Who Is Kathryn Holcomb? Facts On Bruce Boxleitner’s Ex-Wife

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Who Is Kathryn Holcomb? Facts On Bruce Boxleitner’s Ex-Wife
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Kathryn Holcomb is an actress best known for How the West Was Won (1976), Supertrain (1979), and Simon & Simon (1981). More than her acting career, she is popular as the ex-wife of an American actor and science fiction and suspense writer Bruce Boxleitner.

Kathryn and Bruce were married for ten years from 1977 to 1987. After her separation from Boxleitner, she got married again. Well, who is her second husband? Are they still together?

Here in the below piece of article, read everything about Kathryn Holcomb, from her early years to her career in TV and movies, and her marriage.

How Old Is Kathryn Holcomb? Her Education And Early Life

As of 2023, Kathryn Holcomb is possibly in her 70s. While her exact birth year is not known, she celebrates her birthday on March 16 every year. Similarly, she was raised by her parents in her hometown Los Angeles, California, USA.

Kathryn Holcomb is now in her 70s
Kathryn Holcomb with a book.

As for education, Kathryn went to Clear Creek High School. She also studied at Canyon Highs school in Santa Clarita, California as per her Facebook information. For higher study, Holocomb joined California State University, Northbridge.

Besides, she belongs to the Caucasian ethnicity and is American by nationality.

Kathryn Holcomb Is An Actress; Her Tv Shows And Movies 

As aforementioned, Kathryn is an actress. She began her entertainment career through the 1973 movie Supersonic Supergirls as Kitty Holcomb. A year after, she portrayed the character Helen Connery in the movie Our Time.

Kathryn Holcomb was an actress
Young Kathryn Holcomb in some movie scene

With her appearance as a big-screen actress in two movies, Holcomb then made her television debut in 1978. She showed up as Karen Rayburn in one episode of the TV series CHiPs. Further, her television career credits include Fantasy Island, Sweepstakes, How the West Was Won, Detour to Terror, Housten Knights, and others. She last was seen on a screen playing a mother character in an animated musical comedy movie Rock-A-Doodle.

Apart from acting, she has also worked as a soundtrack artist in the song “Beautiful Dreamer” in the series How the West Was Won.

Kathryn Is A Painter As Well

The How the West Was Won famed actress is also a painter. After she stopped acting on a big screen, it looks like Kathryn turned a new leaf and became a painter. On her Facebook, she keeps uploading her paintings and sometimes shares statuses about her painting as well.

Kathryn Holcomb is a Painter as well
Kathryn Holcomb’s painting. Source: Her Facebook

On March 25, 2010, she wrote,

“I finished my SPACE SHIP painting and gave it to the Huntington….as soon as I remember how to post it I will…next painting for the kids at the hospital is going to be a carnival…yippie!!”

Looking at the caption, it seems like she did painting for a social cause as well. Further, she does theatre too.

Kathryn Holcomb Is Bruce Boxleitner’s Ex-Wife

The Los Angeles native, Kathryn, and her now ex-husband Bruce Bozleitner tied the knot on May 28th, 1977.

Kathryn Holcomb is the ex-wife of Bruce Boxleitner
Kathryn Holcomb with her ex-husband.

The couple reportedly dated each other for a year before marriage. Based on this, there’s a probability that the former flames first met on the set of the 1976 TV series, How The West Was Won in which they played on-screen brother-sister roles. Later, they fell in love with each other and got married.

Initially, like any new couple, Kathryn and her hubby had a great marital life. From their marriage, they even welcomed their two beautiful kids. But as time passed, their relationship started falling apart and their marriage lasted only for a decade. The duo legally separated in 1987.

Kathryn Holcomb Is Now Married To Her Husband Ian Ogilvy

Following her divorce from Bruce, Kathryn remained single for some years and later found the love of her life again. On June 28, 1992, she again walked down the aisle for the second time with an English writer and novelist Ian Ogilvy.

Kathryn Holcomb is married to Ian Ogilvy
Kathryn Holcomb with her current husband

Coming up to 2023, it’s been over three decades since the couple is together as a husband and wife and they still adored each other a lot. On their 21st anniversary, Holcomb wrote a status on her Facebook which says,

21 years ago today HE and SHE were married. It was the best decision SHE ever made. Happy Anniversary you grumpy, funny old man. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxo

As her status illustrates, she is a happily married woman and so in love with her current spouse.

On the other hand, her ex-spouse Bruce too remarried. After he separated from Holcomb, he married the actress Melissa Gilbert on January 1, 1995. But like his first marriage, it also didn’t last long and the two ended their relationship with a divorce. Currently, he is married to a publicist Verena King. They exchanged vows on October 5th, 2016.

Kathryn Holcomb Shares Two Sons With Her Ex-Husband

As aforementioned, from her decade-long marriage with her ex-spouse Bruce, she welcomed two children.

Her firstborn son is Sam Boxleitner who is now 42 years old. He was born on July 19, 1980, in Los Angeles. By profession, Sam is an actor, director, writer, and musician. Further, he is a married man. Kathryn’s eldest son is married to make-up artist Andrea Steele and has a daughter named Lulu.

Kathryn Holcomb is a mother of two
Kathryn Holcomb’s sons with their father

Further, her younger son Lee Boxleitner on November 16, 1985, and is currently 38 years of age. Professionally, he also works in the movie industry. Lee is a writer and director at Culture Creative. As per his Facebook info, he is currently single.

Further, she is also a step-mom to her second husband’s son Titus Ogilvy who is a film producer. Titus is the son of her current husband with his first wife Diane Sarah Patricia Hart.

Kathryn Holcomb Is On Social Media

The Los Angeles native is hugely active on Facebook with 378 friends. Apart from Facebook, we could not discover her on other social media handles like Instagram and Twitter.

On the other hand, her famous ex-husband Bruce has an official page on Instagram and Twitter with 9673 and 27.2 k followers respectively.

Where Is Kathryn Holcomb Today?

Talking about her whereabouts, Kathryn is currently living in Los Angeles, California with her husband.

At present, she is spending her old age with her beloved husband and her sons around. Kathryn also seems to be active in some fundraising programs.

Kathryn Holcomb’s Net Worth

She is reported to have a net worth of $1 million. She must have earned this amount from her career in TV and movie. Meanwhile, her ex-spouse Bruce Boxleitner has an estimated net worth of $3 million, and her current husband Ian worth $ 5 million as per sources.

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