The Real Truth about David Nehdar, Lacey Chabert’s Husband

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David Nehdar came to media prominence after his marriage to the actress Lacey Chabert. Lacey is renowned for her role in several Hallmark movies and series.

While Lacey works in the entertainment business, her husband David has a differing profession. The beautiful actress has been fairly silent regarding her personal life. This is why not much about her husband is out there.

Still, many tabloids have added a lot of pictures of Lacey with a person, whom they depicted as her real-life husband. However, as it turns out, the person is not her real-life partner but a partner in reel life.

Let’s try to find out the real truth about Lacey’s husband and their enduring married life!

Who Is Lacey Chabert’s Husband David Nehdar? The Reality

The internet really is a place with all kinds of information, be it true or false. The majority of the time information we find on the internet is true, however, when it comes to celebrities, there is a lot of false information out there.

Likewise, for several years, there has been this horde to find out about Lacey’s husband David. But to this day, there isn’t a single valid picture of her beau available on the internet. All the pictures you’ve seen claiming to be Chabert’s husband are all false.

In fact, the majority of the pictures are of Lacey’s on-screen husbands. Out of these numerous false images, one picture, in particular, caught the eyes of many.

Lacey Chabert on-screen husband Warren Christie (1)
Lacey Chabert and actor Warren Christie.

We’re sure many of you might’ve guessed it but for those who have not, allow us to enlighten you. The photo, in reality, is of Lacey’s The Color of Rain co-star Warren Christie. In the movie, both of them play the role of widows who somehow falls in love with each other. The movie is based on a book of the same name.

Here’s the trailer for the movie!

So there you have it! Now for the rest of the photos claiming to be of Lacey’s husband are false as well. All of them are pictures of her co-stars.

So, Who Is David Nehdar In Reality?

The only valid thing we know about David is first, the celebrity spouse does not belong to showbiz. It was Lacey who revealed David is not a part of the entertainment industry.

David is an American by nationality and belongs to the Caucasian ethnicity. People belonging to this surname are originally from North America. Nevertheless, the information about his date of birth and other early details are entirely hidden from the media.

Various tabloids suggest David is an entrepreneur, however, it is all false. All of them have written about a man who has the same name as David. Aside from that, until now, there has been no news regarding the man. It is only Lacey who can show the real picture of her lover and until and unless the actress doesn’t, all we can do is just wait.

It looks like the actress takes her privacy pretty seriously. Maybe this is why Lacey has refrained from sharing pictures of David at all. She has over 1.4k posts on Instagram and not a single one reveals his identity.

Since When Is David Nehdar And Lacey Chabert Married?

All things aside, David and Lacey have been married since December 22nd, 2013. The wedding was an intimate affair with many of their friends and family in attendance.


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Here’s a pic of my maid of honor and sweet sister Crissy @keekeetaylor I love you!

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Lacey added a few pictures with her family members and still, no picture of her husband. That’s right! She didn’t add a single picture of her hubby.

A few months after her wedding, Lacey talked to the PEOPLE magazine and divulged why the actress wants to keep her private life close to the chest. She said,

“He’s not in the business and we like our privacy, and I just think relationships are hard enough without the opinion of strangers. So we try to keep it as personal and private as possible.”  

David’s Wedding With His Wife Didn’t Go As Planned

We all know a wedding is one of the biggest days in anyone’s life. This is why a person starts to plan their big day from the get-go. Likewise, Lacey and David too planned big for the day.

However, despite their effort, there were a few mishaps. Apparently, Lacey and David planned their wedding in a matter of six weeks, which is quite less from a celebrity point of view. While talking about the wedding, Lacey told PEOPLE,

“I was in the middle of shooting a movie, and we planned the entire thing in about six weeks.”

The worst part came two days before the nuptials. The Caterer quits and Lacey’s sister’s wedding dress is not ready yet. In addition, one of Lacey’s shoes, which she was going to wear, broke. Regardless of the flaws, the wedding was still perfect. By Lacey’s own word, she summed up the wedding as,

“It was just nuts, but it was perfect at the same time.”

How Many Kids Does David Share With His Wife, Lacey?

It’s been over five years since they got married and it is obvious fans are asking questions if the duo shares a child between them or not. The good news, the very beautiful Lacey is a mother of one child.

David Nehdar Child
David and his wife share one daughter named Julie.

David and his wifey welcomed their one and only child, a daughter on September 1st, 2016. The Mean Girls star took to her Instagram account and revealed her daughter to fans, a week after her birth. The duo decided to name their child Julia Mimi Bella Nehdar. As of 2021, their daughter is 6-years-old.

In September of 2020, Lacey shared a picture of her daughter wishing on her 4th birthday. Going by the picture the doting mother shared, the Nehdars threw an extravagant party on the occasion of Julia’s birthday.

We wish Lacey also share pictures of her husband just like she has of her daughter. Be that as it may, we wish the pair years and years of happiness.

David Often Cooks For The Family

There aren’t many men out there who can proudly claim they run the kitchen of the house. However, David can proudly say that. In an interview with Thrive Global, Lacey mentioned how David helps her out. She stated that her husband David often shares the morning breakfast chores. When Nehdar is cooking, Lacey focuses on her work and checks her e-mail.

Moreover, since welcoming their first child, both of them are quite busy changing diapers. But when you work together with your partner, everything becomes easy. Similarly, David and Lacey often work together. They bathed her, get her to the bed, and then spend some quality time together.

How Much is David Nehdar Net Worth?

One can only wonder about David’s net worth as without his professional background no one can tell. Having said that, David is surely a millionaire. He and his wife bought a sprawling home for a staggering $1.9 million in 2019.

David Nehdar net worth
David and Lacey bought this house in 2019. Source: Variety

The mansion was built in the 1980s. Standing at two-story-high, the total area is five acres. It has in total five bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms.

Meanwhile, David Nehdar’s wife Lacey has a total fortune of $4 million. She has been able to earn this amount from her long-term career in showbiz.

Know Something About David Nehdar’s Wife

Born and raised in Purvis, Mississippi, Lacey Chabert, 38 is an actress with dozens of movies and TV credits. She kicked off her acting career by playing the role in A Little Piece of Heaven in 1991. The actress started making quite a name for herself with her smashing role in the acclaimed Fox TV series Party of Five.

Furthermore, Chabert has worked in numerous movies that include Lost in Space, Not Another Teen Movie, Mean Girls, and more.


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