All About Bailiff Renard Spivey; His Wiki, Case, Wife, And Others

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All About Bailiff Renard Spivey; His Wiki, Case, Wife, And Others
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Renard Spivey is an actor known for Christina’s Court (2006), Corruption. Gov (2010), and Married Men and Single Women (2011). Apart from acting, he also served as a detention officer in Harris County Sherriff’s office and was a deputy for almost 14 years.

Besides his profession, lately, he made a headline after he was accused of killing his wife Patricia Spivey. Well, did Renard Spivey really kill his wife? How his spouse Patricia died? Where is Renard Spivey today?

Here, in the below piece of article, read the latest update on Renard’s case. In addition, we will also explore his early life, marriage, his wives, and many others.

How Old Is Renard Spivey? Know His Early Life

As of 2023, Renard Spivey is 66 years of age. He was born Renard Leon Spivey on July 20, 1956, in the United States Of America. Besides his birth details, no other information about his early life and family is known in the media. However, he reportedly had a decent childhood in his hometown.

Similarly, as for education, Spivey completed his bachelor’s in Criminal Justice, Law Enforcement in 1987 from National University.

Talking about his nationality, he is an American citizen. Likewise, the actor who stands at a height of 6 feet and 2 inches belongs to the Afro-American ethnicity.

Renard Spivey Is An Actor; His Movies And TV Shows

As mentioned in IMDb, Renard made his debut as an actor in 2010 through the film Dead of Knight. In the film, he played the role of an officer. Later, the same year, he appeared as a Military Thug in the thriller movie Corruption. Gov alongside Lee Majors, Faith Majors, Michael Madsen, and others.

Renard Spivey played Bailiff in a court show alongside Christina Perez
Renard Spivey in his most popular show Christina’s Court

A year after in 2011, Spivey portrayed Bodybuilder in the TV movie Married Men and Single Women. Subsequently, Renard Spivey then signed the TV series Justice for all with Cristina Perez from which he gained wide recognition as an actor. From 2012 to 2016, he was continuously seen in the court show as a Bailiff because of which his audiences even identified him with the name Bailiff Renard Spivey.

Spivey Was A Detention Officer As Well

As mentioned earlier, the popular Bailiff of the court show is a criminal law graduate student. So, with his degree, he was hired as a detention officer by the Harris County Sheriff’s Office in 1996. Two years later in 1998, Spivey was promoted to deputy.

Later, he also became a detention commander and since 2016, he started serving in court operations but now, his position is under surveillance.

Renard Spivey was Married To His Wife Patricia Spivey

Renard was married to his wife Patricia Spivey for almost four years. The couple tied the knot in 2015 after dating each other for a year. After marrying, the couple built together a beautiful household.

Renard Spivey was married to his wife Patricia Spivey
Renard Spivey with his wife Patricia.

After they tied the knot, Renard even welcomed his wife Patricia’s daughter Patrina Marshall from her previous relationship with open arms.  Unfortunately, their relationship later turned toxic.

Renard Spivey Was Charged With His Wife Patricia’s Murder; Light On His Case

Renard was charged with the murder case after his better half, Patricia was found dead in the master bedroom of their home in Southeast Housten. At 3 AM in the morning, the Sheriff’s deputy himself called the police and informed them about how the situation occurred.

Renard Spivey was arrested in charge of murder of his own wife in 2019
Renard Spivey on the left side and his late wife on the right

Not only his wife was found dead of a gunshot wound and Renard too had a gunshot in his leg. Following the arrival of the Police, Patricia was pronounced dead on the spot while Renard was taken to the hospital. Regarding the condition, a public service officer Ed Gonzalez tweeted on July 28, 2019.

He wrote,

We’ve learned of a possible family disturbance at a residence located at 5000 blk of Briscoe. An off-duty


Deputy is involved. An adult female is deceased at the scene & Deputy has been taken to a hospital, with unk. injury.

After staying in a hospital for a while, Renard then was arrested and put under investigation.

Did Renard Kill His Wife Intentionally Or Accidentally? What Did He Say To Investigator Officer?

As per Renanrd Spivey, his wife Patricia’s death was accidental. What actually had happened was Renard and his wife had a fight over his use of steroids and an alleged extra-marital affair. In the meantime, the pair were tussling over a gun, and during the ongoing argument, Renard accidentally shot her. While talking to officers, he said,

“We was arguing and tussling with the gun, “We had been arguing all day.”

He further told,

she’s counting my pills (low testosterone medication), claiming that I’m sleeping with someone else,”

Though he claimed the death of his wife was accidental, prosecutors suspected his claim to be rather fishy. The evidence they found after examining Patricia’s body didn’t seem like it was accidental. The medical examiner said that there were bruises on her wrist, and the bullet had struck her heart.

Further, his brother-in-law, Ezra Washington too doubted Renard’s statement. Ezra told that the couple had a big fight over Spivey’s drug use and affair because of which he even suggested Renard get separated from his sister.

His Wife Patricia’s Tragic Death Left Her Family Heartbroken, Especially Her Daughter

After Patricia’s death, her daughter Patrina Marshall talked to the media and said,

“She was my cushion when things were hard. (She was) my friend when I needed to vent, my hands when I needed help, but most of all, that woman is my mother.”

Like her daughter, her brother too regrets not taking his sister’s family issue seriously.

What Is The Court Verdict On Renard Spivey’s Case? Is He On Prison Today?

Back in 2019, when he was first jailed, at that time, he wasn’t found guilty due to which he got bail on a $50,000 bond. However, Patricia’s family didn’t stop to fight in court. In the meantime, Renard’s brother-in-law told,

“Right now, we’re on the road to justice – so, we got to take the path and get to our destination, which is, you know, complete justice.”

Due to their consistent efforts on getting justice, investigator officers later proved the suspect Spivey guilty. According to Vizaca, the former actor is sentenced to jail for 14 years. He will be serving in the prison till 2033.

Renard was Married Twice Before; Who Were His Ex-Wives?

The Harris County deputy was previously married twice. His first wife was Heather P Spivey, a Texas native with whom Renard walked down the aisle on April 15, 1978. The information about how and in what condition, the couple separated is unknown in the media.

Following his separation from his first wife, Spivey again found the love of his life. He then married Debra Melrose Spivey on January 21, 1994, in Harris County, Texas, and separated later. After that, he tied the knot with his third wife Patricia who died in 2019 in her early 50s in a gunshot incident.

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