Who Is Ennis Howard Plemons? Everything About Jesse Plemons’ Son

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Ennis Howard Plemons is a four-year-old kid who shot to fame as the son of Forge stars Jesse Plemons and Kirsten Dunst. The celebrity child, however, made his first media appearance 15 months after his birth on the Hollywood Walk of Fame alongside his parents.

Talking about his parents, both of them are popular faces in Hollywood. His dad Jesse is predominantly famous for his role as Landry Clarke in Friday Night Lights and Todd Alquist in Breaking Bad. Similarly, his mom Kirsten is a Spider-Man star as well as the recipient of numerous awards. She even won the title of best actress in the Cannes Film Festival Award.

The four-year-old is the first child of his mom and dad. Regardless, he also got a younger brother back in 2021. Ennis, along with his brother are growing up together with their parents. Being a celebrity kid, Howard was in the eyes of the media from day one of his birth. Or, it would not be wrong to say, little Plemons has seized the attention of the media since he was in his mother’s womb.

So, in this article below, you will get to know everything about the celeb kid Ennis Howard Plemons. Stay till the end to find out how the four-year-old is doing so far!

How Old is Ennis Howard Plemons?

Born in 2018, Ennis is four years old at present. He opened his eyes on May 3 in Los Angeles, California. Moreover, he belongs to the Caucasian ethnic descent having the star sign Taurus.

He was born to the Hollywood stars, dad Jesse Plemons and mom Kirsten Dunst. Both of his parents are celebrities who have a big names in the industry.

Ennis Howard Plemons’ Mother Announced Her Pregnancy Via Photoshoot

Since both the Ennis’ parents like to stay low-key when it comes to their personal life, the mother’s pregnancy was a secret at the beginning. Nevertheless, the mom and dad couldn’t hold the good news to themselves. Kirsten then revealed her pregnancy with a fashionable photoshoot showing her baby bump in January 2018.

Actress Kirsten Dunst Pregnant With First Child Ennis Plemons
Ennis Howard Plemons’ Mother Kirsten Dunst During Pregnancy Photoshoot
Source: Instagram

Just before some years back of her gestation in 2014, the mom-to-be in an interview said she was in a “baby mode” because two of her really good friends were pregnant. The Spider-Man actress also stated, “thirty-three is a  good age” to have a first baby.

Looks like her wishes were heard. The Spider-Man actress was pregnant with her first bundle of joy right after three years in 2017.

Plemons’ Mom And Dad Were Delighted At His Arrival

Like all the parents, the star kid’s mother and father were more than happy to have him in their life. His mom gave birth to him at 8:16 in the morning on 3 May 2018 on the day of Thursday.

As we said earlier, the pair hadn’t posted or talked about anything during the pregnancy days. Therefore, it is not surprising to know the parents have managed to keep their baby’s life secret so far. Except for some glimpse in the media, Ennis’ life is a mystery to date.

Ennis Made a Media Appearance After 15 Months of His Birth

The long wait of the media for getting that one peek of Jesse Plemons & Kirsten Dunst’s son Ennis Howard Plemons was finally over after more than a year. He joined his momma Kirsten on the Hollywood Walk of Fame along with his daddy Jesse.

This was the first public event attended by Ennis. He was in his casual wear in a button-up shirt, cute tiny trousers, white sneakers, and Los Angeles Dodgers baseball cap to complete the look. The lovely star kid stole the heart of many with his cute looks and adorable personality.

Kirsten Dunst Elder Son Ennis Howard Plemons Appeared in Media After 15 months of birth
Ennis Howard Plemons first media appearance during 15 months old
Source: Getty Image

Even though Ennis’ mom took him to the event, she didn’t want anyone to photograph him. The actress recalled in US Magazine,

“We rode separately, Jesse and I, so we could focus, so my kid was already there. Grandpa was like,’ Put him on the star, put him on the star,’ and there are all these photographers there, so he, like, got photographed. which I wouldn’t have done had I been there.”

On the other hand, his pops praised his mom in the same event saying how he adores her and how good a mother she is. The Friday Night Lights further added he “couldn’t be any prouder” and she is truly one of a kind and “the best woman” he knows.

Ennis Howard Plemons Has a Younger Sibling

The four-year-old has finally got someone to play with! Yes. Ennis has a brother now. His younger brother James Robert Plemons came to this world just a year back in May 2021. Regardless, his parents are not ready to reveal about his little brother yet.

As the matter of fact, Ennis himself got to make his appearance in media when he was 15 months old. So, maybe the mass has to wait a bit longer to see how his small bro looks.

Are Ennis’ Parents Kirsten And Jesse Married?

No, Kirsten Dunst and Jesse Plemons have neither tied knots yet nor are planning to do so any soon. Nevertheless, they have already exchanged rings in 2017.

Though there was speculation about the couple’s secret wedding when they referred to each other as “husband and wife” on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, it was all tales.

The star kid’s mother highlighted that marriage “is not high on her to-do list.” She further said,

“It’s a priority, but you know how life is. You’ve got other little things, so it has to be a good time when we can all have fun.”

As per Dunst’s statement, the lovebirds are “definitely going to have a wedding eventually, but probably small at home or something, like really intimate- not a big wedding.” However, the pair is in “no rush” to exchange vows yet. Let’s hope the mom-dad will soon turn to husband-wife as well.

Ennis Howard’s Mother and Father Are Hollywood Stars

Both Ennis Pelmons’ mom and dad started their career at the small age of three and made their name on their own. His father Jesse Lon Plemons officially debuted through the movie Varsity Blues (1999) and All the Pretty Horses (2000).

Later, after making guest appearances in some films he joined the NBC’s cast for the TV series Friday Night Lights in 2006 which helped him gain more fame. Following this, Plemons also got to star in hit drama series like Breaking Bad and Fargo.

Actor Jesse Plemons with actress Kirsten Dunst
Ennis Howard Plemons’ mother Kirsten Dunst with his father Jesse Plemons; Instagram

Likewise, his mom Kirsten Caroline Dunst is a multitalented personality who has won a number of accolades for her work. She had played in multiple movies and series like Saturday Night Live, New York Stories, and Star Trek: The Next Generation, to name a few.

However, her breakthrough role was with co-stars Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt in a horror drama, Interview with the Vampire. Dunst, since then had starred in notable movies and dramas like Jumanji, Wag the Dog, The Cat’s Meow, and many more. After her role in the Spider-Man, she got her stardom and was popular amongst the young generation as well.

Plemons’ Parents Jesse and Kirsten Are Millionaires

As we mentioned earlier, Ennis Howard Plemons parents are the stars of Hollywood, they are making millions through their successful careers. As of 2022, Jesse Plemons’ net worth is $15 million while his fiance Kirsten Dunst’s total assets is $25 million.

Moreover, the four-year-old’ mom had purchased a house in Toluca Lake, California in 2001, which she later sold for $4.5 million in 2019. She also had a property in Nicholas Canyon, California which she traded for $1.4 million.

Ennis Howard Plemons Family is Living in California

The family of four is happily living with her family in San Fernando Valley, L.A., California. The mom of two owns a beautiful house there with great architectural design and authentic stuff.

The actress said she was always interested in having a home rather than cars and clothes. So, maybe this is the reason why she took a lead in designing her family home. She shares this residence with her fiance Jesse and two sons, Ennis and James.