Who Is King Conde Biological Father? All About Erica Mena’s Son

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Who Is King Conde Biological Father? All About Erica Mena’s Son
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King Conde is the son of an actress and model from Vh1 Love Hip Hop New York, Erica Mena, and her former husband, rapper Raul Conde, a member of the rap group Terror Squad. While Erica in recent years has become tabloid fodder for her divorce drama with her other ex-husband, Safaree Samuels, and their two children, what many are unaware of amidst all these is that the reality star also has another son, who is also taller than her and quite older than her two kids. And he is none other than Conde, himself.

People, however, don’t get to see Conde, the son of Raul and Erica that often. In fact only on a few occasions have Erica shown her eldest child, Conde to the outsiders via her socials. Her fans often find it surprising whenever they come across his pictures on his actress mother’s social media. Several times people have called out for posting images of her son way fewer times.

And to that the TV personality has stated multiple times it is her son, King himself who doesn’t want to be in the spotlight or a picture for that matter. Although viewers rarely get the chance to see the softer side of Erica on Vh1 Love And Hip Hop New York, she has often dedicated heartfelt notes and messages for her eldest child, Conde through her socials. To learn more about him; why he is seen less often, how’s he growing up, his relationship with his mother, and more in the ensuing headings.

King Conde Finished High School Quite Early 

Erica’s first son, Conde allegedly finished high school quite early. In fact, his mother once revealed King was about to go to college at 14 going on 15. Though now it is unclear what university Conde attends.

Erica Mena with her first child, King Conde.
Love And Hip Hop New York star, Erica Mena with her first son, King Conde.

The now 15 years old King Javien Conde was born on March 1st, 2007 in Los Angeles, CA. Conde who is of Puerto Rican Dominican descent, however, reportedly resides in Atlanta Georgia.

King Conde Parents; Who Is His Father? 

Conde’s biological father and Erica’s ex-husband, Raul Conde isn’t that much in the picture. According to sources, Conde’s parents didn’t exactly have a cordial relationship.

At one point, they apparently also had violent bickering in the streets of Miami. The conflict was also shown in an episode of Erica’s reality show, Love And Hip Hop. The ex-couple often entangled themselves in messy arguments and fights.

Conde’s parents, Raul and Erica, however, ended their feud publicly in 2014 reportedly for the sake of their only son. After Raul, Erica married the New Dip rapper, Safaree Samuels in Oct 2019.

Former hip hop music videos model Erica Mena with her eldest child and son, King Conde.
Los Angeles-born King Conde as a six-year-old boy with his mother and ex-Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami star, Erica Mena at the launch party of VH1’s Love Hip Hop New York in March 2013. Getty

Conde’s mother, Erica met her ex-partner, Safaree while filming VH1’s horror reality series Scared Famous in 2017. King’s mom and his ex-stepfather, Safaree’s wedding would also get a slot in VH1’s, Love and Hip Hop: New York.

The show also would cover, the former couple’s road to parenthood. The recording artist and Safaree, however, would decide to end their union in early 2021.

41 years old rapper, Safaree Samuels with his ex-wife and reality star, Erica Mena.
Hush star, Erica Mena with her former husband and the New Dip rapper, Safaree Samuels.

Erica filed for divorce from Samuels in May 2021. Safaree in the past had also dated the Superbass singer, Nicki Minaj. Conde’s mother likewise was engaged to another rapper, Bow Wow.

Conde Is Private By His Own Choice 

The Love Hip Hop star apparently prefers to keep her son away from the interest of the public. It is presumed Erica is doing so out of respect for Conde’s decision to be left out of the public attention.

King Conde Attended His Mother Erica Mena Wedding With Safaree Samuels.
Scared Famous reality star, Erica Mena with her eldest child, King Conde at her wedding with Safaree Samuels. Instagram

As mentioned there is only so much that the one-time CSI Cyber actress has said or shown about her first child, King Conde.

For instance, she caught many of her fans by surprise when in Oct 2019, Mena, on her Instagram, posted a picture of Conde where he can be seen standing taller than his mother who is in her bridal attire for her wedding with Safaree Samuels. Conde then allegedly was 12 years old.

King Conde Has Two Half Siblings

While King is the only son of Erica and her ex-husband, Raul, he does have two half-siblings from his mother, Mena’s marriage to her other ex-husband, Safaree.

King’s first younger brother, Legend Brian Samuels was born in June 2022. Conde’s half-sister, Safire Majesty Samuels, on the other hand, was born a couple of years earlier in Feb 2020. Both the aforesaid names were from Erica’s marriage to Safaree.

The Rumors About Conde Being Autistic 

Because of his downbeat existence despite being the son of a celebrity, Mena’s fans have often had theories about Conde’s demeanor and at times even questioned Erica’s effort as a mother.

