Anna Dellatto
Florida Atlantic University graduate Frank Dellatto and his spouse Anna Dellatto

According to Facebook, the Florida-born burly bodyguard and Anna married in mid-Sep 2018. Furthermore, the couple has been together since March 2006.

5 years ago today I started dating an amazing man. I feel like it’s been longer than that! Happy anniversary Frank. I love you.

wrote Fran’s spouse, Anna on March 3, 2011, on her Facebook to mark the then-five years of her and Dellatto’s relationship.

Bhad Bhabie's bodyguard, Frank and his wife, Anna with their four kids
Frank and his wife with their four children in Nov 2022. Facebook

Dellatto and Anna are also parents to four children.

The Time When Bhad Bhabie Bodyguard Saved Her From A Stage Crasher

Back in Jul 2018, the tall man, Dellatto showcased how alert he is by saving his red-haired client from an out-of-the-blue fan from a concert crowd.

According to TMZ, Bregoli had to face a stage crasher when she was in the middle of paying tribute to XXTentacion in Amsterdam. Fortunately her bodyguard Frank became aware of the situation beforehand and saved the artist. Frank appeared out of nowhere to stop the fan from rushing onto the stage. He then quickly pushed back the crasher into the crowd. He then quickly disappeared into the herd itself.

Bhabie’s team later reported that the singer wasn’t shocked because she had a belief in her security team.

Frank Dellatto Net Worth; How Rich Is He?

The job to safeguard rich and globally famous celebrities understandably comes with big responsibilities as well as big money. People have seen Frank driving a flashy supercar, and living in a fancy house with a knockout swimming pool.

While the tasks to ensure the safeguard of a celebrity is demanding, they do receive good compensation for the work. Multiple sources have agreed that the long workdays do bring bodyguards like Frank impressive salaries ranging from $66,565 a year to even a couple of hundreds of thousands of dollars. And considering Dellatto’s resume it may be safe to say he definitely is pricey and certainly eligible for higher perks.

Furthermore, it’s not only the bodyguard duty from which Frank makes his money. He is also the owner of a professional mobile vehicle detailing company, Dellatto Detailing. On some social media, there also lies some pictures where Dellatto is posing by several luxury cars and hanging out with his friends on a private jet. While Frank’s net worth for the time being remains to guesses only, it could be so that the man from the South has wealth in the vicinage of half a million to even a million dollars.

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