Who Is Dave Hester Wife? All About Their Married Life

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Dave Hester is a former cast member of the highly-acclaimed reality TV series Storage Wars. The show followed professional auction hunters who visit storage facilities all over the state and bid on these lockers.

In addition to his reality TV career, fans often wonder about his private life. Sources reported that Hester is leading a delightful matrimonial relationship with his wife for years. In the meantime, some other valid tabloids claim that the former reality star is divorced now.

In today’s article, let’s find out all the answers regarding his love life: Does Dave Hester have a wife or is he dating a girlfriend as of 2022?

Who is Dave Hester Wife? Their Marriage

Well, Hester has a wife. He is married to his spouse Donna Hester. The couple kept their marriage highly private. Neither Dave nor his partner Donna ever talked openly about their marital relationship to the public. So, the detail of their wedding date and other personal information are still out of the public glare.

Dave Hester Donna Hester Together At The Comic-Con Zombie Walk
Dave Hester and Donna during the Comic-Con Zombie Walk.
Source: CNN

In fact, back in July 2016, Dave was spotted dressing as zombie Donald Trump while his spouse Donna appeared as zombie Hillary Clinton during the Comic-Con Zombie Walk, in San Diego.

Are Dave Hester & Donna Hester Still Married or Already Divorced?

Dave & Donna had been husband and wife until 2016. But with time, their low-key love story slowly faded away from the limelight. While many online sources suggested the two are still in a beautiful marital relationship, the article published by TMZ back in October 2019 showed that Dave is dating a new girlfriend.

As per the tabloid, Hester was feeling sick and having trouble breathing back in November 2018. Thankfully, his girlfriend was at the scene and took her boyfriend to the hospital, located in Newport Beach, CA. He there suddenly suffered a hemorrhagic stroke.

It looks like Dave and his spouse separated between 2016 to 18.

Who is Dave Hester’s Girlfriend? Is There Any Detail About Her?

Hester has been often seen with a mysterious woman on social media for the past few years. On one hand, we are yet to be certain that the two are indeed a couple but on the other hand, given their frequent social media post, it looks like there is something deeper between the two.

Dave Hester is dating a new girlfriend
Dave and his rumored-gf.
Source: Twitter

Hester Is The Father Of One Child

Yes, the reality TV personality has a son named Dave Hester Jr. According to sources, the young boy has also followed in his father’s footsteps. Like his father’s personal life, Hester Jr. is also leading a very low-key life.

His biological mother is reportedly Dave’s wife Donna.

Dave Hester has a son.
Dave Hester’s son.

What Is Dave Hester From Storage Wars Doing Now?

Hester after leaving Storage Wars is focused on his own company. The talented auctioneer spends most of his time running and consulting on biddings.

Talking about his career on reality TV, Dave made his debut appearing on Storage Wars’ season 1, titled “High Noon in the High Desert.” He was regularly featured on the show until his sudden disappearance after season three.

In 2012, Storage Wars made some allegations against A&E production which resulted in his expulsion. Later on, Hester also filed a $750,000 lawsuit against the production company, in which the expert bidder claimed his termination was wrongful.

They settled their case in mid-2014. A year before in March, as per International Business Times, the court ordered Dave to give $122,000 to A&E to cover its legal fees pilled up during their legal battle.

After the settlement, Dave also decided to resume his work on the show and appeared in five more seasons to come. Other cast members of the show include Dan Dotson, Laura Dotson, and Mary Padian.


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