Who Is Sadio Mane Wife? Is he married? Did He Have Girlfriend?

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Who Is Sadio Mane Wife? Is he married? Did He Have Girlfriend?
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Who is Sadio Mane wife? Does he even have one? These are the questions that have been bugging the fans of the Bayern Munich forward for quite some seasons now. Despite being a celebrated and sought-after finisher not to mention, one of the most expensive, Mane lives a very humbled life.

Unlike other footballers, he doesn’t flaunt his big paychecks or even his girlfriends, or his personal life. Off the pitch, Mane leads a very discreet life. This consequently has made the question regarding his wife and girlfriend very much a matter of mystery. Find the answers in the details to follow.

Who Is Sadio Mane Wife?

Mane is yet to get married. The attacker henceforth doesn’t have a wife at the moment. Furthermore from the looks of his Instagram, it doesn’t seem any wedding bells are there in the foreseeable future.

Mane additionally doesn’t give much information about his personal life much less his dating aspects when he sits up for the interviews. That said it is definitely safe to say the Bayern Munich striker Sadio Mane doesn’t have a wife for the time being.

Does Sadio Mane Have A Girlfriend?

While as mentioned Mane is quite private or even enough secretive when it comes to his personal life, there is but one name that according to the media has some serious connection with the footballer. It’s the sports journalist and author from South Africa, Melissa Reddy.

She has been projected as Mane’s girlfriend for quite a while now. Reddy is also the author of the book, Believe Us: How Jurgen Klopp Transformed Liverpool Into Title Winners.

Bayern Munich striker Sadio Mane with his alleged girlfriend Melissa Reddy
Senegalese forward and Bayern Munich player Sadio Mane with his supposed partner Melissa Reddy.

While it is unclear when and how Mane and Melissa met, sources claim when the two crossed each other’s paths, the footballer had already completed his move from Southampton to Liverpool. It apparently was during the interviews that they got to know each other.

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Mane’s alleged girlfriend Reddy works for the global sporting network, Sky Sports, and mostly works in her native South Africa. She is famous as one of the top journalists in the country. Melissa also has sizeable followers on her Instagram, around 130,000.

South African football journalists Melissa Reddy
South African Football Correspondent for Premier League Melissa Reddy.

Although Reddy was born in South Africa, she attended school in Portugal. There she also learned writing. Melissa later moved to England where she worked for various media organizations.

Despite all the aforesaid details, neither Mane nor Reddy has officially or publicly said anything about their relationship. Some even deny that the footballer and journalist linkage is purely a hoax and nothing more.

Did Mane Have Relationship With Carol Tshabalala?

Back in the spring of 2020, there was another name that the tabloids suspected was dating Mane. It was of Carol Tshabalala, also a sports presenter. Tshabalala and Mane’s rumors started when there emerged a series of pictures of them being cozy and friendly with each other.

The Bayern Munich striker Sadio Mane with sportscaster Carol Tshabalala.
Carol Tshabalala with the Bayern Munich forward Sadio Mane.

However, much like Mane’s other rumored relationships, there is a lack of solid assessment or direct statements from the people involved in this case as well.

In the meantime, Mane looks as reclusive about his love life as he’s ever been either on his social media or during his interviews.


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