People have gone as far as to label Mena a second-time mother. Some people made the mother of three, to step up and clear out the air regarding the speculations that they were making about King.

Many viewers after the ex-model had uploaded a rare picture of Conde with his family during a holiday (Christmas Eve) asked if Erica’s eldest child was autistic or had any sort of disabilities. Among the thousands of people who commented on Erica’s family pictures including Safaree, Erica herself, her two kids, and Conde, there were some who wrote King looked as if he had autism.

Erica Mena Herself Denied The Hearsay About Her Son, King Conde Being Autistic  

To that, Erica sometime later responded by posting a video wherein she says,

You guys do realize that it’s Christmas Eve and you guys are in the comments diagnosing people’s kids with autism?

In the rest of the video, the Kourtney And Khloe Take Miami star pointed to her surprise – how people could say such a thing about anyone in this day and age.

Love Hip Hop star, Erica Mena responding to comments asking if her son, Conde was autistic.
The image of Erica Mena’s Instagram response to the people wondering if her son, King was autistic. Instagram

She also stressed the fact that since her son was a teenager he just wasn’t fond of taking pictures rather than the assumption that he was autistic.

Why do you trolls assume and start spreading rumors about people’s children? He’s a teenager! What f****** teenager you know likes taking pictures? Not mine. F*** off!”

said the IG model on people asking if her son, King had a condition.

Erica further said while autism diagnosis has always been taken around in a negative light, she herself never considered it as a diagnosis nor some kind of a gift. The rapper’s ex-wife made it clear that her son, Conde was just unique in his own way.

Mena penned,

“My son is actually an introvert. Not autistic. So let’s clarify that Rumor. He is in school with dual enrollment.”

Conde’s mother additionally revealed how he was in a school with dual enrollment and that he was just 13 and was about to graduate high school with college credits.

She ultimately urged people to be more careful about such sorts of rumors especially when it comes to children.

King Conde Is A Pro Vaccine Boy; Fought With His Own Mother Regarding The Issue

Conde apparently is also an advocate for vaccines. In fact, his opinion against such issues is so strong that in the past, he confronted his own mother regarding the issue.

King’s mother, Erica had become a matter of talk in late 2019 when she revealed during her pregnancy that she wasn’t going to vaccinate, Safire, her daughter with her ex-spouse, Safaree. Many people criticized Mena for this decision of hers.

And one of her biggest critics was her eldest son, King Conde. He reportedly defied the TV celebrity about her anti-vaccine take via text which Erica later screenshot and shared on her Instagram. In the snipped text messages, King and his mother Erica could be seen exchanging their views on Safire’s needs for vaccination.

Reality star, King also has a half sister, Safire
Conde’s mother Erica and his half-sister, Safire. Instagram

In one, King texts Erica explaining she was wrong and urged her to just give it up. To this Mena replied by writing how he shouldn’t be talking like that to his mother in such a disrespectful manner and that she wouldn’t tolerate this behavior of him.

Likewise, King in reply wrote,

“Oh I’m sorry for wanting my baby sister to live as healthy as possible. While you’re convinced ignoring what’s right for her is fine? I’m sorry for possibly being disrespectful. But I’m only being that way because I’m passionate about this. I love you.”

Erica further responded to this by saying how she wasn’t being able to wait for her then-yet-to-be-born daughter to be with her so that she could see for herself if Conde was going to stop her.

Many of Erica’s fans also backlashed her for this opinion of hers. Amidst all these Conde was just 11 years old.

King’s mother, Erica’s decision to not vaccinate her daughter came in the wake of fellow Love Hip Hop Atlanta star, Erica Dixon’s decision to keep her twin daughters, Eryss and Embrii vaccine free.

How Rich Are His Parents; Raul Conde And Erica Mena?  

Anyone who has been following Conde’s mother on Instagram or her other social media handles knows the recording artist is presumedly comfortable in the life she’s living. At least materialistically. This especially looks true on account of the somewhat unthrifty lifestyle Erica shows on her Ig.

Her private jet, glamourous holiday locations, and her occasional work as an actress certainly build up her repute as one rich celebrity. On the other hand, however, it is unclear where King’s father, Raul Conde positions on the subject of financial standings. Much is the case speaking of Raul’s net worth. The generality is partly because of his less of an appearance in the media when equated to his ex-wife and Conde’s mother.

King Conde Other Facts

  • Conde has also made a special appearance on his mother’s reality show, Love And Hip Hop New York in an episode titled Happily Mena After – 2020.
  • It was Conde who walked his reality star mother, Erica Mena down the aisle during her wedding with Safaree Samuels.
  • King Conde reportedly is a vegetarian and he once also helped his mother to stick to a vegan diet during her six months experiment.


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